Pussy Whip and Her Monster

starring Trinity St Clair, Alexandria, Brock and Rock

Trinity is the Generals daughter and she is taking a nap, when she wakes up she discovers there is a monster in her room. He attacks her and decides she looks good enough to fuck, so he does over and over and over again. All of a sudden PussyWhip enters and tells her monster to stop, he retreats to the corner. She knows the Generals daughter has a good idea where the secret codes are to a large cache of missiles. Trinity isn’t telling until PussyWhip whips out her special dildo and starts to show Trinity what she will and won’t do. PussyWhip’s dildo turns young sweet girls into slaves, her slaves. She makes sure the message is deep and turns Trinity into her slave, a little boot licking and Trinity is ready to give up the codes. Just then Admiral Democracy enters to save the day, but Trinity attacks him at PussyWhips orders, he knocks her out and PussyWhips knees him in the balls and makes her escape. He wakes up Trinity and still under PussyWhips power she tries to kill him, he has no choice but to strangle her so that no one knows the evil she has turned to.


Fetish Points – supervillians, super hero, damsels in distress, monster, strap-ons, girl on girl, strangulation, nudity, death, body views

Fuck This Rectal Exam, I’m Stopping Time

starring Olive, Ivy London Lynn, Melody Jordan and Brock

Brock has come in for an exam, two new nurses are in training. As he goes through the exam at one point its time for the rectal part and at this point the girls seem to be enjoying whats about to happen. The girls have told him to relax or they will never get all their fingers in him. He decides this isn’t going to happen and he activates his time stop device and then has his way with the girls. He unstops time and the girls have no clue as to what just happened.


The Sea Monster and The Dynamic Duo

starring Alisha Adams, Trixi Gunns, and Brock

While The Girl Wonder is checking out some photos from a trip her and Bat Woman just took, somehow a Sea Monster slips in and turns her world upside down, she puts up a great fight but finally gets overpowered by the deep sea demon. He decides maybe a little breeding is in order, she wakes up after he knocks her out and once agin she tries to struggle but it doesn’t stop the Sea Monster. This time she wakes up and tries to strangle the Sea Monster but he turns the table on her and strangles her to death.

Fetish – Sea Monsters, SuperHeroines, Rape, Killing, Strangulation, Death, Body Views