Sister Timestop

Starring Starli and Olive

Directed by Alex Dorian

Starli is in her room when her younger sister, Olive enters and starts being really annoying touching all of her stuff. She grabs a watch, which Starli tells her stops time, Olive tosses it thinking it’s a joke and Starli freezes. Olive doesn’t believe Starli is frozen, so she tries to aggravate her to waking up by going through her things, where she finds lube, porn and a strap-on. Olive starts to believe that Starli is frozen, so she starts to experiment, stripping her robe off of her and playing with her tits. Olive then strips herself and puts the strap-on on and starts fucking Starli getting hotter by the second. Unexpectedly, while moving Starli, Olive bumps the watch, reactivating Starli and freezing herself. Awake and feeling rather hot, she see’s what her younger sister has done and takes advantage of the rare bonding time. So she straps on the strap-on and fucks Olive long and hard. Starli accidentally hits the watch freezing them both in a sick family portrait of perversion.For details and Purchase Options...   READ MORE

Supergirl and Catwoman get Timestopped

Starring Allie James, Trixxi Gunns, Rock and Brock

Directed by Alex Dorian

Supergirl is sitting at her house, admiring her costume when Catwoman comes in and throws a kryptonite flash bang pellet that weakens Supergirl and tells her that she will reprogram her brain to do evil, but she is still a heroine, so she fights the evil. Two timestopping perverts, Rock and Brock, are hiding in her closet, they see the fight break out and decide to stop time, they step into the room and test them out, swinging their frozen arms at each other like superheroine action figures, after some fun posing them, they sneak back into the closet and restart time. The girls keep on fighting, not realizing what happened. They keep fighting till Catwoman ends up on top, and she orders her to worship her boots, Supergirl refuses, so Catwoman grabs her and makes her kiss her boots. Rock and Brock see this and stop time, they come out and switch the girls so Catwoman is kissing Supergirls boots. They restart time again and Supergirl rushes at Catwoman again, they roll around wrestling.The guys stop time again and come out and undress them slowly, they fondle Catwoman and each fuck Supergirls tight Super pussy and cum inside of her and on her stomach. After they are finished they set them up in a 69 position and restart time. The girls start to suspect something and hear them moving in the closet, the girls sneak up and pull them out of the closet and Supergirl punches Rock in the face just as Brock stops time. They set them up in a sexy pose and leave them frozen.For details and Purchase Options...   READ MORE

Batgirl Meets Black Mask

Batgirl has gotten a lead on Black Mask, and enters his penthouse apartment telling him that he’ll be going away for a long time, when Black Mask reveals that he has done some research of his own, and knows that she is Barbara Gordon, Batgirl quickly attacks him but ends up being overpowered by Black Mask. He takes her to a warehouse on the other side of town and ties her to a chair, he pulls out a feather and starts tickling her all over, on her feet and chest and inside of her legs, demanding she tell him where the Bat Cave is, Barbra refuses to tell, so Black Mask is forced to use his new torture device: The Power Glove, when it touches you it sends electricity through your body. He interrogates her further while shocking her. Batgirl refuses to talk, so Black Mask moves on to a nicer torture, He pulls out an Hitachi Magic Wand and starts rubbing her pussy till she cums hard. Black Mask has given up on getting any information from her, so he decides to have a little fun, forcing his cock down her throat then flipping her over and fucking her till he cums in her mouth and on her face, after he has finished with her, he grabs her utility belt and strangles her!For details and Purchase Options...   READ MORE

Super Spies vs The Alien Invaders

Agent Olive and Agent Tegan have been sent to hunt down escaped alien prisoners, they followed their trail to a warehouse. Read on the trigger, they burst in to where they believe the aliens to be, but instantly feel overwhelmed with vertigo and drop to the ground, they are being brain blasted by the aliens. The aliens grab them and tie them with their arms above them to a post. The aliens begin with telling them that they will not be taken back to be tortured and tested on, and instead will torture them with their secret weapon: A feather, the agents have been trained to take all sorts of torture, but tickling is not one of them. The aliens tickle the girls till they can’t take it anymore, then one alien points out that their reproductive organs are similar to that of a human male, so he decides to fuck them, while the other uses a Hitachi Magic wand on them, what they call a fatiguer. The Aliens fuck and “fatigue” them till they are satisfied, then having tortured and used them, they strangle both of them.For details and Purchase Options...   READ MORE

Work-Out Timestop

Eighteen year old Alana Rains is in her room working out when a guy passing by her window notices. He watches for a bit and decides to timestop her in mid-stretch with his timestop watch. He comes in and takes her shirt off then sets her up again in the stretch again and goes outside and restarts time. She is confused, wondering how her shirt got off, but continues after putting it back on. From outside, Rock stops time again, this time coming in and taking her shorts off, he plays with her a bit, posing her, then goes out and restarts time. Alana is really confused to why her clothes keep falling off, but shrugs it off and continues, she grabs a glass of water and starts to sip. Rock, seeing this, stops time in mid drink, causing the water to pour all over her body. He then comes in and strips her and lays her down on the bed and starts to fuck her till he cums all over her stomach. After he finishes with the bitch, he leaves her there for her family to find.For details and Purchase Options...   READ MORE

Devon Dauntless vs Leech

The superpowered power sucker Leech is back, and this time he is making good his promise to Rebecca Rush that he will take down her good friend Devon Dauntless, a heroine with super strength. Devon, seeking revenge for what this monster did to her good friend, is on the hunt and has finally tracked him down.
With Rebecca Rush’s speed, he easily dodges the blows Devon throws at him, and uses his absorption powers to slowly suck the strength from her. Leech gets her down and starts licking her pussy sucking all of her powers from her till she is too weak to resist. Leech keeps draining Devon of her power until he absorbs her soul and life force, leaving her dead.For details and Purchase Options...   READ MORE

Seamonster Attacks Allie James

While in her bedroom resting, a seamonster breaks into Allie’s room and attacks her. She tries to run, but the beast quickly overcomes her and she feints at the sight of his massive erect monster cock. The monster mounts her and fucks her till she wakes, then pounds the hell out of her in several positions. After he has finished with her, he finds a rope and strangles her.





Couple Timestops Maid For Fun

Tegan and Rock have hired a new maid, Rilynn, to do some cleaning, and other stuff…Rock and Tegan have reconstructed a remote control to timestop whoever it is pointed at, so the timestop Rilynn. They set her up on her knees and Rock puts his cock in her mouth, then restarts time. Tegan quickly yells at Rilynn telling her not to suck her husbands cock and Rilynn, not knowing what happened apologized and begged them not to fire her. Rock and Tegan sit down and watch her work, then Rock surprises Tegan by timestopping her and asks Rilynn to help him bring her back, telling her she needs to strip her and find her button. While Rilynn is on her knees searching Tegans pussy, Rock timestops her, then strips her and fucks both of them till he cums deep inside of Rilynn, he sets them up on the bed expecting to bring them back and fuck them again, but the remote doesn’t work and he runs off leaving them frozen foreverFor details and Purchase Options...   READ MORE