My Girlfriend Is A Superheroine!

Rock is convenced his girlfriend Zoey is the superheroine The Blue Avenger, so he set up a hidden camera and plans to find out for himself. Zoey comes over and tells Rock that she has to work early so has to leave soon, she gets up to go and Rock sneaks behind her and hits her in the back of the head knocking her out, he then drags her to the bed and takes her clothes off to find that she is wearing The Blue Avenger costume underneath, he flops her around and drags her to a chair where he ties her up. He wakes her up and she demands to know why he is doing this, he is upset that she has been lying to him all this time, so he wants to take out a little pent up rage on his super girlfriend, he grabs a pipe and starts to beat her with it, he then tells her that he his filming the whole thing, and unless she complies, the video will be sent to every news station in the country, he unties her from the chair and ties her wrists together and pulls out a Hitachi, and rubs it on her pussy till she has a screaming orgasm, then he takes her shoes off and tickles her feet for a short time, then hits her again, knocking her out, and he strips her and shoves his cock in her mouth waking her up, he fucks her mouth till he cums all over her face, then grabs her by the hair and shows her true identity to the camera, a cum covered slut. Then he throws her down on the bed and unties her wrists and as she is getting ready to leave he strangles her.For details and Purchase Options...   READ MORE

Wenona Boyfriend Timestop

Wenona is all dressed up with nowhere to go, her boyfriend Danny is coming over to take her out. When he gets there he tells her that he wants to stay in, so she tries to bribe him with a blowjob, she gets him close to cumming then stops and tells him that he will get the rest once they get back, but Danny isn’t done yet, so he stops time with his timestop watch and starts to strip her, then he eats her frozen pussy for a little bit, then he lays her down and starts to fuck her all over the couch. Then he shoves his hard dick in her frozen mouth then goes back to fucking her till he cums inside of her. He then tries to restart time, but the watch stops working, realizes that she will be frozen forever, he flees the sceneFor details and Purchase Options...   READ MORE

This Case Is Frozen

Lisa Martinek is a young but very smart attorney, investigating Bo Frost’s Wax Museum. It seems girls have been disappearing and the wax museum has statues in their likeness. Lisa keeps digging and digging and she feels that she is close to the bottom of this mystery. She arrives home late one evening and starts to take her clothes off to shower. She gets in the warm water and starts to brush her teeth while she winds down from her day, While in mid brush stroke, her body stiffens up and she freezes. Then Bo Frost enters her room and pulls her frozen body out of the shower, he had put a poison into her toothpaste, causing her body to freeze stiff. He dries her body up and starts to pose her, thinking about the right pose for her in his museum, He changes her face and poses her till he figures out which he likes, then he drags her off to his museum.For details and Purchase Options...   READ MORE

Veronica Meets the Alien

While at work late one night, an alien teleports to Veronica’s office building and pushes her up against the wall, he summons electricity down from the skies and her clothes disappear. Veronica is to scared to do anything and complies with the monster as he prepares to fuck her. He fucks her from behind standing on the wall and then while holding her up, then he takes her to the ground and fucks her missionary position and doggy style, then he has her get on top and she fucks him cowgirl and reverse cowgirl. He throws her back onto the ground and pounds the hell out of her in missionary, she is still to scared to fight and takes his monster cock until he cums inside of her. finished with his fuck toy, he pulls out a garrote and strangles her, leaving to search for his next victimFor details and Purchase Options...   READ MORE

Poison Ivy’s Sex Slave

Poison Ivy has kidnapped a girl and is using her as bait to lure the Batman to her lair. Batman shows up, and demands she let the girl go and turn herself in, Ivy tells Batman that she has no intention of doing any of that, and that she has mixed Skorpion Venom with Ficas extract and injected it into herself, which has made her strong, stronger than Batman. They fight and it doesn’t take long for Poison Ivy to defeat Batman, she tells him to kiss her, but knowing she has mind controlling lipstick on he refuses, and she kisses him anyway and Batman starts to writhe in pain as her pheromones start to take control of him. She sits down and orders Batman to crawl to her and worship her feet, she then lays him down on the bed and starts to suck his dick, then she rides him cowgirl and then has him fuck her doggy style and then standing, then Batman pounds her face until he cums all around and inside her mouth. Batman then punches Poison Ivy, and she wonders he he broke from her control and he tells her that he was faking, “Taking one for the team” then he hits her again, frees the girl and then sends her home, while he takes care of Ivy once and for all. He pulls out his Bat-Garrote and strangles the twisted villainess tell dead, then he takes her clothes off and mask for souvenirsFor details and Purchase Options...   READ MORE

Zoey’s Timestop Interview

Zoey is being interviewed for a high paying job, her interviewer, Rock is asking all of the usual questions, but taps his watch while Zoey is in the middle of answering a question, causing her to freeze. He goes over to her and unbuttons her shirt, then restarts time, she is alarmed at her exposed chest and quickly covers up. They continue the interview and then Rock stops time again, this time taking her shirt off and bra down, he restarts time and she is really confused, covering herself up, to why her clothes keep coming undone, but they continue the interview. Rock stops time again, and rolls her to behind his desk, where he puts her on her knees and puts his hard cock in her timestopped mouth, then restarts time, she covers herself up and apologizes and says that she is going to see a doctor, but Rock isn’t done with her yet, so he stops time again and sets her up on the desk and fucks her in several positions. After he cums inside of her, he poses her in a pin up pose on the desk and hires her as his new paper weightFor details and Purchase Options...   READ MORE

Count Vertigo’s Guests

Heroines Starli and Lumin are on the case, searching for Count Vertigo, a despicable villain who has been kidnapping young girls for ransom. They sneak through a big building to find a creepy cell in a dark room, when Vertigo appears and uses his mental vertigo powers on them, weakening them. They aren’t going to go down without a fight, so they attack, and in their weakened state, he knocks them out. He ties their arms over their heads to the cell while sitting on a stool, he starts his torture, first tickling Starli, then Lumin, but Lumin is extremely ticklish, so he ties her ankles together and tickles her feet. Then he grabs a Hitachi and rubs it on Starli’s pussy causing her to cum over and over again, while Lumin watches, jealous and turned on, she humps her stool reaching an orgasm as well. Vertigo goes to Lumin, and has different plans for her. He unties her and brings her to the bed and has her suck his cock, then he fucks her and cums inside of her. Once he has finished, he is ready to dispose of the heroine trash and strangles them both.For details and Purchase Options...   READ MORE

Timestop Hooker Trick

Allie is a hooker and Brad brings her to his hotel room for a good time, she lays him down on the bed and undoes his pants and starts to suck his dick, Brad starts to fall asleep, allie gets upset and slaps him to wake him up and demands he pay her so she can leave, she grabs his pants and starts to look for his wallet when Brad stops time with his timestop watch. He never intended on paying, and planned to do what he wanted anyway so he strips her and fondles her, sucking her nipples and fondling her, then he fucks her in several positions until he cums inside of her, then he sets her up for future use and leaves her body on the bedFor details and Purchase Options...   READ MORE

Spiderman vs The Jewel Thieves

Directed by Alex Dorian

Olive and Kyle are jewel thieves, and they hit the motherload, when Spiderman comes to put a stop to it, Olive karate chops his web shooters then tells Kyle to get him, Spiderman quickly defeats Kyle and Olive is not ready to go down without a fight, so she fights Spiderman with all her strength while he teases her, jumping around, dodging her hits. He finally finishes her, and drags her to the center of the room and unmasks the sleeping villainess and realizes how beautiful she is, he leans down to kiss her, then overwhelmed by his horniness, he strips her and starts to fuck her until she wakes up and struggles against him, but he keeps pounding her until he cums all over her chest, then he suits up and as he is about to leave, she threatens to tell on him, so he strangles the evil bitchFor details and Purchase Options...   READ MORE

Sex Toy Salesman

Allie, Veronica, Alisha and Rex all work together, they like Rex, he’s a nice guy, so they naturally accepted when he invited them over to his place for a surprise. A knock comes at the door, the girls are filled with excitement, and Brad comes in carrying a large case, he sits down and starts to try to sell them sex toys. The girls are stunned and become uncomfortable as he shows them his goodies. They protest eventually, telling them they want no part of his perversion, so Brad stops time, and tells Rex that it’s the only way to have fun with girls like that. So they start to strip them and play with their bodies, changing their faces and posing them, then Brad decides he wants to fuck them, so he pounds Allie and Alisha while Rex plays with Veronica, then they set them up and leave them there to dieFor details and Purchase Options...   READ MORE