The Creeping Pervert

Wonder Woman has just returned home from a night patrol, she undresses and puts on her work clothes for her day as her alter ego “Diana Prince”. While away at work, The Creeping Pervert enters her house and sets up a secret camera and sneaks over to a bottle of water and opens it and poisons it, then sneaks off. Watching the video from his lair, he see’s Wonder Woman arrive home from work and suit up in her superheroine costume and drink the poisoned water, she starts to feel dizzy and falls to the couch. The Creeping Pervert enters and tells her what he has done to her, he has put a paralyzing serum in her water and now he has a chance to play with her amazing body. He strips her, and then plays with her body, kissing her feet, then ties her Lasso Of Truth around each wrist and makes her a Superheroine Puppet. He moves her down to her knees and pulls out his cock and fucks her face, then lays her down on the couch and pounds her pussy till he cums inside of her, with her strength coming back she tries to escape, so he strangles her with her Lasso.For details and Purchase Options...   READ MORE

Babysitter Gets Timestopped

Zoey is a college student, babysitting to pay the bills, she watches Rocks kids pretty often, and tonight, with the kids and wife tucked away and asleep he wants to have a little chat with her. He asks her how her life is going, slowly inching toward her and caressing her leg making her uncomfortable, he then leans in to kiss her and she gets up to go and he timestops her before she reaches the door. He brings her back to the center of the room and poses her a bit while stripping her. He then sets her on the couch and plays with her pussy and nipples, then lays her down on the bed for a good fucking. After cumming inside her tight freshman pussy, he gets up and goes to shove his cock between her timestopped lips for a frozen blowjob. Then he gets up and goes to bed, planning on using her again and againFor details and Purchase Options...   READ MORE

Olive and The Time-Traveling Monster

Olive is at work late when a time-traveling monster teleports in front of her and grabs her and pushes her against the wall, he disintegrates her clothes and grabs her naked body and bends her over to fuck her and Olive is too scared to fight back. He takes her to the ground then fucks her missionary position, then flips her over for doggy style. Then he has her fuck him reverse cowgirl and cowgirl, then picks her up and fucks her while standing before he lays her down again in missionary and fucks her till he cums green cum all over her. Then he materializes a rope into his hand and strangles her.For details and Purchase Options...   READ MORE

Power Allie

Power Twin Allie has escaped her captors, and has a vendetta to avenge her sister. This time, she decides to wear a mask, since the people who are after her think she is dead. She hunts down Brad, an infamous hit man bookie, and sneaks into his penthouse. She throws a smoke bomb and attacks him, she kicks his ass and straddles him demanding he tell her who hired the hit men that attacked her and her sister, he tells her that Wayne Brenen ordered the hit, then she takes off her mask and he quickly grabs a box and hits her over the head knocking her out, he then grabs some rope and ties her wrists together, then he sits her up and grabs a Hitachi and rubs it on her pussy till she wakes up, and continues rubbing her pussy till she has a screaming orgasm. Then he pulls out his cock and has her suck it, she refuses but he forces it down her throat and starts fucking her face, then he strips her and throws her to the bed and fucks her till he cums all over her. After he has finished, he grabs a camera andtells her how Wayne Brenen is going to love pictures of her broken and weak body. Then he strangles her and takes more pictures of her dead body.For details and Purchase Options...   READ MORE

Breaking The Habit

Attila is out and about having fun, he finds himself at the local convent and wanders into a room where he finds a cassock and puts it on pretending he is a priest when Sister Tegan comes in and mistakes him for the new priest, she starts asking him questions as he sits her down and stumbles through answers. He wants to know more about Sister Tegan and starts to caress her leg which makes her uncomfortable, so she insists on him meeting Mother Superior and gets up to go get her, Attila quickly taps his timestop device before she reaches the door and she freezes. He goes up to her and starts to play with her, changing her face and posing her body before stripping her and putting her on her knees in a praying position, he then opens her mouth and fucks her frozen face, then he sets her up on the couch doggy style with the bible in her hands and fucks her till he cums inside of her. Then he sets her up sitting on the couch and leaves her for the other nuns to find.For details and Purchase Options...   READ MORE

Batgirl and Wonder Woman Meet Solomon Grundy

Batgirl and Wonder Woman just took care of Solomon Grundy, and he is laying to rest in the hospital. A man shows up to id him and reveals himself as Dr. Wayne Brenen, evil mastermind. Brenen resurrects Grundy and tells him it is time for revenge. Batgirl and Wonder Woman are sitting at Batgirls house relaxing after their fight when they hear “Born On A Monday” from outside, they jump up to see Brenen and Grundy standing before them. Brenen orders Grundy to attack and he fights Wonder Woman leaving Brenen to fight Batgirl, they take care of the two easily and Brenen ties Wonder Woman up with her rope and has her suck his dick, then has Grundy make Batgirl join in. Both heroines suck his dick, taking turns and sometimes both sucking it, until he has had enough and has Grundy hold Wonder Woman while he fucks Batgirl, after fucking Batgirl he fucks Wonder Woman, but Grundy wants some action and starts to fuck Batgirl. After Brenen cums inside Wonder Woman, he orders Grundy to stop and to put them both on the grounf and finish them, he strangles them both at once with Wonder Womans lassoFor details and Purchase Options...   READ MORE

Housewife Gets Timestopped

Allie is on the phone with her husband who is at work, she tries to spice the conversation up by rubbing her pussy, right at the peak of her rubbing he reminds her of the laundry that needs to be done, angrily she tells him that the washing machine is broken and he says he will call a repairman to fix it. Later, the repairman shows pu and she shows him to the broken washer and tells him she will be right next door in the kitchen if he needs anything. The repairman tries to focus on his work but is distracted by the clanking of dishes made by the sexy housewife, he creeps to the kitchen and watches her. He is glad that he brought his timestop watch as he raises it to stop time. Allie freezes while putting silverware away, Brad comes up and starts to play with her body, lifting her arms, taking her glasses off and feeling her sexy body beneath his hands. He starts to strip her and play with her, rubbing her pussy and changing her face. He lifts her up and puts her on the table and pulls out his dick to fuck his new timestopped housewife toy. He fucks her hard and deep in a number of positions on the table, loving the feel of her tight timestopped pussy, he then pulls out and shoves his dick in her frozen mouth and fucks it until he pulls out and cums all over her face. As he finishes, her husband walks in and chases him out the door, leaving Allie with no way to come back from her frozen stateFor details and Purchase Options...   READ MORE

She-Ra and Supergirls Training

There is a crook causing all types of mayhem, and Batman, Robyn and Supergirl are having trouble capturing him. The four of them fight, but the heros just can’t get him down, then She-Ra comes to help, and is doing well fighting the villain when Supergirl rushes at him in a jealous rage and pushes She-Ra aside, She-Ra gets up and her and Supergirl start wrestling each other, trying to be the better heroine and take down the bad guy, but the crook just slams them against the wall knocking them out, he then takes care of everyone else and turns his wicked eyes toward the sexy Robyn, he grabs her by the head and forces her suck his cock, she tells him she can’t, but he makes her, he lays her down to fuck her, and she still says she can’t but he fucks her anyway and she starts to enjoy it, once he has finished with her he knocks her out and moves on to Supergirl who is still knocked out, he strips her and starts to fuck her until he cums all over her body. Batman wakes up and sneaks up behind him and finally gets him, then he goes to wake up the other heroines. She-Ra instantly attacks Supergirl saying that none of this would have happened if she had not gotten in her way. Batman suggests that the two train together, but they won’t have it, they decide they need to decide who the better warrior is, so they go back to She-Ras house and start by basic strength tests which quickly turns into fighting, She-Ra suggests a new test, the first to cum is the weaker warrior, so they start making out and stripping each other, and then they start eating each others pussies. Both determined to win they lick the others pussy with a vengeance, but She-Ra ends up wing, bringing Supergirl to a super-orgasm, to celebrate, She-Ra straps on a dildo and fucks Supergirl, then orders her to fuck her, bringing her to a massive orgasm. They then lay down together kissing, planning their next test of strength, but the crook has escaped and is ready for revenge, the heroines try to fight him but are to weak after their orgasms, so he knocks She-Ra out and strangles Supergirl then strangles She-Ra and then leaves the two dead heroines on the bed.For details and Purchase Options...   READ MORE

Lesbians, Burglars and Timestopping Perverts!

Olive and Starli are roommates, and they like to have a little fun, borrowing each others clothes and making out on the bed, during one of these such occasions, Torro walks by and see’s the two sexy girls kissing naked through the window, he peeps a bit and then uses his Timestop watch to sneak inside and get a better view from the closet. He walks in and starts feeling there young bodies and soft skin, he goes to the closet and restarts time watching them with wide eyes as they finger each other. Lumin walks by outside and see’s the girls through the window and she sees a perfect opportunity to burglarize some lesbians, so she puts on a mask and walks in armed telling them to get dressed. Olive thinks it’s a joke and laughs it off but Starli tells her it’s not and they are really being robbed. Torro keeps hiding in the closet, waiting to see what happens timestop watch at the ready. The girls get dressed as Lumin goes through their stuff, the girls then all start arguing annoying Torro so he stops time and strips them all and sets them up in various sexy poses while sucking their nipples and fondling them. He then sets them up on the bed naked and leaves them there, frozen and deadFor details and Purchase Options...   READ MORE