Claire Frozen And Strangled By Doctor

Claire is not feeling well and goes to the doctor, Dr. Wonder does a routine check up, and offers her an experimental new medicine that get rid of her pains, she agrees to take it and he injects it into her, almost immediately after she freezes, and he laughs at the fact that she fell for his trick. He starts to undress her and feel her body and pose her. He lays her down and caresses her frozen body, then she starts to wake up and ask him what he is doing, in a panic he grabs stethoscope and strangles herFor details and Purchase Options...   READ MORE

Timestop Salesman Freezes Alisha

Alisha is at home hanging out, when she hears a knock at the door, she answers it and a salesman, Darrell, enters. He tells her about this new device he is selling, and he hits the button and she freezes, he drags her to the center of the room and starts stripping her, while posing her and changing her face then he lays her down and plays with her frozen pussy and sucks on her nipples, then he gets up and unfreezes her. She demands to know why she is naked and what he has done to her, he tells her that he is selling a timestop device and that he was only showing her how it works, she jumps on him trying to get the device from his hands and they fight with it, and she ends up timestopping him, she pulls down his pants and plays with his cock, then unfreezes him. He pulls up his pants and grabs the device from her hands and freezes her again, then leaves her there.For details and Purchase Options...   READ MORE

Pay Up Or She’s Finished

Pepper, the commissioners daughter, has been kidnapped by two thugs, they call the commissioner trying to money, but he refuses, so they beat her. They hear a knock at the door, and ask who is there, the voice says it’s the commissioner, so they open the door to find Super Babe! She fights them, but they end up getting the better of her, then tell her that the only way they will let them go is if they have hot lesbian sex, Super Babe agrees and starts to take Pepper’s clothes off and kiss her, while rubbing her pussy. they fall to the ground and rub each others pussies till they have super orgasms. Then the thugs grab the girls, one strangles Super Babe while Pepper watches, then he strangles PepperFor details and Purchase Options...   READ MORE

The Trial Of Count Vertigo

Lumin has just got home after her late night patrol, she gets a call from her heroine friend Starli who tells her that Count Vertigo has escaped Strykers Island and to keep her eyes open. After she hangs up, she hears a knock at the door, since she is still wearing her her superheroine costume, she puts on a robe and ties it tightly to answer the door, two cloaked men rush in and grab her, she asks who they are and they tell her that they are Truth and Fairness and that this is her court summons. Realizing that they are villains, she rips off her robe and starts to fight them, but they overpower her, tie her up, and put a ball gag in her mouth and a hood on her, then carry her out the door. They bring her to a warehouse, where Count Vertigo is waiting, they strap her down to a chair, then take off her hood and she see’s that there is not much hope for her when Fairness yells out “All rise for the dishonorable Judge Malign” and a judge enters, she realizes that she is in some villain run mock trial and the judge asks how she pleads, and she tells him that she won’t play their stupid games. Count Vertigo stands and accuses Lumin and her partner of breaking into his lair and disturbing the peace, she returns telling the court that they came to bring him to justice, but ended up getting tickled and tortured, Count Vertigo says that heroines are immune to tickling, so to test it, the judge orders Truth and Fairness to tickle her, Lumin is very ticklish. Finally the judge decides her fate, she is to do community service by sucking Count Vertigo’s dick, Truth and Fairness unstrap her and put her on her knees and hold her while Count Vertigo fucks her face, after he is finished, they put her on the X and hold her down while the judge rolls in The Orgasmitter, a high powered, brain altering fucking machine and the men hold her down, with Count Vertigo rubbing an Hitachi on her clit while the Orgasmitter fucks Lumins tight superheroine pussy, reprogramming her with every pulse of ecstasy until she cums. After Lumin has been thoroughly fucked, the judge orders Truth and Fairness to strangle her and Fairness Srangles the weak heroine until dead.For details and Purchase Options...   READ MORE

Bitchy Boss Gets Timestopped

Tegan is working late in the office, Attila the janitor is sweeping up and has to clean her office, Tegan doesn’t like Attila so tells him to go away, Attila just wants to get his work done, so he decides that he will timestop her so he can finish his work and go home, he goes back to Tegans office and continues sweeping, she keeps on bitching, then he timestops her, he sweeps for a bit, then realizes that he has this hot bitchy girl that he can do whatever he wants with, so he starts to strip her slowly and play with her body, posing her and feeling her smooth timestopped skin, he sits her up on the desk and plays with her pussy, licking it and rubbing his and her fingers on her clit, then he pulls out his cock and starts to fuck her tight frozen hole. After he finishes he leaves her on the desk so he can finish up his workFor details and Purchase Options...   READ MORE

Workdays With Ms. Rudolf

Wenona and Torro Bravo – Torro works as a legal assistant, his wife and family have left him, and his life hasn’t been so great, but Ms. Rudolf, his boss, has been very kind, ignoring his mess ups at work. Torro gets a call, turns out he forgot about a case, and his client has been sent to jail, he goes to tell Ms. Rudolf, and she tells him that she has to let him go, he understands and offers to make her some coffee, he goes into the kitchen to make some coffee for her and puts some freeze serum in it, then gives it to her and leaves. Ms. Rudolf drinks the coffee and freezes with a biscuit in her hand. The next day, Torro shows up for work again, and Ms. Rudolf is still frozen in her chair, so he picks her up and decides to start working, he calls some clients and tells them that she is out of town and he will be taking over. He gets up in between calls and poses her. After her work he decides its time to take her clothes off, and he strips her and poses her some more, changing her face. He then dresses her back up and drags her out of the office so that he can use her laterFor details and Purchase Options...   READ MORE

The Fate Of Destiny

Destiny is a superheroine, whose powers come from her pure heart and she is bound by truth and honesty, if she ever broke her word or told a lie, she would lose all of her powers. She is on the hunt now for her nemesis, Amazon, who has stolen a rare plant. She makes her way through the forest to find her secret lair, she sneaks through the vast temple deep in the dungeon to find herself in a small room, she hears Amazons voice and starts to get woozy, as Amazon tells her that the room is filled with a colorless, odorless sleep gas. Caught in Amazon’s horrible trap, Destiny collapses to the ground.
She awakens bound tight, in front of a table with three numbered boxes. Amazon comes in and explains that she is to play a game for her fate, she knows Destiny’s secret identity and that Destiny is bound by her word, and in one of the boxes is her freedom, and the other two a different method of demise for her, Amazon asks her if she will play her game and no matter the outcome, she will willingly accept it, and in return Amazon will not harm Destiny’s family, Destiny gives her her word and chooses her box.
Amazon unties her and escorts her to a room with a giant bubbling tub, Amazon orders her to take her clothes off, but to leave her mask on, then get in the tub. Destiny notices that the liquid in the tub smells of honey and hickory, Amazon tells her why, and opens her box and reads what is on the paper inside, she will be marinated till done, then fed to her woman-eating plant. Destiny is shocked, but bound by her word and begins to baste herself.
Once she is finished, Amazon takes her to another chamber where the plant is, and the plant reaches out and grabs her and it’s tendrils surround her, devouring the tasty heroine, sucking the energy out of her, she writhes and cries out in both ecstasy and pain, when Amazon reveals that she has lied and is going after her family next. Destiny, in a rage starts to fight the plant, since Amazon has broken her word, Destiny’s promise can break too. She escapes the plant and falls to the ground, weak, and Amazon decides it’s time to end it, so she binds her and takes her away.
Deep in another chamber, Destiny is bound on top of a hot stove, and Amazon tells her that she is going to cook her up and eat her, Destiny fights against the rope that binds her, but is too weak. Amazon further bastes her cooking body, teasing her, asking Destiny what wine she should enjoy with her meal. But Destiny knows she can’t escape and accepts her fate.For details and Purchase Options...   READ MORE

Just A Dumb Heroine

Claire is an aspiring superheroine who just wants to join a team and fight crime, but since she doesn’t have any powers or gifts, she struggles. While looking in the paper she finds an ad calling for heroines to start a new superhero squad, she quickly calls and sets up an interview. She meets Maxwell,and he sits her down to interview her. He asks her all of the usual “superhero interview” questions, and finds out that she has no powers, no exceptional strength and is just a dumb wanna-be heroine, but he still acts impressed, and asks for a test of her strength. She hits him a couple of times, causing little effect, then he strikes back with a fury causing her to fall to the ground. He picks her up and throws her back into her chair and continues the interview, he asks her a question then timestops her with his timestop watch and she freezes, he picks her up and drags her to the center of the room and dishevels her clothes and plays with her body then sits her back down and restarts time. Claire realizes that her tits are exposed and covers them up explaining she has no idea what happened, Max tells her that that is no way to get a job, but despite her unprofessionalism, he tells her she can join his squad, but timestops her again. He has no interest in helping people, he just wants to lure wanna-be heroines like her so that he can timestop them and use their bodies and humiliate them before he kills them. He strips Claire, and plays with her boobs, sucking on her nipples, then he sits her on the desk and takes her fishnets off, and plays with her feet, then takes her frozen hands and makes her play with her pussy and tits before posing her on the desk, then he brings her back and starts wrapping a garrote around his hands, Claire gets up and tries to run, but he catches her and strangles her and leaves her body for the authorities to find. Later, her body is delivered to the morgue, where the morgue tech examines her body and cleans herFor details and Purchase Options...   READ MORE

Catch & Release Maid Timestop

Torro has his buddies over and they all notice Torro’s new Spanish maid, Luisa, who doesn’t speak a word of English, but is super hot. Torro tells his buds about his timestop watch and all the fun things he can do with it, he begins by stopping Luisa and pulling her top down and letting his friends play with her, they decide that they want to mess with her, so they set her up with her top down, dusting Jacks crotch, then restarts time, she panics and apologizes, then they stop her again and lay her down on top of them, they restart time and she apologizes again, but Torro isnt done with her, so he timestops her again and puts her in all sorts of poses, bringing her back in a panic. Finally they pull their cocks out and bring her back crouched at eye level with a line of cocks, she panics and they stop her and put their cocks in her timestopped hands and mouth and fuck them, restarting time a couple times, until they are ready to cum, and they cum all over her timestopped body, then leave her on the couch while they go get some drinks.For details and Purchase Options...   READ MORE

Supergirl And The Kryptonite Sword

Supergirl is a hunted heroine, she can usually hold her own, until she comes across a villain with the means to destroy her, a kryptonite sword. Supergirl crumbles weakly when he unsheathes it, he then smacks her around a bit before giving her some belly punches, then he puts her over his knee and spanks her, then he starts to tickle her feet, she fights him, but is too weak when the sword is around. He then starts to eat her pussy, bring her to a writhing orgasm, but it’s time for him to gets some, so he fucks her face. He then drags her to the couch and spanks her with the sword, then makes her suck his cock till he cums in her mouth, then he stands her up and she struggles in his arms, so he snaps her neck.For details and Purchase Options...   READ MORE