Supergirl’s Ultimate Humiliation

Starring Jessie Parker

Supergirl has been captured by V, he has hacked all the T.V. networks to show the world Supergirls humiliation and ultimate destruction. He has set up a live donation site so that the viewer can pay to see what happens to her. She is held with her arms over her head by kryptonite laced nano shackles, which he can control with a remote.

He begins his humiliation by taking her costume off, and exposing her nude body to the world. He uses his remote to spin her around, so all of the nice families watching television can see her nude body. He then picks her up and lays her on a table and then strips his clothes and fucks her in missionary and on her side.For details and Purchase Options...   READ MORE

Double Date Timestop

Starring Jessie Parker

Madison and her boyfriend Strange are hanging out at home when he tells her that he set up a double date with his buddy Rock, she says that she does not want to double date, but agrees anyway. Rock knocks on the door and Strange lets him in, he asks him where his girl is and Rock tells him that he was thinking it could just be the three of them tonight, and he shows him his new timestop watch.

Rock sits down and starts flirting with Madison, but she just isn’t having it, so he timestops her and they mess with her a little bit, exposing her boobs then restarting time, then making her bend over and play with herself, then restarting time, they play with her body, fondling her tits and ass and kiss her frozen feet. They strip her and sit her down in between them and take their cocks out and make her jack them off. Strange gets a phone call from his other girlfriend, and has to go to her, so he tells Rock to take good care of her.For details and Purchase Options...   READ MORE

Hitgirl VS Psydrone The Sorcerer

Psydrone, the galactic sorcerer is bored, so he decides to summon an Earthen super heroine to entertain him. He decides on Hitgirl and summons her to his realm. He waves his hands about and makes her dance for him, then he unzips her shirt with magic. He tells her to fight him, but she refuses, so he magically takes off her wig, which puts her in a rage and she attacks, but he deflects every blow. Hitgirl is not one to give up so she keeps attacking him, finally defeating him, Psydrone, uses his powers to throw her against a wall and starts to use his telekinetic powers to crush her nervous system and cause her pain beyond what any mortal can stand, then he picks her up and ties her to a chair, he summons an Hitachi and starts to rub it on her pussy until she orgasms. Then he starts to tickle her while she is tied down. After she has been adequately tortured, he drags her to another room and binds her hands, then he starts to fuck her face, but she resists, so he uses his magic to keep her mouth open. Then he starts to fuck her pussy, and she screams and moans as she is not used to a cock that size, then he fucks her mouth until he cums. She demands he send her back home, but he has different plans for her, he uses his powers to lift her up, then snaps her neck and lets her drop.For details and Purchase Options...   READ MORE

Nurse Madison Timestop

Starring Jessie Parker

Rock is waiting in the hospital, faking sick, Nurse Madison comes in and asks him what is wrong, he tells her that he hurts all over and asks her to hold him, and starts to touch her boobs and pulls her closer, she tells him that she is going to get another nurse, so he timestops her with his timestop watch. He starts to feel her sexy body, then restarts her, she is confused to how he moved, and tells him to lay down, he timestops her again and starts to undress her then grabs a patient gown and puts her in it and lays her down and starts to give her a check up, he prescribes a hardy dose of cock to fix her up and starts to feel her pussy. He opens her mouth and puts his cock in and gets a frozen blow job, then he fucks her timestopped pussy until he cums, and then sets her up on the hospital bed and leaves her thereFor details and Purchase Options...   READ MORE

Robin VS The Triad Of Evil

Deathstroke, Black Mask and Bane are having a secret meeting at Black Masks penthouse, they are discussing the formation of a new super squad of evil. Hidden in the closet, Robin contacts Batman with her communicator, telling him what she has found out, but Deathstroke hears her voice and grabs her out and throws her into the center of the evil triangle. Robin quickly attacks, but no matter who she punches or how hard, another highly skilled villain is behind her. After defeating her, they tie her wrists together and Black Mask tells her their plans of unmasking her and exposing her secret identity to the world, unless she will do what they want…she reluctantly agrees, and Bane and Black Mask pulls their cocks out, Robin tries to get away, but they remind her that her secret identity is at stake, so she sucks both of their cocks. They drag her up to the couch and take turns fucking her mouth, then switch from fucking her pussy and her mouth until they cum inside and on her. With both villains finished, Robin tries to get up and leave, but Black Mask reminds her that Deathstroke hasn’t had any fun, and he happens to be an expert tickler. She begs no, but the trio hold her down and tickle her until she breaks free of her rope and gets them off of her. They hold onto her and punch her in the belly and beat on her. Bane then picks her up and snaps her on his knee, and torments her further by putting her over his knee and spanking her while she flails and wails. Then they hold her down on her knees and Black Mask takes her mask off, while she fights him off of her and begs him to stop. Under the mask is Dixie Grayson, Bruce Waynes ward, so they decide it’s time they visit Mr. Wayne, after strangling poor little Robin.For details and Purchase Options...   READ MORE

Wife Swapper Timestopper

Miles is newly married and has brought his two army buddies home to his wife, Olive. He introduces his buddies, and asks Olive if she could fuck them and give them a good time. Olive refuses, and tells them to leave. Angrily Miles apologizes, but Max tells him that he got him a fun gift, a timestop watch…and if Olive won’t give it up, they can timestop her and take it. So the guys go back and ask her again and point out a massive dildo that is on the counter, she grabs it and hides it and tells them to leave again. Miles timestops her and she freezes, finally they can have their fun. They start to strip her and put her dildo in her mouth and make her hold onto it with her frozen mouth. They lay her on the table and start to lick her tits and pussy, then Max goes to fuck her timestopped mouth while Miles eats her pussy. Then Miles and Max switch, and Miles fucks her face, while Max fucks her frozen pussy until he cums inside of her. They decide that they should take her to the bar while still frozen and lend her out some more.For details and Purchase Options...   READ MORE

Wonder Woman Meets Deathstroke

Wonder Woman has just returned from her patrol to find Batman laying on her couch. She asks him what he is doing here, and he tells her that he had to see her and they embrace, he leads her to the couch and sits down and pulls his cock out and quickly goes to suck his cock. Batman pounds her face until he cums all over her face, then he leaves to go fight crime in Gotham. After Batman leaves, Wonder Woman cleans the cum off of her face and goes to get ready for another patrol, but as her back is turned, Deathstroke comes out of the closet, ready to destroy her. He fires his uzi but she deflects every shot with her bracers, and runs up to confront Deathstroke. They fight, but Wonder Woman is quickly knocked out by the  power and speed of Deathstroke, and he carries her away.
Deep in a secret warehouse, Deathstroke carries Wonder Woman into a cell, and waits till she awakes, when she does she runs to the door and tells him that the bars won’t be able to hold her, Deathstroke tells her that he knows, and motions toward an air tank, and turns it on, the cell begins to fill with gas and Wonder Woman goes down, he straps her down to a bench, and ties her legs up and wheels a fucking machine in as she starts to come to.
She asks what he has done to her, and he explains that the gas was filled with mind controlling nanobots that are activated by the chemicals released during orgasm, and soon she will be under his control. He activates the machine, and grabs an powerful vibrator and rubs it on her clit while the fucking machine pounds her tight Themysciran pussy, until she has a screaming orgasm and squirts everywhere, but she’s different now. Deathstroke unties her and tells her that she is going to help him destroy the League Of Good, but her Amazonian mind is stronger than the nanobots, so she refuses and Deathstroke is forced to strangle herFor details and Purchase Options...   READ MORE

Bad Brother Timestops Good Sister

Melody is in her room reading when her brother, Max, comes in. He asks her how school is going, and she tells him about her classes, he asks if she is interested in any boys, and she tells him that she is nervous, and hasn’t even kissed a boy yet, he offers to teach her how and she agrees. After a couple kisses, Max leans in and grabs her boob and Melody tells him that she is not interested in that, so Max activates his timestop watch and she freezes. He plays with her and exposes her boobs, then restarts her. Melody tells him that she is not interested in going any further, and that he needs to stop, so he stops time again. He goes even further and lays her down and starts playing with her pussy, then he makes her frozen hand finger herself. Then Max opens her timestopped mouth and starts to fuck it, then lays her back down and fucks her till he cums inside of her. He tries to reactivate her, but his watch his broken, so he leaves his sister there, frozen in time.For details and Purchase Options...   READ MORE