Double Date Timestop

Starring Jessie Parker

Madison and her boyfriend Strange are hanging out at home when he tells her that he set up a double date with his buddy Rock, she says that she does not want to double date, but agrees anyway. Rock knocks on the door and Strange lets him in, he asks him where his girl is and Rock tells him that he was thinking it could just be the three of them tonight, and he shows him his new timestop watch.

Rock sits down and starts flirting with Madison, but she just isn’t having it, so he timestops her and they mess with her a little bit, exposing her boobs then restarting time, then making her bend over and play with herself, then restarting time, they play with her body, fondling her tits and ass and kiss her frozen feet. They strip her and sit her down in between them and take their cocks out and make her jack them off. Strange gets a phone call from his other girlfriend, and has to go to her, so he tells Rock to take good care of her.For details and Purchase Options...   READ MORE