Fembot VS Supergirl

Supergirl has been called in to Metropolis Police Headquarters to check out their new Police Fembot. She observes the Fembots sexy body and activates her, instantly the Fembot scans the heroine and analyzes her super body and Supergirl’s hotness causes the Fembot to short circuit.

She views Supergirl as a threat and attacks her, taking her down quite easy, she ties her up and lays her on a desk, she starts to run her robot tongue along Supergirl’s body until she wakes up, then she holds her legs up and eats Supergirl’s pussy till she cums.For details and Purchase Options...   READ MORE

Hot Tub Party Timestop

Dakota and Jenna are hanging out in the hot tub, having fun being girls, kissing and feeling each others bodies when Brock and Erik come up out of nowhere asking to join the party, the girls refuse, so Erik timestops them with his new timestop watch. They mess with them a little bit, moving them around then restart them.

The girls freak out, not knowing what has happened, the boys then stop time again, this time taking their tops off, and restarting time. Dakota and Jenna are really confused and freaked out as their bathing suits start disappearing, and they are randomly getting cocks in their hands.For details and Purchase Options...   READ MORE