Who’s Singing Now?

Starring Olive and Rose

Directed by Alex Dorian

A popular candy company has launched a new lollipop and is holding auditions for the new spokes-woman, Tiffany, a popular Country/Western singer and Zussanah, an R&B singer are competing for the spot. Tiffany is worried that she won’t get the job, because Zussanah is more popular, but Johnny, the VP of the company and a personal fan of Tiffany, assures her that the job is hers, he had a special lollipop made just for Zusannah, a freeze lollipop. Zusannah walks into the dressing room and Tiffany urges her to try the lollipop, Zusannah takes a lick and slowly freezes. Tiffany, picks up another lollipop and in celebration, licks it and slowly starts to freeze as well. Johnny comes in and tells the frozen girls that they both got the part, and it will be the first nude candy campaign!For details and Purchase Options...   READ MORE

Lumin & The Monster

Starring Lumin and Torro Bravo

Directed by Alex Dorian

Lumin is alone at work one evening, she see’s a weird electricity trailing from the ceiling, she approaches it curious to what it is. An Alien Monster has beamed from his ship and pushes her up against the wall and teleports her clothes right off of her. He throws her to the ground and starts to fuck her in missionary position. He flips her over and fucks her doggy style and a number of other positions until he cums green cum all over her, Lumin tries to escape, but the monster grabs a rope and strangles the weak LuminFor details and Purchase Options...   READ MORE