The Rage Of Roid Man

Starring Alexandria and David

Directed by Alex Dorian

Alexandria, office worker by day, superheroine by night, is alone in her office late one evening, when her super hearing picks up the sounds of an intruder.

She quickly speeds into her costume and prepares herself for the villain, once he is within her grasp, she attacks, disarming him and knocking him down quickly, but he has a secret.

He pulls a needle from his pocket and injects it into his neck: Skorpion Venom. The new roid that gives any common thug the power to take down the superest of super heroes.For details and Purchase Options...   READ MORE

Revenge: Office Rumors

Starring Rose Black and Willow

Directed by Alex Dorian

Rose and Willow are at work late, and all alone.

Willow goes to see Rose in the break room, and while she isn’t looking, pours a freeze potion in her drink.

Rose, not knowing what her coworker has done, drinks the juice and instantly freezes where she sits.

Willow explains to the frozen girl that she has heard that Rose has been spreading rumors about her through the office, and has decided for revenge.

She slowly strips Rose, and poses her in humiliating positions while taking pictures of her.For details and Purchase Options...   READ MORE