The Frozen 8

Starring Loni Legend, Pepper Kester, Lily LaBeau, Willow Hayes, Victoria Verve, Larae Bovee, Viva, Anna and Miles

Directed by Alex Dorian

Miles has struck the mother load, 8 girls, all sexy and all frozen!

He takes them to his house where he lines them up, four on one side and four on the other.

He starts to play with them, posing them slightly, then starts to pose them in sexy positions, stripping them slightly or completely naked.

After he finishes with a set of girls, he redresses them then sets them back up, then moves on to the next set of four, stripping and posing them in sexy positions, then sets them back up and leaves them there while he goes to get his friends!For details and Purchase Options...   READ MORE

The Cruel Fate Of Lazarus Girl

Starring Willow Hayes and Miles

Directed by Alex Dorian

Willow is a girl with special powers, and she just wants to have a normal life. She’s just having a normal day at the mall, trying to mind her own business. She runs into Mac Man in the department store, who happens to be signing autographs and in uniform. Mac Man tries to talk Willow into joining his league, but she doesn’t want to.

She continues to walk around the mall, and ends up on a stroll through the abandoned part of the building. Just then Miles, Mac Man’s evil twin brother, sneaks up on her from behind, and transports them both to his dungeon.For details and Purchase Options...   READ MORE

Days Of Our Lives

Starring Willow Hayes and Rock

Directed by Alex Dorian

Rock and Willow are a beautiful young couple getting home for a crazy day in their city. Rock had bought this really nice watch from a flea market, which he got such a good deal on he’s skeptical it even works. He figured at the time it was stolen as the gypsy he bought it off wouldn’t say much about it, but Rock could careless about where a watch that nice and discounted came from.

As the two talk on their couch, Rock fiddles with the buttons and knobs on his watch as Willow becomes stone silent. Not just silent, but completely inanimate. Rock tells Willow to cut the , getting upset at Willow for being so childish. But as Rock continues to speak to Willow, he realizes something is up. As a test he picks Willow up, takes her pants and shirt off, and puts her in different positions. He goes to the kitchen and hits a button on his watch again. Suddenly, he hears Willow freaking out in the other room.For details and Purchase Options...   READ MORE

Deathstroke Meets Eriks Angels

Starring Loni Legend, Milcah Halili, Miles and Breezy

Directed by Alex Dorian

Once upon a time there were two girls who went to the police academy, but now they work for Erik, and he sends them on dangerous missions around the world.

Today the two girls go to get their assignment, Deathstroke is hiring goons to carry out a dangerous mission threatening national security, the girls accept and go on their way.

They show up at his hideout and he gives them the rundown on the mission, the girls attack, knocking him back, but he strikes with dangerous precision, and takes the girls down.For details and Purchase Options...   READ MORE

Texas Hold ‘em

Starring Larae Bovee and Miles

Directed by Alex Dorian

Larae and Miles are waiting for Alex, Miles brother and Laraes boyfriend, he’s always late and they’re stuck with nothing to do. Miles suggests they play some cards, Texas Hold ‘em, and turns out, Larae is a very skilled poker player, so she agrees.

They lay down the cards and start their game, Miles draws a hand and Larae seems fairly confident in her hand. Miles taps his timestop watch, freezing time, and switches hands with her. He sits back down and restarts time.For details and Purchase Options...   READ MORE

Sexy Ms Claus

Starring Katerina Kay and Miles

Directed by Alex Dorian

Katerina has been invited to a halloween party at Miles house.

She shows up dressed as Ms. Claus, and seems that she is early, as Miles is the only one there. He asks where her boyfriend is, and she tells him that she’s alone tonight.

Miles starts flirting with her, but Katerina is not interested, so he timestops her.

He starts by messing with her, stripping her coat off and putting her candy bag on her head then unfreezing her to watch her freak out.For details and Purchase Options...   READ MORE