Overdue Fines


Starring Mona Wales and Rock

Rock goes to the library to check out some books, but as it turns out he owes $57 in overdue fees and the librarian won’t let him check the books out until he pays his fines. Rock’s not happy about his fines because he doesn’t know how to pay for his fees, and he really wants to check out those books because he’s a really avid reader. Unfortunately the library clerk is new and she can’t make an exception and tells him to come back on Monday, and this makes him sad because he wants those books over the weekend.

Rock knows what he has to do. As he’s leaving, he slaps the special timepiece on his wrist, and the librarian freezes. But before he takes his books home for a nice weekend in, he decides to take advantage of this situation and have some fun with the librarian.

First he slowly undresses her, revealing a fun, perky pink bra under her white button-up blouse. He removes her skirt and shirt and dances with her frozen body. Then he lays her down on her desk and spreads her legs, placing a book atop her pussy before he strips off her nylons and and starts to fondle her pussy. He pulls out his dick and uses her hand to jerk him off before turning her head and slipping into her mouth. he fucks her face for a while, and then decides to go a little further. He fucks her on the desk, her tits jiggling as he pounds her. Than he picks her up and carries her over to the wall-length bookshelf, posing her so she bends over with her leg up on the shelf.

He fucks her from behind, then flips her around and holds her leg up and fucks her until he cums. Then he places her back in her chair, naked, takes his books and goes home for a nice mellow weekend full of reading.

Fetish Elements: Explicit Sexual Content, Freeze, Fucking, Blowjobs, Fingering, Handjobs, Librarian, Uniform, Costume, Limp Fetish, Lift & Carry, Foot Views, Pantyhose, Stripping.





A Somewhat Simple Plan


Starring Ashley Lane, Darcie Belle, Javier, and Rock

Captain Bottom and Javier are working together on a quick deal with some ladies. Javier has it all set up and Captain Bottom is skeptical, but he assures the Captain he knows what he’s doing. Soon, the girls come in who are suppose to have the goods, but instead of handing them over, they use some power that omits a blinding flash of white light, knocking the two villains to the ground. They begin beating them down, kicking them on the ground.

Suddenly Javier tells Captain Bottom to cover his eras and uses a sonic ray that causes the girls to cover their ears and become weak. The two villains carry the girls to the bed, where they decide to give them a good tickling to try and get information out of them.

They tickle the girls well, removing their boots and socks to tickle their feet, making sure to get in their armpits and thighs. The girls still haven’t talked, so they step up their game, and take out the big hitachi vibrator. Javier uses it on one of the girls while Captain Bottom forces the other to give him a blowjob. She sucks his dick until she cums on her face, meanwhile Javier is forcing the other girl to cum with the vibrator.

Once they’re finished with the girls, Captain Bottom takes his leave. Javier decides he must finish off the girls, so he strangles the first one on the bed, using a bit of rope he had in his pocket. She squirms and struggles, her tits bouncing everywhere as she kicks her legs and gasps. She finally dies right as the other girl is trying to call for help. She’s weak and moving slowly, and Javier gets to her before she causes any trouble. Using the same rope, he secures it around her throat and tightens, constricting her airway as she gasps for breath and kicks.

With both girls dead, Javier arranges their bodies on the bed and leaves them.

Fetish Elements: Explicit Sexual Content, Blowjobs, Forced Orgasms, Villains, Tickling, Foot Tickling, Strangle, Garrote Strangle, Rope, Nudity, Cum Shot, Facial, Body Views, Foot Views.





Watch Salesman

Starring Katarina Kay, Zoey Foxx, and Rock

Rock is a watch salesman going door to door to talk to people about time. He knocks on Katarina’s door and lets himself in, kind of without her permission. She tells him to be quick because her friend is coming over soon, but he says he will only take a second of her time, which is more true than she knows…

Katarina seems really uninterested, and tries to brush him off but he talks her into buying two pink ones. Then, he shows her the watch’s best feature, which is freezing time. He slaps the one on his wrist and she immediately freezes. He exposes her tits and unfreezes her just long enough for her to tell him to leave. Just then, her friend Zoey comes in, and Rock slaps the watch again. Zoey freezes, but Katarina unfreezes. He slaps it again, reversing it, and then Zoey freaks out when she notices her friend is not responsive. Rock frantically messes with the dials until he finds the correct settings and then slaps his watch again, freezing both girls.

Whew! Now he can do his best work. He undresses the girls and has some fun with them. He has them bend over and touch each other, and then he carries them over to the bed. First he has them both kneel down facing each other with their mouths almost touching, and slides his hard cock in between their lips. He fucks their faces both at once while holding their heads in his hands. Then he bends them over and fucks them from behind for a while, and then flips Zoey on her back and poses Katarina to sit on her face. He fucks them both in several different positions, having a great time in this frozen threesome. Piling them, Flipping them, posing them, turning them, every which way. He does whatever he wants. Then he cums on their chests and leaves them frozen.

Fetish Elements: Explicit Sexual Content, Blow Jobs, Threesome, Freeze, Posing, Lift & Carry, Statue, Fucking, Face Sitting, Permafreeze.





Supergirl Meets Duff Man


Starring Odette Delacroix and Rock

Supergirl stumbles upon some sort of secret lair and begins to explore. She can sense a lot of energy lingering in the air and she keeps finding strange items, like a purse and a pink strap-on and a school uniform… She’s just about to look into it further when a strange ball of light appears in the corner of the room, floating and changing color. Ready for anything, Supergirl raises her fists in preparation for what might happen next.

Suddenly, with a bang, the ball of light explodes, knocking Supergirl back. She springs back up, ready for action, demanding information from this strange creature who just appeared in front of her. It’s Duff Man! And he’s here to party down. So he grabs a beer and throws back Supergirl’s head, dumping it down her gullet. Having never met anyone or anything like this, she’s caught off guard. Plus he’s surprisingly strong, despite his beer gut and odd facial hair.

Supergirl isn’t exactly a seasoned partier so one beer has a huge affect on her. She stumbles around trying to fight this crazy dude but her senses are blurred and delayed and she feels really woozy. Duff Man grabs her and gets her to suck his dick. In her intoxicated stupor she gets on her knees and does it. After she spends a good while fucking him with her mouth, he decides to give her a turn, so he gets her on her back and spreads her legs so he can lick her tight little pussy. He spends a good while tongue fucking her and sucking on her clit while she moans and rolls about lazily, her body spilling off the mattress.

Duff Man loves to tickle, so he starts to tickle her. He takes off her boots, and then socks and tickles her feet, she giggles and laughs and squirms, trying to get away from the sensation but to no avail. He tickles her good, and then she finishes sucking his cock until she gets him off.

Then, Duff Man helps her up and then gives her a subtle shove, and she falls flat on her face, smashing her skull and killing her instantly, a little bit of blood spilling out on the cold, hard concrete floor.

Fetish Elements: Explicit Sexual Content, Superheroine, Blowjobs, Pussy Eating, Tickling, Skull Crack, Foot Tickling, Foot Fetish, Boot Removal, Sock Removal, Boot Socks, Drunk Girl, Intoxication.