Party Neighbors


Starring Valentina Nappi, Lily LaBeau, and Javier

It’s Friday night and Valentina and Lily are drinking wine and having a great time. They’re getting ready to go out for the night and they always like to start the night off right. They turn the music way up and start dancing around the living room in their cute outfits, yelling and having a great time.

Lily thinks she hears something but it’s hard to tell through the music. But she hears it again, sounds like there’s someone pounding on the door! She opens it and it’s their neighbor, Javier. She’s always thought he was kinda cute, but they’ve never really talked. Before she lets him have a chance to say anything, she pulls him in and they start dancing with him. They want him to join in the fun!

He yells over the music, something about how he’s working and the music is really loud. He asks them several times, but they just turn it up and keep dancing. He’s really frustrated, he’s trying to work and they are not cooperating. But they are not listening, and they keep dancing up on him. This gives him an idea. He smacks the watch on his wrist and they freeze immediately. He turns off the music.

WHEW. Finally. Some peace and quiet. He’s about to leave and go back to his work when he takes a good look at the girls. They’re cuter than he thought. Maybe he’ll have some fun with them first…. He starts to pose them around their apartment, then he takes off their dresses to reveal some sexy lingerie. He brings them over to the bed and lays them down.

Then he spends some time having fun posing them in different positions, making them kiss and touch each other’s hot bodies. He’s getting really turned on so he stuffs his hard dick into Lily’s mouth and face fucks her. When he’s ready for more he lays Valentina down on her back next to Lily on the bed and fucks her. Then he goes back to face fucking Lily some more.

When he’s had enough of them, he decides to go back to work. So he poses them like sexy life-size dolls on the bed, then leaves for someone else to deal with. At least he can work in quiet now.

Fetish Elements: Explicit Sexual Content, Freeze, Face Fucking, Dancing, Posing, Blowjobs, Drool, Lesbian, Girl on Girl, Lingerie, Stripping, Stiff, Doll, Statue, Rape, Foot Views, Body Views.





Supergirl to the Rescue!


Starring Aspen Ora and Alice Whyte

Help! Help! Supergirl hears the distant cry. She quickly zips into her uniform and flies to the rescue. When she gets there, Alice is sitting idly drinking coffee and reading a magazine. “The only damsel in distress here is you,” she says as a hot death beam radiates at Supergirl’s chest. But it hardly has an effect on Supergirl.

She punches at Alice, but she grabs her fist and shoves her down, laughing. She kicks her while she’s down and starts to roughly grab her tits. Then she punches her in the face and puts her lights out. When she wakes up, Alice is grabbing her nipples and fondling her. She kisses her, rubbing her pussy. Supergirl tries to tell her to stop, but instead she removes both of their panties. She stuffs her own into Supergirl’s mouth.

Then she starts to rub her pussy with her fingers, then licks it. She tongues her clit and fingers her. Then she climbs on top of her and stuffs her pussy in Supergirl’s face. They eat each other’s pussies. Then Alice puts on a strap-on and slides it into Supergirl’s wet pussy. She fucks her with the strap-on, then Supergirl gets on top and rides it.

Alice decides she wants to make Supergirl cum hard, so she straps her up in her lair to a giant wooden X-frame and starts to finger her pussy. Then she grabs a giant powerful vibrator and presses it up against her clit. She makes her cum, then lets her off the X-frame. Then she eats her pussy some more before they take turns fucking each other with the strap-on.

When she’s finally had enough, Alice shoves the strap on down Supergirl’s throat. She grabs her by the hair with the dildo still shoved way down her throat. Supergirl starts to make gagging noises and banging her hands on the floor, trying to get Alice to let her go. She can’t breathe anymore. But Alice doesn’t let up, she just keeps choking her with the purple dildo, her hands firmly grabbing her hair. She chokes to death, and Alice thanks her for the fun time and leaves her body behind on the cold cement floor.

Fetish Elements: Explicit Sexual Content, Superheroine, Costumes, Choking, Role Play, Pussy Eating, Lesbian, Girl on Girl, 69, Strap-on, Bondage, Vibrator, Dildo, Lingerie, Pantyhose, High Heels, Boot Fetish, Kissing, Body Views.





Boss Bitch


Starring Alina West and Rock

No one likes a bitchy boss. And Alina West is definitely one of those. She calls Rock into her office to discuss some performance issues she’s been hearing about. He’s just not keeping up with everyone else in the office and he really needs to step up his game. He’s having a really rough time, and he tries to plead his case, but she’s not really into hearing it.

He’s had quite an attitude lately, and she’s not going to stand for it. She can not tolerate his inappropriate behavior in the work place. She fires him. He continues to argue, pleading his case that he’s having personal issues that are interfering with his work performance, but she refuses to hear him out.

Things get a little heated, he tries to hit on her, and that’s the last straw. Now she’s pissed. She tells him to get out. So he slaps the watch on his wrist and she freezes immediately. Fine, bitch, if you wanna play it that way, we can play it that way.

He poses her around her office, then starts to take her clothes off. He strips her and fondles her, all while she’s frozen. Just for kicks, he unfreezes her a few times just to let her freak out and wonder what the hell is going on. But then he freezes her again and eats her pussy from behind while she’s kneeling on the desk. She has such a HOT body. No wonder she’s a bitch, she CAN be when she looks like that.

He fucks her face, then her pussy. She’s wet even though she’s frozen. This is some good HR. He poses her in several different positions around her desk while he’s fucking her and then when he’s finished with her, he leaves her, naked and frozen and posed on her desk for the next poor sap who comes in her office to find.

Fetish Elements: Explicit Sexual Content, Freeze, Timestop, Face Fucking, Blowjobs, Rape, High Heels, Stripping, Fondling, Stiff, Posing, Doll, Statue, Body Views.





Silver Snatch to the Rescue!


Starring Valentina Nappi, Lily LaBeau, and Javier

Valentina has been captured and bound to a chair by bad guy Javier. He peels off her panties and begins to punish her, using a massive powerful vibrator. She moans and begs for him to stop, but he presses the vibrator to her pussy. She continues to moan, struggling against her bonds but she can’t escape.

Suddenly, Silver Snatch shows up! Valentina begs her for salvation, but Javier smacks her across the face with the vibrator and she falls back, her legs splayed open, displaying her pussy. She tries again to stop him, but again he smacks her across the face with the dildo. He agrees to let her go if she sucks his cock. He beats her down to her knees in front of him and she opens her mouth.

He fucks her face and slaps it with his dick. She’s exhausted, now it’s Valentina’s turn. He goes over and shoves his cock down her throat, she takes it because she has no choice. This starts to turn Silver Snatch on, and she starts to touch herself while she watches them.

Javier notices that Silver Snatch is turned on and confronts her about it. He starts to eat her pussy, she begs him to stop, but grabs his head, forcing his face into her cunt as she moans and gyrates her hips.

Valentina is frustrated. She just wants someone to help her, and this superheroine is busy getting her pussy eaten by the bad guy. Guess she’ll have to take matters into her own hands. While the other two are busy, Valentina finds the keys and is able to remove her handcuffs to free herself.

As Valentina is escaping, Silver Snatch orders Javier to give her his evil cock. She sucks his dick until he cums all over her face. It is at this point hat they realize their prisoner is gone. Turns out she’s right behind them. She smacks Javier over the head with the vibrator. She’s pissed that she had to save herself, so she strangles this sad excuse for a superheroine.

The Silver Snatch struggles and kicks but Valentina is driven by frustration and the Snatch is tired from sexual exertion. She gives up on her futile attempt to stay alive. She kicks Javier and leaves.

Fetish Elements: Explicit Sexual Content, Superheroine, Bondage, Rape, Forced Orgasms, Vibrator, Pussy Eating, Blowjobs, Cumshot, Facial, Strangle, Hand Strangle, Body Views.