My Daddy’s The Dean

Starring April May and Javier Lovetongue

Javier has been slacking off at college, and hasn’t even picked his classes yet. All he’s concerned about is partying and fucking. His advisor calls a meeting to set him straight but Javier comes from a wealthy family and all his needs will be taken care of.

Fed up with his attitude, she recommends he be expelled. Instead of leaving, Javier activates his timestop watch and begins posing her in all sorts of positions mimicking her voice and venting his frustrations. He strips her and poses some more before forcing his cock into her mouth.For details and Purchase Options...   READ MORE

Leeching Vengeance

Starring Penny Pax, Rock, and John M

After successfully capturing and imprisoning Leech, Valor meets with General X to tell him that she is quitting. She has seen too many of her fellow superheroines destroyed and does not want to become one of them. Furious, General X and Valor’s conversation becomes heated and she tries to walk out on him, but General X has other plans. He hits her with a dart and she collapses to the ground.

General X brings Valor to his operating room where he prepares her for brain surgery. Meanwhile, Leech, confined to his jail cell, has cleverly hidden a lock picking device in his suit. He escapes, setting off the alarm. The Invisible Man attempts to subdue him, but Leech overpowers him and steals his power of invisibility.  He uses his new found powers to sneak out, stumbling upon Valor in the operating room.For details and Purchase Options...   READ MORE

Mail Order Ukrainian Doll


Starring Alina West and Javier Lovetongue

Javier comes home to find a package, his Ukrainian LoveDoll has arrived! He eagerly rips the plastic off and starts to have fun with his new toy!

He sets her on the couch and starts to fondle the realistic skin, slowly sucking the nipples. He goes down and starts to lick her lifelike pussy, the tastes, the smells, everything is so realistic.!

He decides he wants to have more fun with her, he starts to pose his doll in various positions, until he remembers that it has an automation feature! He searches through the package and finds the wind up key and inserts it into the ass and winds her up. The doll starts to walk around the room, very slowly and robotically before shutting down. He winds her up again and has her walk to the bed and undo his pants.For details and Purchase Options...   READ MORE

Cheap Date


Starring Aria Alexander and Rock

Alright, everyone knows new relationships are fun, but they can also be really annoying to deal with. Aria has been dating this guy for a few weeks, and she’s just kind of totally over it at this point. She’s taken him out almost every day this week alone, and he never gives anything in return. He’ just kind of a freeloading scumbag, honestly.

So tonight, when he shows up at her place and starts asking where she’s going to take him, she sits him down and tells him what she’s been thinking. She tells him she’s tired of giving without getting anything in return. I mean, she’s paying his rent. Yeah, he did her dishes, but only after he ate all her groceries. That she paid for. For details and Purchase Options...   READ MORE

Wasteland Princess


Starring Ashley Lane and Max CoXXX

Somewhere, in the Wasteland…

Road Warrior Princess Ashley guards the abandoned structure that her family calls home. Everything is in ruins. She can hardly remember the last time she saw anything green. She used to love gardening, back when the land was arable and crops actually grew. She missed the days of tilling the soil and gathering the family around for a long anticipated meal of fresh produce that she grew herself.

She’s so busy day dreaming about this, her mouth watering, that she doesn’t notice the cumbersome figure approaching her. The Game Master utters a warning growl, but still catches her off guard. After a short battle, he grabs her by the throat and swings her limp body over his massive shoulder. For details and Purchase Options...   READ MORE

Bratty Drill Sergeant


Starring Penny Pax and Rock

Rock is not a very good soldier. He’s sloppy and forgetful and not very strong. It’s going to take a very bratty drill sergeant to whip his ass into shape. He shows up late to lineup, with his uniform mishmashed and in a state of disarray. Drill Sergeant Penny is appalled by his appearance.

She give him a thorough verbal lashing before proceeding with the physical punishment. She orders him to drop and give her some pushups. He does what she says while she yells at him. He hates pushups. But she keeps yelling at him. What a brat! He’s had enough. For details and Purchase Options...   READ MORE

The Return of Dr. Wayne Brennan


Starring Aria Alexander and Rock

Wayne Brennan is an evil mastermind. He has stolen all the Justice League’s powers and liquified them into drinkable essences. All of them- except Wonder Woman. He has her captured by some of his cronies and delivered to his lair. Now that he has her, he must liquify her essence.

She is delivered to him bound with his very own special power rope. She is unable to escape its binds. He shows her the vials of Justice League powers. Including the one empty vial intended for her. He brings out his Powersucking Transducer machine in order to suck out her powers. She tries to escape the bonds but whatever Dr. Brennan has done to them is too much for even her. For details and Purchase Options...   READ MORE

Superteam Beatdown


Starring Ashley Lane, Darcie Belle, and Javier Lovetongue

Supergirl and Stargirl are fighting an evil henchman. For a moment, they’re winning. Stargirl blasts him with her cosmic rod and Supergirl tosses him onto the bed. But now he’s pissed. He changes the settings on his gloves and punches them both down, then he breaks Stargirl’s cosmic rod in half!

The girls are down, so he carries them to the bed to punish them. He beats them down more, so that they cooperate. Then he pulls down their panties so he can really teach them a lesson. He brings out his weapon- a powerful vibrator that will torture them and drain their powers. For details and Purchase Options...   READ MORE

Lost Tourist


Starring Alina Long and Javier Lovetongue

Javier is just hanging out at home when he gets an unexpected knock on the door, followed by a girl entering his home. He is very confused. Not only was he not expecting anyone, but he also has ever seen this girl before in his life. He asks if she’s lost, but she answers in another language.

Seems like she doesn’t speak a lick of English. She keeps rattling off in, what is that, German? Russian? Who knows. Either way she’s hot so he invites her to sit on the couch with him. Through enough theatrical gestures, he is able to communicate well enough to get her to sit.For details and Purchase Options...   READ MORE

To Catch a Pervert


Starring Valentina Nappi, Lily LaBeau, and Brad

Wonder woman and Batgirl are in hot pursuit of a bad guy. They follow him all the way to his lair, where he zaps them with his ray gun. They fall to the floor, weakened by the rays. They moan and lay limply on the floor. He grabs them and handcuffs them back to back on a wooden pole.

Now that he has these superheroines in his grasp, he decides to have a little fun with them. He starts to fondle them, grabbing their breasts and touching their pussies. Then he pulls out a powerful vibrator and uses it on both girls as they are still bound back to back.For details and Purchase Options...   READ MORE