Best Birthday

Starring Kiki Sweet, April May, and Rock

It’s Rock’s birthday and Kiki and April have gotten him a few fantastic gifts. Kiki’s gift is a very special watch that Rock adores. But he quickly finds that there is a part two to the present that no one is aware of.

His new watch stops time! He discovers it accidentally at first, making the girls freeze and posing them into silly positions and then unfreezing them, but then a great idea strikes him.

He freezes Kiki and April and strips them down, making them give him a frozen blowjob. He takes them to the bed and takes turns fucking both of them in their pussies in a variety of positions.For details and Purchase Options...   READ MORE

Supergirl and the Witch

Starring Kiki Sweet and April May

Supergirl is out for a stroll in New York City when her super sensitive hearing catches something, she’s quickly off to the nearest bathroom to change.

She barges into an office to find a Witch rummaging through. The Witch attacks her with her powers but they just bounce off of her. With the flick of her wrist she casts a spell on her, freezing her and making her obey everything she says. The Witch decides to put on a show for the security cameras.

She kisses Supergirl, who resists, before groping her breasts, sucking on them and fondling them while Supergirl tries to break free. The Witch makes Supergirl suck on her nipples and eat out her pussy, licking and sucking on her clit, eventually fingering her as the Witch moans with pleasure.For details and Purchase Options...   READ MORE

Monster Problem

Starring Penny Pax and Rock

Penny Pax has been captured and stands with her hands tied above her head. A reptilian monster enters and begins touching her and examining her while gripping its giant cock. It grabs her from behind and begins fucking her hard.

The creature walks around her to face her while he fucks her and breathes heavily into her mouth, its monstrous teeth only inches away. Unsatisfied it grabs her and make her ride cowgirl while he supports her in the air.

He returns to fucking her from behind as she is overcome with terror and pleasure.For details and Purchase Options...   READ MORE

I Wanna Be A Runway Model

Starring Karma Leone and Rock

Karma has come to Rock’s office with aspirations that she wants to be a runway model. She is a hard worker who will do anything she can to get ahead. Rock doesn’t think that her portfolio is good enough without showing her ass off.

Karma is a little hesitant to do anything nude. He makes her stand up and flash her legs and show her ass to him. She doesn’t want to, but she really wants more work, so she shows him. Karma shakes her ass for him, but its not enough. She is being too difficult for him so he freezes her instead and wants to pose her and use her in ways she would never allow him.For details and Purchase Options...   READ MORE

Watch The Game With Me

Starring Alina Long and Javier Lovetongue

Javier is enjoying the soccer match on TV. Alina, a friend of Javier’s sister, enters. He invites her in to watch the game. Javier starts to touch her leg, asking her questions and telling her she is cute. He asks what she’s wearing underneath her dress. She is taken aback and he is frustrated, so he freezes her and begins posing her and stripping her, putting her in a variety of sexy and silly poses.

After he is done he begins to lick her pussy. He strips and shoves his cock deep into her throat. He repositions her on the couch and fucks her pussy hard. Bending her over the couch arm he fucks her from behind until he cums. He poses her sexily on the couch, so that his sister will find her later.For details and Purchase Options...   READ MORE

Supergirl Controlled

Starring Penny Pax and Rock

Supergirl has been captured and injected with a serum that makes her enemies do whatever they want her to. She is removed from her shackles and is under their spell doing whatever they want her to do.

She needs to be taught a lesson, she must play with her breasts any then she starts hurting herself and running into walls. She gets in the middle of the room and dances and strips naked. She lays on the floor and spreads her pussy, rubbing her clit. She poses in her Supergirl pose promising to make her enemies pay for what they’ve done.For details and Purchase Options...   READ MORE

Gourmet Pepper

Starring Pepper and Alex Dorian

Alex’s latest shipment has arrived and he is very excited! The Girl Delivery Service has brought over a very large box for him. He knocks on his, hearing the frightened noises inside. He opens it to find Pepper, bound and ball-gagged, waiting for him. He removes her ball gag and picks her up taking her to the kitchen.

He removes her rope restraints and begins stripping her down. Using a brush he drapes her with olive oil all over her body, sprinkling salt and pepper over her delectable skin. She pleads for him to stop, as he reveals that he is going to cook her and eat her.For details and Purchase Options...   READ MORE

Who Are You?

Starring Karma Leone and Alex Dorian

Alex arrive home with his new, posable woman, Karma, after time-stopping her and carting her home. He poses her in provocative positions while fondling her body. He unfreezes her and she, naturally, freaks out, wondering where she is. He tries to console her but she is too hysterical and he freezes her again, taking off her clothes and stripping her down.

He tries to unfreeze her, but she is still hysterical. He freezes her once more and plays with her ass and strips off her shoes and panties as he continues to pose her. He unfreezes her and she tries to run, but he stops her before she can reach the door. He turns her around and unfreezes her again as she continues running, only to find the wall. She retreats and he grabs her, trying to tickle her. He freezes her and poses her, taking some sexy photos before unfreezing her. She is so confused as to where she is and he freezes her one last time, letting her think about her situation.For details and Purchase Options...   READ MORE

Beating Batgirl

Starring April May and Javier Lovetongue

Batgirl has been handcuffed and blindfolded by Bane and taken to his private play area. He has big plans for her and removes the handcuffs, replacing them with leather strap. He fastens her to a chain above her head and begins to punch her while he teases her. After he works her over he removes her blindfold and proceeds to tickle her stomach and her legs. She pleads for him to stop as she laughs from his fingers dancing off her skin.

Taking her skirt off first, he then removes her panties and shoves them in her mouth.For details and Purchase Options...   READ MORE

Creepy Timestop

Starring April May and Javier Lovetongue

Javier is anxious for his Tinder date to arrive and when she does, he is a little disappointed. She was looking for more of a romantic relationship rather than a quick fuck. She decides to leave but is quickly stopped by Javier’s timestop watch.

He strips her and poses her. He inserts a black dildo into her pussy while continuing to play with her. He forces his cock into her mouth before bending her over and fucking her.

He carries her over to his bed where he continues to fuck April in various position, stopping to shove his cock down her throat. He puts her on her back and cums hard inside her pussy. The date now over, he leaves her, feet in the air, until he wants another snack.For details and Purchase Options...   READ MORE