Jessica Jones to the Rescue

STARRING: Lily LaBeau, Ivy Aura, and Rock

Ivy is taking a nice, hot shower. She gets her slender body nice and wet and soapy, rubbing it over her tits and her pussy. She is startled when a mysterious men enters her bathroom, his eyes turning purple…GASP, THE PURPLE MAN!

He has hypnotized her and leads her away, she is to be a gift.

Meanwhile…Jessica Jones has infiltrated Purple Man’s hideout only to find him waiting for her, a big plastic bag in the middle of the room on a bed. He commands the bag to open and out pops Ivy, her sister!For details and Purchase Options...   READ MORE

My Toy Forever

Starring Aspen Ora and Alex Dorian

Introducing the Aspen Ora doll! Posable, sexy, fuckable! Do what you please with her tight little pussy!

Alex comes home and he is ecstatic to find his package waiting for him. He quickly cuts Aspen out of the packing material and gets to work.

He poses her in sexy positions and poses, unzipping her pants and revealing her sexy, pink panties.

He sits her on the bed and poses her as he pleases. He strips her down to her underwear, excited to finally see her nude.For details and Purchase Options...   READ MORE

My Nagging Girlfriend

Starring Rachel James and Javier Lovetongue

Javier is at home watching TV, but can’t find the remote. He calls his girlfriend into the room so she can find the remote. He wants to watch cartoons, but she is nagging him to get ready, use a coaster and do things on his own for once.

She is pissed because she has to take care of him all the time. But he works hard, dammit! He freezes her with his timestop watch, he’s had enough of her bitching.

He tells her off for a few minutes, critiquing her style, her attitude, before realizing that she does have a perfect body and a great ass! He poses her in sexy positions, slapping her ass and fondling her before putting her on the bed.For details and Purchase Options...   READ MORE

The Princess in the Ruins

Starring Rachel James, Nora Riley, and Rock

The Princess is frolicking with her bodyguard out in the Ruins. Her bodyguard warns her that this area is dangerous and a number of people have disappeared. She heads towards an abandoned building, curious as to what is inside.

As they enter the dark and mysterious building they are attacked by a Road Warrior! He knocks out the bodyguard and raises the Princess up off the ground, choking her until she falls asleep.

When they awake they have their hands bound together with rope and are being led into a dungeon. The Road Warrior hits them and beats them mercilessly, never satisfied. The two women scream as they plead for help and release. The Road Warrior strings the Princess a T-frame, fondling her and choking her with a few fingers down her throat. He forces her to watch as he works over her faithful bodyguard as he fingers her and makes her suck his throbbing wasteland cock.For details and Purchase Options...   READ MORE

You’re In My Bubble

Starring Jenny Jett and Sgt. Miles

Jenny Jett is watching TV and enjoying her time when her roommate Miles enters. He is SO ANNOYING. He thinks just because they are roommates means they are friends.

She wants none of this and her last roommate was the same way. She is getting angry and Miles is trying really hard to be friendly. She doesn’t want to be friends, she wants privacy and respect.

She wants him to get out of the room NOW. This little bitch is going to get timestopped whether she likes it or not.For details and Purchase Options...   READ MORE

The Proposal

Starring Aspen and Rock

Rock comes home to a very annoyed Aspen, his girlfriend. Rock proposes to her that her and her friend Chelsea should participate in a threesome. Aspen instead wants to break up with him instead, she has had enough.

Rock had been thinking about it for a long time and pulls out a wedding ring, proposing to her on the spot. Aspen wants no part of him anymore or his ring and forces him to leave her apartment.

Rock has other plans, though. He uses his timestop watch and freezes her in place. He is angry at her, but is excited about the prospect of posing her and stripping her down, using her one last time before he walks out of her life.For details and Purchase Options...   READ MORE

Robin’s Downfall

Starring Aspen Ora and Rock

Robin has been overpowered and is locked in an epic struggle with a henchman. He has gotten the upper hand and pins her to the bed, sucking on her nipples, fondling her and placing a pair of handcuffs on her.

He brings out his ultimate weapon, a huge vibrator. He props her ass up and shoves the vibrator on her pussy, rubbing it over her clit as she moans and cums over and over.

After his plan is finished he starts phase 2. He pulls out his cock and fucks Robin’s tight pussy as she tries to get away, his hips slamming into her.For details and Purchase Options...   READ MORE

The Peeper

Starring Rachel James and Javier Lovetongue

Fresh out of the shower, the Peeper, freezes Rachel James, entering through a small window above her bed. He removes her towel and starts to pose her in sexy positions. He moves her into a few silly ones and has some fun with her before laying her on the bed and fondling he nipples and rubbing her tight little pussy.

He wants more out of her though, so he strips and then spreads her legs, fingering her to get her nice and wet. He fucks her hard, making sure to keep her eyes open the whole time! He fucks her in a variety of positions, moving her to achieve maximum pleasure.For details and Purchase Options...   READ MORE

Wonder Woman Goes Down

Starring Rachel James and Javier Lovetongue

Wonder Woman surprises Javier, a henchman of Bane, at his hideout while he’s counting money. He empties his pistol clip on her but she deflects each one away harmlessly. He wants to fight hand to hand, thinking he can defeat her. Bane is cooking up a Frankenstein-like villain with all the strengths of the Justice League.

He gets the upper hand and overpowers her lasso, forcing her down on his cock, shoving it down her throat. She still has fight left in her and shoves him to the wall as she runs out of the room.For details and Purchase Options...   READ MORE

Wonder Woman and the Pervert

Starring Kiki Sweet and Alex Dorian

Wonder Woman has captured a notorious pervert with her lasso. But the goon escapes when she has her back turned and uses the rope to capture her. He finds a vibrator and begins rubbing it on her pussy as she pleads for him to stop. He makes her cum over and over again, eventually humping her until her cums. He cuddles with her, groping her and rubbing his hands over her body.

He tries to comfort her, telling her it’s all her fault. He tries to justify that watching girls change is innocent. She struggles to fight him, but it is no use, he thinks this is karma and that Wonder Woman should stop bitching. He grabs the vibrator and uses it to fight her, knocking her to the couch.For details and Purchase Options...   READ MORE