Blackmailing Bitch

STARRING: Jenny Jett and Javier Lovetongue

Javier arrives home to find his kids put to bed and Jenny, the babysitter, watching TV. What does he owe her for her services? Well…

Jenny, has an ace up her sleeve. She’s found a file called DO NOT OPEN on his computer and if he doesn’t pay her $500 every week she’ll do something detrimental with it.

Javier freezes her with his timestop watch. What kind of crazy bitch is she for using his computer and daring to blackmail him? He’s gonna treat her like the whore she is. He strips her down, marveling at her toned body. He poses her in several sexy posses, placing her fingers on her nipples and changing her facial expression to suit his needs.For details and Purchase Options...   READ MORE

Stargirl Ambushed


STARRING: Jenny Jett and Rock

Stargirl is innocently reading a book, taking some time off when a masked villain bursts into the room and controlling her mind with his Power Glove. He forces her hands together and tosses her around the room like a rag doll, preventing her from acquiring her powerful Cosmic Rod.

He grabs the rod and begins siphoning Stargirl’s powers and transferring all of them to his Power Glove. He knocks her out with a blow to the head and positions her on her bed. She can’t move. With her powers transferred to him he snaps the Cosmic Rod and begins to show her the true power of the Cosmos. Using his glove he begins to finger the air, her clit magically stimulating itself!For details and Purchase Options...   READ MORE

Aurora and the Monster


STARRING: Aurora and Rock

Aurora has been captured by the sea monster and he has taken her to his bedroom. He throws her on the bed and immediately begins fucking her hard. His hideous face breathes hot air right near her mouth as he slams his throbbing dick into her young, fertile pussy.

He groans as he fucks her in several different positions, including a very sexy cowgirl ride. Aurora pleads and moans for the monster to stop, but he is insatiable. After he has deposited a load of his monster juice deep in her pussy he quickly grabs a rope and begins strangling Aurora.For details and Purchase Options...   READ MORE


STARRING: Jazzy Jamison and Rock

Jazzy’s boyfriend, Rock is very…different. He surprises her with a new hairdo: dreadlocks. His faux-Jamaican accent is so bad it almost hurts her ears to hear it.

She thinks it might be time to break-up. He is the furthest things from a gangsta, he’s from the suburbs for crying out loud! Aurora, Illinois to be exact. She begs for him to stop, but he wants her to love the real him, the real Rastafarian him.

She paws at the dreads and removes them, he is clearly trying to be someone he’s not. If he can’t be himself, then he needs to get the hell out.For details and Purchase Options...   READ MORE

Wonder Woman’s Failure

STARRING: Aspen Ora, Ivy Aura, and Rock

An evil villain has captured the Mayor’s daughter and has her tied and gagged at his hideout. She pleads for help but he threatens to blow her head clean off. He picks up the phone and dials the Mayor, getting anxious about his ransom. He holds the phone to his helpless victim and she screams. He unbuttons her blouse and fondles her tits as he unveils that the money is on its way.

A plainclothes woman enters with a silver briefcase. She hands it over and he begins counting the money inside. Little does he know, that underneath she is…WONDER WOMAN!For details and Purchase Options...   READ MORE

Mailroom Guy

STARRING: Jenny Jett and Miles

Ms. Jett is working in her office waiting for Miles, the guy in the mailroom, to meet with her. He enters and is a little confused as to why he’s there. It turns out that it’s a performance review and his tardiness, tattoos, and overall attitude are ground for dismissal.

She attempts to change him, but he is stubborn and she thinks that firing him would be the best course of action if he cannot improve. A timestop watch in his hand, though, makes things more interesting! Activating it, he stops time and now uses it to have a little fun with his boss before he leaves for good.For details and Purchase Options...   READ MORE

Supergirl Takes A Pounding

STARRING: Rachel James and Javier Lovetongue

Supergirl is corned in the lair of The Mosquito. She uses her super strength to throw a mattress at him, but he easily deflects it. They grapple with each other, until Supergirl gets the upper hand. But a few nifty moves and a well placed kick has her down and out. The Mosquito picks her up by the neck and dangles her in the air, slamming is head into hers.

Dazed and confused, he throws her on the mattress and strips her skirt and panties off before getting naked and fucking her hard, her legs in the air. He switches positions several times as she screams and groans, trying to overpower him. She threatens to use her super kegels in order to rip his dick off, but that only makes his dick harder!For details and Purchase Options...   READ MORE

My Apple Bottom Maid

STARRING: Aspen Ora and Rock

Aspen is Rock’s personal maid, decked out in a French maid’s outfit and feather duster, she cleans his home for him.

Rock has come home very drunk and lays down on the couch. He asks her to come to the couch, trying to touch her ass. She offers him some water to sober him up. He stands awkwardly, but ends up back on the couch.

Aspen is new to his home, so she hasn’t learned that part of the job entails blowing him. He’s just kidding! He has her sit down on the couch, still trying to touch her inappropriately. She refuses, again, to suck his dick and decides to quit. As she is leaving he uses his Timestop watch and freezes her in place.For details and Purchase Options...   READ MORE

Power Girl Goes Down

STARRING: Jenny Jett and Rock

Power Girl has found Dr. Wayne Brennan and she is taking him into the authorities. Power Girl uses her powerful breath to knock a dangerous laser weapon away from him, using the opportunity to attack him and take control of him up against the wall.

For the last six months, though, he had been spelunking in the Andes, looking for the last piece of a powerful kryptonite crystal. Her powers are weakened by the crystal and he takes over, throwing her to the ground. He grabs her and puts her on the bed where he unzips his pants and shoves his cock down her throat.For details and Purchase Options...   READ MORE

To Whom Will Ye Flee For Help?

STARRING: Jenny Jett and Javier Lovetongue

Sister Jenny must meet with Father Lovetongue because she is jealous that girl’s her age are going to parties and have cell phones and that she feels that the life of a nun is not for her. He shows her a crucifix, Jesus died for her sins and each party she goes to or sin she commits is another hammer into the nails that killed him. He tries to convince her that this is the best life for her. She wants to leave the city for a little while and maybe experience something new. He reads to her from the Bible, trying to give her a reason to stay.For details and Purchase Options...   READ MORE