The Intern Needs Dick

STARRING: Rachel James and Javier Lovetongue

The Intern walks into her boss’ office, barefoot. He’s trying to run a Fortune 500 company, he can’t have some unpaid intern looking like a cheap hooker waiting to give him a hand job in the back of his car. He gets so frustrated with her attitude he just freezes her with his Timestop Watch.

He poses her face and body in humiliating and sexy positions, unfreezing her to her own dismay. He slowly strips her, moving her around his office until he finds the right position, on her back, her mouth open on his desk. His quickly throws his clothes off and rams his dick down her frozen throat. He unfreezes her and, confused, she tries to back away, but he quickly freezes her again. He goes down on her while he positions her fingers to squeeze her own nipples. Satisfied he spreads her legs and fucks her on his desk, laying her on her side and eventually bending her over. He sits down in a leather chair and uses her latticed sweater to force her mouth down onto his cock. He unfreezes her and pounds his dick down her throat until he cums in mouth.For details and Purchase Options...   READ MORE

Wonder Woman’s Photoshoot

STARRING: Trisha Parks and Rock

Wonder Woman has shown up for a local photoshoot with a talented photographer. She is on a set of lavish black cloth and the shots will be used for raising money for charity. She stands in her power pose and kicks some ass as the photographer puts her in different positions.

She wants to keep this shoot very G-rated, it is for the kids after all. She thinks that he has enough pictures to work with, but he continues taking inappropriate pictures of her. He goes to touch her and she pushes him away. He takes out a vibrator and tells her to put it between her legs. She refuses and all of a sudden he is controlling her with mind!For details and Purchase Options...   READ MORE

Real Estate Deal

STARRING: Jazzy Jamison and Rock

Jazzy Jamison is showing her home to a potential client, Rock. It’s a fantastic real estate opportunity, fully furnished, great neighborhood. Rock lays down on an ornate couch and tries to get Jazzy to admit that two people could possibly fuck on the couch. She doesn’t seem to get the hint that he’s hitting on her! He gets a little frustrated that she won’t give him any special favors in addition to putting down a great offer for the home.

So, his trusty timestop watch in hand, stops her in her tracks and decides that it would be better if she came along with the house too. He poses her on her knees, skirt hiked up, and leaning on the couch. He sits next to her and props his feet up on her ass, his new ottoman!For details and Purchase Options...   READ MORE

Supergirl’s Biggest Fan


STARRING: Trisha and Rock

Rock is Supergirl’s biggest fan and he just cannot wait to meet her. She knocks on his door and he happily shakes her hand, offering her a seat on his couch. He has asked her here because he has information about Lex Luthor. She wants to get down to business but he wants to know more about her superpowers. He keeps deflecting her questions, showing her items that he keeps that reminds him of her. If he doesn’t have any info maybe she should go. He stops her though, he does have something.For details and Purchase Options...   READ MORE

Dr. Bottom’s Office

STARRING: Jenny Jett and Rock

Jenny is late to her therapy session with Dr. Bottom and is a bit flustered when she arrives. The Doctor assures her that there is no need to be upset and leads her over to a comfortable couch. She tells him of her mentally abusive boyfriend, and he offers that her inner strength is strong. He makes her say that she is strong and beautiful and come to a self-realization. He tells her that she deserves a better man.

He offers to take her coat, the room is a lot warmer than when she came in. He sits down next to her on the couch, gently rubbing her leg. She finds this a little uncomfortable and unethical. As she attempts to push his hand away she accidentally touches his Time Stop watch and she’s instantly frozen! He spreads her legs and rubs her pussy through her white, laced underwear.For details and Purchase Options...   READ MORE

Bizarro’s Hunt


STARRING: Jenny Jett and Rock

Bizarro Superman seems lost and confused. He rummages around the mayor’s apartment looking for a missile code. Supergirl bursts in, confronting him. He seems oblivious to the whole situation, even telling her that Lex might have been the one to tip him off.

She’s going to call Superman and take him home, to which he answers, “Yes.” But Bizarro is all backwards in the head, and after Supergirl tries to guide him out the door he resists and begins mercilessly beating her, knocking her onto the bed.For details and Purchase Options...   READ MORE

Cock Hungry Housekeeper

STARRING: Ivy Aura and Rock

Rock is showing Ivy, his new housekeeper, around his master bedroom instructing her on what to clean and how often.

There are a few additional duties, however. After a long day, Rock would like her to bring him tea and dinner or possibly a shoulder massage. And some days, he wants her to be wearing something sexier, maybe a little LESS clothing. He starts to rub her chest, but she’s just not comfortable with all that.

In order for her to get ahead, she’s going to have to give head. She just is not comfortable with any of this and decides that she should leave. Rock has other plans, though, and freezes her with his timestop watch. He positions her in erotic positions, slowly stripping her to reveal blue lace panties. He pulls them down and caress and kisses her ass.For details and Purchase Options...   READ MORE

Flash Fails


STARRING: Jenny Jett and Sgt. Miles

Bane is pacing in his lair, waiting. He hears a noise and the Flash is whipping through the room. Turns out this was just a trap to lure the Flash to his hideout and his laser weapon zaps her and knocks her out.

She wakes up, shackled with her hands above her head, her super speed is still active but she can’t get out. Bane proceeds to tickle her mercilessly all over her body. He removes one of her leather boots and the sock underneath to tickle her dainty feet.For details and Purchase Options...   READ MORE