Break Room Timestop

STARRING: Brooke Bliss and Rock

Rock is enjoying a snack in the break room when Brooke, a new employee, enters. They chat about her new job, adjusting, general chitchat. Rock comments on her smile, and begins to hit on her a little more aggressively, asking her to hang out with him and his fellow guy friends for a drink.

He’s sad to find out that she has a boyfriend already, kind of a deal breaker, but he pursues her anyway, letting her know that she’ll be taken home, safe and sound. He tells her to check out the fridge, and she obliges, only to be timestopped by his watch.For details and Purchase Options...   READ MORE

The House Rules

STARRING: Zoey Laine, Wyatt, and Miles

Zoey has arrived at an apartment wishing to rent it, asking the owners Wyatt and Miles about price and utilities. She is a little hesitant as the apartment is small and all three of them will be living there. She’s a waitress and works late, so she wants to find a good place to live. Miles’ dog Tanker is really in charge of the apartment and everyone must take care of him. Sex happens where it happens, clothing is always optional.

For the last part of the application Zoey must stand up and strip. She grows extremely uncomfortable and wants to leave, but as she does, Miles freezes her with his timestop watch.For details and Purchase Options...   READ MORE

Wonder Woman The Slave

STARRING: Maizee and Miles

Maizee traps a henchman in a corner, there is no escape, no future except for JAIL. He whips out a laser weapon, a mind control laser to be exact. He shoots her and she crumples to the ground, under his complete control. He forces her to stand, her limbs stiff and trying to fight the feeling of mind control.

She tries to attack but he simply makes her slap herself. She rubs her belly and pats her head as he humiliates the once great superheroine. He plans on taking over her home island and enslaving all of her sisters as his sex workers. He forces her to strip slowly, planning to make her a mere greeter in his master bordello.For details and Purchase Options...   READ MORE

That’s MY Girlfriend

STARRING: Zoey Laine and Miles

Zoey and David are making out in their bed when her ex-boyfriend Miles bursts into the room, pissed that she has already moved on. She demands he gives her his key to the apartment and leave immediately. He pays the rent, so this is HIS home. He begins taking what is his as him and Zoey begin arguing.

Mile slaps his timestop watch and freezes both Zoey and David, taking stock in the situation and deciding what to do. He strips Zoey down, she wants to act like a whore, he will treat her like one. He tosses her to the bed and unfreezes time. Both of them are surprised to find a half-naked Zoey on the bed and Miles trying to finish stripping her.For details and Purchase Options...   READ MORE

No Escape for Wonder Woman

STARRING: Brooke Bliss and Rock

Wonder Woman has been captured and handcuffed, a bag over her head. She is lead into a room and mercilessly beaten by an evil henchman. She is going to suck his cock while all the bombs he planted across the city detonate. She slips his dick into her mouth, pushing it to the back of her throat. He throws her to the bed, grabbing a Hitachi vibrator and threatening to blow the bombs should she try to escape. He teases her with the vibrator on the outside of her pussy before removing her panties and forcing the rumbling beast against her clit. She tries to close her legs, tries to stop herself from cumming, but it is impossible.For details and Purchase Options...   READ MORE

The Secret Invention

STARRING: Zoey Laine and Javier

Zoey has invited Professor Javier to her apartment in order to extract information about his secret invention that could possibly rule the world. He knocks on her door, rose in hand. He awkwardly sits down on the couch as she begins flirting with him, complementing him hard and making him week in the knees.

He asks her if she’ll be his girlfriend, but they just met! She wants him to tell her all about his work, her hand slipping over his timestop watch accidentally. She is frozen as he continues talking, unaware that she has been timestopped. He restarts time, but decides maybe its better if she was frozen! His invention worked, his watch actually stops time!For details and Purchase Options...   READ MORE

That Cable Company

STARRING: Rachel James and Rock

The cable guy has come to inspect Rachel’s cable box. Nothing is working, it doesn’t even seem to want to turn on. The cable guy gets to work right away, and he begins hitting on her right away, finding out that she is a stripper.

He makes a comment about her g-string and she gets angry, ordering him to leave immediately. He finds the problem and tries to show her, but it is merely a ruse to get her to come close so he can stop time. Seems she might be working the wrong pole!For details and Purchase Options...   READ MORE

Mind Controlled Supergirl

STARRING: Zoey Laine and Rock

Supergirl is settling in for the night, hanging her costume with care. She slips into bed, naked, her soft skin absorbing all the comforts of a thick comfortable blanket. As she becomes enthralled with sleep a mysterious stranger enters, waking her. His hands flex and she is frozen, his mind controlling her every move. He orders her to her knees, her head on the bed, her hands slapping her ass. He makes her grab her tits, holding them tight.

She rolls onto her back and begins rubbing her clit. She is totally under his control and they are going to have a little fun. He orders her to finger herself until she cums, but she is not allowed to speak. She writhes with pleasure as an orgasm washes over her, her mouth open but unable to emit. She gets on her knees and continues to play with herself until she is told to worship his cock. She gives it a kiss, caressing it softly, before taking it in her mouth and bringing his cock to attention. She mounts his face, he tongue attacked her clit as she dives deep onto his cock.For details and Purchase Options...   READ MORE

Political Foreplay

STARRING: Ivy Aura and Rachel James

Ivy and Rachel are rival politicians, friends since school, and about to go toe to toe in a debate. They trade barbs behind the curtain, trying to one-up one another with their accomplishments. They wish each other good luck, but Ivy has other plans. She stops time leaving Rachel smiling and frozen. Ivy rubs Rachel’s legs softly, positioning her body in silly possess to humiliate her in front of the debate crowd. Ivy warms up the crowd, unfreezing Rachel and making her late, her first strike.For details and Purchase Options...   READ MORE