Wood is Good

STARRING: Trisha Parks and Bolly Wood.

Trisha Parks is running for mayor, and this mayoral race couldn’t be more exciting! As she decides to smear her opponent, he decides to get even. Bolly Wood uses his magic watch to freeze Trisha and give her a taste of her own medicine.

After putting her in hilarious poses while she is still on camera, he decides to take off her top and bra leaving her exposed.

Soon he has her completely undressed and looking completely foolish.

FETISH ELEMENTS: Sexual Content, Timestop, Freeze, Posing, Stripping, Nudity, Unfreeze, Confuse, Body Views, Foot Views.For details and Purchase Options...   READ MORE

Maid for Sex

STARRING: Alice Whyte and MaX CoXXX

Alice is Max’s unbelievably sexy maid. She’s dressed in that classic French outfit, no stocking, a black thong, and no bra. But what she doesn’t know is that Max has a secret device that will give him what he wants: a Timestop remote. He freezes her, trying to confuse her at first. He slips a little of her dress down, much to her annoyance, but when she is unfrozen, he is nowhere to be found. He does it again, sliding her panties down. She shrieks, how could this happen? She seems to dismiss it, instead focusing on cleaning. He has a little more fun with her, exposing her breasts and unfreezing her.For details and Purchase Options...   READ MORE

Cunt Magnet

STARRING: Ivy Aura and Miles

Cunt Magnet catches her arch-rival trying to destroy the city again, and fighting ensues!

Cuntgirl knocks out her enemy and ties him to the bed to torture him with her cunt powers. She starts by mounting his face forcing him to use his mouth to pleasure her wet pussy.

Soon she moves on to his dick when she slowly teases it and tempts him with a blowjob. Slowly she takes it in her mouth and tortures him by blowing him but not letting him cum while he is tied up and powerless.For details and Purchase Options...   READ MORE

Extortion Flop

STARRING: Brooke Bliss and Rock

Brooke goes in to talk to her boss about a possible raise, but has no luck. Rock isn’t very interested in giving her a raise, and when she tries to blackmail him, he takes her by the throat and chokes her against the wall. After she passes out on the desk, Rock tries to wake her up.

Seeing as she won’t wake up, Rock decides to have a little fun with her before he ends his work day.

He started taking her clothes off, sliding her skirt off, and propping her up to unbutton her blouse. He slowly takes off her bra and fondles her breasts, and lays her down and removes her panties.For details and Purchase Options...   READ MORE

I’m Back Baby Girl

STARRING: Ivy Aura and Miles

Miles comes back from his trip to Europe and his daughter, Ivy is tired and has a HUGE attitude. Obviously mad that her dad was in Europe without her, he decides to show her his timestop watch, instantly freezing her on the couch.

Miles starts by taking her top off and pulling his cock out. He proceeds to force her to blow him, and then unfreezes her, causing her to scream and yell. He uses his watch again to timestop her so that he can have more fun.

Miles undresses the rest of the way and continues to face fucks her. He then slides her pants and underwear down, unfreezing her in the process, to her yelling and asking him what the fuck is going on.For details and Purchase Options...   READ MORE



STARRING: Zoey Laine, Rock, and Miles

Jump girl is taking on two villains as she struggles against their punches and kicks. Slowly she is overtaken and carried off to their lair.

She awakes finding herself tied up by the wrists and ankles only able to move at a minimum. She is unable to use her powers and the gang members are ready to get their revenge.

They start by exposing her breasts and feeling her legs and thighs. They slowing start touching her pussy and making her wiggle in pleasure. they continue with light choking and tickling.For details and Purchase Options...   READ MORE

Dorm Room Timestop

STARRING: Ivy Aura and Miles

Ivy and the dorm room security officer Miles are having a chat about their college experience, Ivy is just starting out and Miles is working on his doctorate. Classes are tough, partying is fun, just the usual trappings of college. Miles picks up a discarded watch, something left over from a party last week. As he plays with it time magically comes to a full stop.

He waves his hand in from of Ivy’s face, getting no response. He unfreezes her and the conversation returns to normal, as if time had never stopped. He tests the watch a few more times until he is satisfied is works correctly. He pretends he is leaving before freezing Ivy one last time. He quickly strips, his cock rock hard, his hands positioning Ivy onto the floor opening her mouth.For details and Purchase Options...   READ MORE

Supergirl Submits

STARRING: Brooke Bliss and Rock

Supergirl has an evil henchman cornered in an apartment, beating him mercilessly and throwing him around the room. But his hand slips underneath the bed and out comes a pistol that fires a concentrated beam of kryptonite! She is immobilized on the bed, the perfect opportunity for him to knock her out. He picks up her head and shoves her mouth down onto his cock. She wakes up, mid-deep throat, trying to resist, but she is too weak.

He has two choices, he can either fuck her or sell her to highest bidder. He is going to let her choose. She chooses his cock, her mouth finding its way back onto it. He lays her down, spreading her legs and pounding her tight super pussy, her tits exposed, bouncing with each thrust. She rides him, his hands pulling her costume and forcing her closer to him as she cums on his hard cock.For details and Purchase Options...   READ MORE

SEXIEST Tutor Ever

STARRING: Zoey Laine, Miles and Wyatt

Wyatt and Miles are awaiting the arrival of their tutor, Zoey. In order for them to be eligible to play sports, they must pass Calculus. They currently have Fs so they are going to need A LOT of help. They got distracted by drinking and playing sports, of course.

There is one problem though, Zoey is fucking HOT and they can’t stop looking at her, complimenting her and fantasizing about what she is hiding underneath her cute outfit. Miles freezes time with his watch and removes her glasses, placing them on the other side of their bed. He unfreezes time, much to her confusion. They quickly grow tired of her tutoring and freeze her again, posing her and opening her blouse.For details and Purchase Options...   READ MORE

Beat, Rape, and Kill Batgirl


STARRING: Olive and Rock

Batgirl is in a world of trouble! She’s been kidnapped and handcuffed in a dark, dank dungeon by a masked villain. He beats her mercilessly with body blows, and rising knees to the face. He strips her skirt, rubbing her pussy through her black, laced panties. He ties a piece of cloth around her mouth to silence her protests.

He spins her around and begins fucking her as he slaps her ass and squeezes her tits. He lifts her into the air, fucking her as her handcuffs dig into her wrists, his cock pounding her tight super pussy relentlessly. He throws a soiled mattress to the ground and continues his assault, eventually removing her handcuffs and laying her onto the bed. His hand grasps her throat as he fucks her, teasing her airways and making her lightheaded as his stamina never diminishes until his blows a load deep into her.For details and Purchase Options...   READ MORE