Super Suit Assassin

 “Super Suit Assassin” 

Starring Nora Riley and Sgt. Miles

Directed by JohnM


The Super Suit wearing assassin is sent to kill the the waiting super villain. She arrives out of thin air. Hoping to surprise him, but he is already expecting her.

He grabs his sword as she ducks and moves to stay clear of his attacks. but quickly he takes her down. punching her repeatedly in the face till she is knocked out.

He removes the suit revealing the assassin. She is pretty sexy and he knows just want to do with her.For details and Purchase Options...   READ MORE

Most Evil


“Most Evil”
Starring Ivy Aura and Max CoXXX
Directed by MaX CoXXX

The evil nemesis, Morph Man, of Super girl arrives at her house and they have a battle over who is the most evil “I’m the most Evil!” Super Girl claims. She throws punches at her nemesis but she isn’t the most evil and goes down after a couple super punches.

Then he sworn enemy picks her body up and flops it on the bed, she is powerless to stop him. Morph Man digs his hard cock into Super Girls wet pussy and fucks her hard.For details and Purchase Options...   READ MORE

Punishing a Thief

“Punishing a Thief”
Starring Jazzy Jamison and MaXXX CoXXX

MaXXX the masked employee thinks aloud about his plot to capture Ms. Lingerie Thief when he breaks into her house and has a face-off with her. She tries her best but the bandit is no match for MaXXX and she’s cuffed from her neck and wrists.

Then, he shoves his cock in her mouth before flipping her over and sticking it in her pussy. MaXXX pauses and ties up Ms. Lingerie to the couch with a rope which is entangled all around her body and neck.For details and Purchase Options...   READ MORE

Escort Forever


 “Escort Forever” 

Starring Jazzy Jamison and MaX CoXXX

MaX is sitting on the couch and he’s exploring apps on his tablet when he stumbles upon an escort app along with time-stopping app “what the hell, let’s try it out!” MaX thinks.

15 minutes after downloading the app and making arrangements MaX gets a knock at the door, the escort has arrived. But upon asking for her $1000 payment upfront MaX decides to give the time-stopping app a try. Much to his surprise the escort is frozen and MaX decides to have some fun with her as he pulls off her pink nighty.For details and Purchase Options...   READ MORE

Mindless Slave

“Mindless Slave” 

Staring Jazzy Jamison and MaX Coxxx 


MaX is waiting at his house thinking about new evil plans to start, when he gets a call telling him that the Purple Viper knows where he lives and is one her way to stop him.

The Purple Viper walks in, but it doesn’t scare MaX, he has his magic mind control tablet to take control of The Purple vipers Mind and turn her into his slave.

He forces her onto her knees to start rubbing his cock.

Then makes her start sucking his cock.

He wants more so her has her pull her suit to the side and MaX slides his cock deep in her Super Pussy.For details and Purchase Options...   READ MORE

Lesbian Problems

“Lesbian Problems”
Starring Aspin Ora, Nora Gold and MaX Coxxx

Aspen and Nora get back from a show with MaX. Max tried to put his moves on the girls but they say they are lesbians and not interested.
Even know MaX says he’s also a lesbian the girls aren’t falling for it. So with is magic watch he freezes the girls and has his own fun.

He strips the girls down and unfreezes them. they are slightly confused but he doesn’t let that happen long before freezing them again and pulls out his cock.For details and Purchase Options...   READ MORE

There’s No Leaving

 NEW “There’s No Leaving” NEW

Starring Ivy Aura, MaX CoXX


Ivy is taking care of the house cleaning when her boss MaX comes in the living room and notices what a great job she’s doing. “Would you want to do any extra curricular activities Ivy?” MaX asks but Ivy denies his advances.

This is when MaX decides to use his freeze watch on Ivy freezing her into different positions and finally decides to fuck her on the couch.

They play in different positions until MaX comes the first time. MaX strangles Ivy and fucks her again. He comes and leaves her body on the couch declaring “I need a new maid!”For details and Purchase Options...   READ MORE

Unmasked Hero

 “Unmasked Hero” 

Starring Angel Smalls and Eric John 

Directed by JohnM 


Super Girl runs in to face her masked nemesis but her super powers were not enough and she falls to the floor.

She wakes up and is being tied to the bed by her evil nemesis.

Super Girls nemesis ties all four limb and rips open the pussy of her suit and fingers her wet little pussy. He goes down on her and fucks her hard. Then he comes all over the big S on her suit!

Her nemesis leaves  before returning and zapping her dead. He can’t miss the chance to get rid of Super Girl for good. He fucks her naked body and leaves her lifeless body on the bed.For details and Purchase Options...   READ MORE

SuperGirl VS. SuperGirl

“SuperGirl VS. SuperGirl” 

Staring:  Aspen Ora, Anna DeVille, and Eric John


SuperGirl is in a vicious battle with her counterparts henchmen. They battle it out blow by blow throwing each other around the room.

Supergirl knocks the henchmen out and he falls to the ground.

Being her appears her evil counterpart, Evil SuperGirl.

She is much more powerful then SuperGirl and quickly takes control. Holding supergirl to the wall as she takes advantage of her sucking on her nipples and rubbing her super pussy.For details and Purchase Options...   READ MORE

Mortal Enemies

 “Mortal Enemies” 

Starring Angel Smalls, Eric John


StarGirl rushes to the scene to help a tied up civilian but as she reaches for him the man turns over and its none other than her mortal enemy. The battle it out but Star Girl looses and her nemesis carries her body to his lair where he beats her with a large pipe, he flogs her, then reaches into her wet tight pussy and gets her ready for his hard cock.

They fuck while she’s tied up to the ceiling and moans half in ecstasy. But her nemesis thinks it would be more fun to play on the bed so her brings her tiny body down and fucks her in multiple positions before she comes which she can’t hide. Star Girls orgasm turns on her enemy and he pulls out his cock and comes all over her star symbol which has been causing him so much trouble in years past.For details and Purchase Options...   READ MORE