Fallen Maid

NEW“Fallen Maid”NEW

Starring Anna Tyler

Directed by MaX CoXXX


Anna is busy, cleaning Max’s house, in her sexy, French maid outfit. Is she trying to seduce Max? What she doesn’t know is that he has a magical watch that can stop time and her erotic uniform gives him an inspiration. Activating his device, he uses the opportunity to pull out Anna’s beautiful tits, and then starts time again, so he can talk with her.

Start and stop, revealing more of Anna’s flesh each time, Max works himself up, creating his own strip tease, at Anna’s expense. Eventually, he can take it no longer and frees his own cock, bending Anna over and shoving himself inside. Fucking her this way and that, he feels bad that she cannot enjoy his hard cock invading her tight and innocent pussy. So he starts time again, Anna shocked to find her employer nailing her on the couch.For details and Purchase Options...   READ MORE

Barista Kill

“Barista Kill”
Starring Aspen Ora


This amazing talented Cafe Manager, Aspen, has been asked to instruct the new hire for his barista training.

But, MaX, the barista-in-training has other plans for Aspen and as she is going over the three different types of coffee he uses his time-stopping watch to freeze her.

Between freezes MaX uses that time to write on her shirt with a sharpie and slowly cuts her shirt into shreds then moving onto the skirt, where Aspen is left in a state of confusion.

MaX finally gets to her light pink panties and cuts those away, once reaching her pussy he fondles her before she can regain awareness.For details and Purchase Options...   READ MORE

Super Frenemies

“Super Frenemies”


Starring Ivy Jones, Maizee Mazoku, Amber, Contessa, C.K., Birdy, Flasher McDaniels

A gathering of superheroines has spurred discussion and they begin airing grievances that they have with each other. An odd choice of moderator, a male supervillain, is “helping out” and suggests an unconventional solution. They should fight it out. The first pair up begin with slaps, but soon, one has their hands around the other’s neck, choking her to unconsciousness.

So it continues, with pairs of super-powered women, in tight, spandex uniforms, battling it out, using both their fists and their superpowers. When there is one last superheroine standing, the villain takes his chance and chokes her out, as well. He revels in standing victorious over their sleeping forms. But its not enough and he kneels by them to strip them from their brightly colored clothing and touch them in their most private areas.For details and Purchase Options...   READ MORE

Realtor’s Nightmare

“Realtor’s Nightmare”
Starring Aspen Ora


Aspen is looking to give a real estate presentation to a prospective client. Little does she know what she is in store for. The client has a magical device that can freeze her, immobile and helpless to do anything. As the young woman begins, the client starts to have fun.

First, he freezes her and begins to slowly remove her clothes. Starting with a few buttons on her blouse, he looks appreciatively at her sexy breasts and lacy, black bra. Soon, the blouse is completely gone, and after that the bra, leaving her young body half naked and exposed. Once unfrozen, she is shocked to realize the state of her undress, but he refreezes her before she can do anything about it. Her nightmare continues as she is unable to stop her client from stripping her frail body naked.For details and Purchase Options...   READ MORE

Tech Battles


“Tech Battle”
Starring Olive & Ashley Lane
Directed by JohnM

Library Girl and Wikiman come face to face. They stare contentiously into each others eyes. They begin a verbal jousting with Library Girl vehemently in favor of hard copy books and Wikiman backing the online domain. Library Girl strongly trying to prove the importance of books and the knowledge contained within a library while Wikman rattles off facts available online in the blink of an eye.
Finally, their animosity boils to a fever point with Wikiman hurling Library Girl’s book onto the bed.For details and Purchase Options...   READ MORE

Driven to the Darkside

“Driven to the Darkside”
Starring Ivy Aura & Pepper Kester
Directed by JohnM

Wonder Girl is bound up on the bed by her ex-crime fighting partner, Super Girl.

Super Girl is scorned because while she has always used her powers for good to fight the same crimes as Wonder Girl she never gets any credit for her crime stopping work. “It’s not about the credit, you can have it all!” Wonder Girl exclaims.

But Super Girl doesn’t believe a word Wonder Girl has said and uses he light ball to blast Wonder Girl and she brings out the hitachi when she sees Wonder Girls energy is drained. For details and Purchase Options...   READ MORE

Bad Tenant


“Bad Tenant”
Starring Amy Faye, Eric John
Directed by JohnM

Amy busts through John’s door while he’s in the middle of master-bating, “what are you doing?!?” Amy exclaims as she’s standing over John. “I was trying to master-bate!” John explains as he takes another big whiff of panties. Amy starts yelling at John to get up and put his dick away then he time-stops her.

John pulls her underwear off and starts licking them. He slowly starts undressing her down to her thigh highs, high heels, and work blazer.For details and Purchase Options...   READ MORE