The Ravaging Seamonster

“The Ravaging Seamonster”

Starring Ashley Lane


Is it spawning season? A scaly creature of the briny depths has stalked onto land and has it’s lust filled eyes locked on Ashley. She flees, mind blind with terror, clothes long since torn off her sexy body. Finally, the scaly beast corners her and throws her to the floor. Pinning Ashley to the ground, it roughly mounts her, its cold, slimy phallus hard and inhumanly large. Clawing at her ample breasts, one hand holding her down by her throat, it pounds away, stretching her insides, as it bumps her cervix with each thrust.For details and Purchase Options...   READ MORE

Nasty Little Secrets

“Nasty Little Secrets”

Starring Lily Labeau

Directed by JohnM


As a divorce lawyer, Lily is used to playing hardball and putting men in their place. In this case, she even knows some dirty little secrets about the soon to be ex-husband that she plans to nail to the wall. He still has a few secrets up his sleeve, though, like a time-stopping watch that he’s going to use to enjoy this little bitch, much to her dismay. He starts by unbuttoning her blouse and revealing far more than she is comfortable with. He unstops time just long enough to experience her indignant outrage at this affront, amused in his knowledge that this is only the beginning.For details and Purchase Options...   READ MORE

Supergirl’s Replacement

“Supergirl’s Replacement”

Starring Ashley Lane, Birdy

Directed by JohnM


Supergirl must be having a nightmare. She finds herself lying in a strange place, unable to move, with a naked woman stripping her of her uniform, squeezing her gigantic tits and probing her hands between the hero’s legs to caress her innocent pussy. Then she awakens to find that reality is so much worse. Her shackled arms above her head, she hangs, powerless, being threatened by an unknown adversary. The nameless villain wishes to humiliate Supergirl, and has arranged an untraceable video stream to broadcast her debasement to the entire world.For details and Purchase Options...   READ MORE

Sex Orb From Space

“Sex Orb From Space”

Starring Lily Lebeau

Directed by JohnM


This is a big day for Dr. Labeau, the day she becomes the spokesperson for the human race during first contact with an alien species. The alien seems oddly curious about our human bodies and how they work. In order to appease the being of pure energy, Dr. Labeau is forced to strip, revealing the most intimate parts of her sexy body to not only the alien, but to all the other staff that are in attendance. It’s not enough for the alien, who then demands to see our method of reproduction.For details and Purchase Options...   READ MORE

Pet Sitter’s Nightmare

“Pet Sitter’s Nightmare”

Starring Lily Labeau


Lily loves taking care of Eric’s cat, but she’s unaware of his time stopping watch and its magical power. What starts as a normal conversation becomes a confusing nightmare for Lily, as both her clothes and her dignity are slowly stripped from her. First, Eric freezes time and plays with her pretty feet, before draping her leg suggestively over his lap. Lily awakens, shocked to find herself in such a compromising position.

That is only the beginning. Next, she awakens, leaning back on the couch, legs spread wide and panties clearly on display, as Eric taunts her by telling her that she suggested they have sex. She looks frantically around, desperately seeking some explanation, only to be frozen again and reawakened with Eric’s dick inside her. Nothing seems to make sense as she finds that she has no control over keeping any of her clothes on, or her client’s dick out of her over stimulated cunt.For details and Purchase Options...   READ MORE

Supergirl vs. Evil Supergirl

“Supergirl VS Evil Supergirl”

Starring Aspen Ora, Olive

Directed by JohnM


Supergirl and Evil Supergirl are fighting once again, but they are too evenly matched! Opposite, but equal in nearly every way; matched in strength, speed and total hotness. Battling with super-powered fists and heat-ray eyes, it seems like no one can get the upper hand in this conflict. Evil Supergirl, however, has a few tricks that Supergirl is unaware of. Super seduction powers and a big, black dick.

In the heat of the struggle, violence turns to passion and soon, the combatants become lovers. The Super Villain dives for Supergirl’s sweet and underused muff, and quickly has her gasping in the throes of ecstasy. A firm believer in fairness and equality, Supergirl quickly maneuvers into a “69” formation, tasting, for the first time, a fellow Kryptonian’s dripping snatch. In a surprise move, The Evil Supergirl reveals a huge, black cock from under her skirt.For details and Purchase Options...   READ MORE

Wax Museum Victim

“Wax Museum Victim”
Starring Lily Labeau


Detective Lily is assigned to the case of the ‘Wax Museum Victims’ and is staying at the conjoining hotel next to it, welcome to your room detective, we have remodeled a bit and I believe it will be to your liking, insists her host. “Oh yes, I like the painting!,” Detective Labeau exclaims.

“Could we talk?” She asks.

“Sure,” says the host.

The Detective Labeau goes on to ask about the Wax Museum and visiting the creepy statues and all their quirky looks as she starts to make mimicking faces and they agree to check it out the following morning.For details and Purchase Options...   READ MORE

Axe to Grind

“Axe to Grind”

Starring Aspen Ora


Stargirl has been captured by the evil, Max the Axe, but he doesn’t just want to defeat her. He wants her total submission. Hands and feet shackled, she struggles, as Max gropes and exposes her her tender breasts and pussy. Her helplessness is made truly evident when he uses a powerful vibrator on her most privates parts.

Watch as she fights her arousal, only to be betrayed by her own body, as her most vile enemy grinds his toy against her sensitive clit and pussy lips. She writhes and moans, as orgasm after orgasm are ripped from her once proud body. In the end, she submits to Max, humiliated by her dripping pussy on display and weakened by cumming so much. He releases her, but only to satisfy more of his depraved urges.For details and Purchase Options...   READ MORE

Physical from Hell

“Physical from Hell”

Starring Ember Stone


Eric has to get a physical, and who better to give it to him than Nurse Ember? He’s going to have lots of fun, because he has a watch that can stop time. First he toys with her, slowly undressing her while time is frozen and then restarting it, much to her confusion. He even takes a moment to lick and savor her once hidden pussy, turning her on as she is helpless to prevent his amorous overtures.

Soon, he has taken his pants off, the excitement making him hard. Moving her into positions that suit his whim, he pounds her with his fat dick, allowing her to unfreeze for just a few seconds, fright and confusion in her eyes, before she is returned to her defenseless state. In her innocent mouth, stretching out her young, confused pussy, he puts his dick in her again and again. When he can take no more, he cums all over her bare chest and neck. Placing her hands around his cock, he starts time anew, making her wonder what she has done. With a smile, he leaves, telling her to clean up their mess.For details and Purchase Options...   READ MORE

Harley Quinn’s Mistake

“Harley Quinn’s Mistake”
Starring Aspen Ora, MaX CoXXX


Harley Quinn thinks she has discovered Batman’s lair, as well as his secret identity, but has made a huge mistake. She has broken into the home of a sexual deviant. Momentarily distracted as he brandishes a large sex toy, Harley Quinn is disarmed and knocked unconscious, helpless as the large man looms over her tiny form.

Tying her in place, the man allows his hands expose and grope her most private parts. Switching on the big, black toy, he grinds the vibrating wand on her clit and swollen pussy lips. She squirms and writhes under the intense stimulation, but she can’t escape. Reduced to little more than an animal possessed by lust, she cums, moaning, again and again, She becomes so loud that he stuffs part of her costume in her mouth to gag her.For details and Purchase Options...   READ MORE