Making Robin Talk

“Making Robin Talk”

Starring Norah Nova

Directed by MaX CoXXX


Things look bad for the Girl Wonder in this episode, fellow bat-fans! The Joker has arranged for a trap and now Robin is bound, spread eagle, and at the mercy of one of Joker’s minions. He has been tasked with making Robin talk and give up the location of the Bat Cave. Exposing Robin’s hot body, as she is helpless to prevent the villain from doing whatever he wants to her, the man gropes her pert breasts, sucks on her pretty, pink nipples and probes her juicy twat with his impossibly long tongue. Switching on a powerful vibrator, he targets our heroine’s defenseless pussy and vulnerable clit, causing her to shake and strain against her bonds, unable to fight the relentless waves of orgasms. He leaves her there, for hours, the sex toy sending unending currents of pleasure, her panties soaked through, while she can do little more than moan. How long can her torture last?For details and Purchase Options...   READ MORE

Seller’s Market

“Seller’s Market”

Starring Norah Nova

Directed by MaX CoXXX


Max is talking to a real estate agent, Norah, about selling his house, but she doesn’t know that he has an ulterior motive. He has a nifty watch that stops time for those around him, while he remains unaffected and able to move. Putting his house on the market is just an easy way to lure hot agents into his living room where he can have his way with them. Norah is about to become his latest toy.

While discussing fluctuations in the market, Max freezes time and pulls out Norah’s perfectly formed tits to play with. The silver piercings through her pretty, pink nipples turns him on and he frees his hard cock from the confinement of his pants. Her small, manicured hand barely fits around his thick shaft, but he molds her dainty digits around it anyway, pleasuring himself with her unknowing grip. Repositioning Norah’s head, he slides his dick in and out of her warm, wet mouth, her cheeks bulging from the meat filling it, drool leaking from around her lips. Spreading her stockinged legs, he exposes her sexy pussy, licking and sucking on her pierced clit. What a freak! He probably could have fucked her without the timestop, but what’s the fun in that?For details and Purchase Options...   READ MORE

Electra Goes Down

“Electra Goes Down”
Starring Norah Nova
Directed by MaX CoXXX


An enterprising art thief has broken into a house and is perusing the valuable works displayed on the wall. This isn’t just any house, however, it’s the lair of infamous assassin, Electra. Luckily, the thief has had ninja training, as well, and a mighty battle ensues. Swords slash and fists fly, as each tries to gain the upper hand. Then, the thief discovers Electra’s one weakness; her vulnerability to being tickled. The thief is merciless, tickling ribs, boobs and sensitive inner thighs, until she is reduced to a helpless pile of giggles.For details and Purchase Options...   READ MORE

The Search for a Victim

“Search for a Victim”
Starring Nora Nova


Mrs. Nova stops by the photographers house who took her daughters photos as she’s upset about the leaked photos that made it to the web blogs. MaX is uncomfortable with where this is going so he brings her a glass of laced water that freezes her into a stupor. Nora is completely moveable and when the potion wears off she wont remember a thing.

MaX decides to give her her own photo shoot and he begins taking her photo posing like she is sucking cock and then slowly starts undressing Nova. He begins moving her in different silly poses, some with smiles and some with her tongue out.For details and Purchase Options...   READ MORE

Star of Stargirl

 “Star of Stargirl” 

Starring Norah Nova


What villain doesn’t like to hear a superheroine beg, especially when they’re begging to suck the villain’s dick? This is the goal of Doctor Evil and he has planned well, studying the weaknesses of his chosen target, Stargirl. Catching her by surprise, he renders her unconscious and ties her, spread eagle, to a table. He has learned that the secret of her power is in her pussy and if he can make her cum enough times, he will get her power. She struggles against her bonds, but the doctor knows his enemy well and used restraints that even she can’t break.For details and Purchase Options...   READ MORE

No Touching

“No Touching”
Starring Norah Nova

Max is horny, so he gets online and has a stripper sent to his room, but when she arrives, she informs him that she only does lingerie shows. No touching allowed. Which is too bad, because she has a tight and sexy little body, the kind of girl you just want to pick up and stick on your dick. Max is a slightly disappointed, but not too concerned, because he sprung for the extra timestop app on his tablet. She starts the show, prancing about in a red teddy and matching panties, teasing him with flashes of her perfect body.For details and Purchase Options...   READ MORE

Batgirl’s Wonderful Toy

“Batgirl’s Wonderful Toy”
Starring Anna De Ville, C.K.
Directed by JohnM


Batgirl and Supergirl are having an argument over which of them is the sluttiest. Supergirl claims that with her super-powers, the powerless Batgirl couldn’t hope to match her sexual prowess and promiscuity. Batgirl begs to differ and begins to show off some of her toys. Pulling out a large, bulbous, vibrating wand, she hikes her skirt, pulls her panties to the side and shows the Kryptonian how she plays with her juicy bat-pussy. The erotic display gets Supergirl’s interest and she wants to join in.For details and Purchase Options...   READ MORE

Cunt Friend

“Cunt Friend”

Starring Alexa Raye

Directed by JohnM


Alexa has been leading Eric and John on for weeks and they’re beginning to get annoyed about her little miss innocent behavior. They’re all together, with their friend, Birdy, watching videos, when, once again, Alexa turns a cold shoulder to their advances. Birdy is even annoyed now and gives the guys a special watch, one that can stop time, to put an end to the ice queen act. The men can’t believe their luck and play with it for a bit, posing Alexa with her legs spread, grabbing her boobs, taking her panties and tasting her bald pussy. When they unfreeze time, she closes her legs, shocked at her embarrassingly brazen nakedness. Confused at what happening, the guys just stop time and go back to playing with her helpless body.For details and Purchase Options...   READ MORE

Necklace of Power

 “Necklace of Power” 

Starring Anna De Ville


Anna is finally done with a long day of crime-fighting and all she wants to do is rest. Little does she know that the Ebon Knight has been waiting for just such a moment, for her to let her guard down. While she is asleep, he steals her necklace of power. She awakens, but it is too late. Without her necklace, she is at the villain’s mercy. Using his neuro-control tech, he pins her, spead-eagle, to the bed. Her very body now at his beck and call, he makes her grab a giant, vibrating wand and hold it firmly against her crotch.For details and Purchase Options...   READ MORE

Forest Whores

“Forest Whores”
Starring Ashley Lane, Olive
Directed by JohnM


A whore’s life isn’t easy, but Ashley and Olive are about to find out how hard it can get. Selling their bodies to the rough men that travel through, they are on their knees a lot. But then the law finds them, or what passes for the law in the forest, and their true trials begin. Their faces spattered with the cum of countless men, they can’t deny what they are, so they attempt to seduce their captors, offering to do anything form their freedom. This only infuriates the men and they decide that these whores need punishment.For details and Purchase Options...   READ MORE