Ill Fated Detective

“Ill Fated Detective”

Starring Ashley Lane

Directed by JohnM

Ashley is a police detective, investigating the disappearance of multiple women from a local bar. Posing as a sexy babe looking to get laid, she lets herself get picked up by Turbo, her main suspect, and goes to his place. Thinking he’s going to seduce her into bed, he leaves her on the couch to get drinks. She takes the opportunity to start snooping around, but he sees her going through his things. “If she’s going to play around with me,” he says, “I just might have to play with her.”For details and Purchase Options...   READ MORE

Black Canary

“Black Canary”

Starring Melissa Moore

Thinking that she is just stopping a routine robbery, Black Canary confronts a dangerous looking man. He looks her up and down, her sexy, black skin-tight costume, high heels and fishnet stockings showing off her long legs and ample cleavage, and a smile spreads across his face. They begin to fight, but it becomes quickly obvious that this is not some random thief. Displaying a mastery of the martial arts, he easily renders Black Canary unconscious. The man handcuffs and gags the seductive superheroine, while she is incapacitated.For details and Purchase Options...   READ MORE

What to do with You

“What to do with You”
Starring Olive

Olive has just come home from a doctors appointment and as she sits down on her couch she discovers he panties are wedged up her pussy and she calls her doctor demanding an answer.

Dr. CoXXX answers the call and tells her he will get an answer as soon as he consults his nurse and to give him a moment. Dr. coXXX instead holds his freeze device up to the phone and Olive is frozen with the phone in her hand.

It took him a while, but the doctor obtained Olive’s address and found her the only difficulty was getting into her locked door. Dr. CoXXX walks over to Olive and is pleased to see his freeze device has worked, smiling he begins to unbutton her blazer exposing her black bra and panties.For details and Purchase Options...   READ MORE

Space Monk from Beyond

“Space Monk from Beyond”

Starring Stephanie Staar

Evil Super Girl has terrorized countless worlds, but a mysterious order of monks has tasked one of their own to make her pay for her crimes. As beautiful as she is evil, she has never known a force powerful enough to bring her to heel, so she seeks out her robed pursuer, to put an end to his foolish task. Confronting the silent cenobite in a dark and foreboding lair, she prepares to send him packing, but doesn’t expect him to have the ultimate weapon, kryptonite. Brandishing the emerald shard, it’s cosmic radiation begins to weaken Evil Super Girl, and she soon falls unconscious. She awakens to find herself bound by strong ropes, rendered helpless by the continued presence of kryptonite.For details and Purchase Options...   READ MORE

No Check for You

“No Check for You”

Starring Emma Scarlett

Emma has been taking care of Max’s cat while he’s been away at a technology convention, but he’s just gotten back. One of the more interesting pieces of tech that he’s acquired is a watch that will place once person in a time suspension bubble, effectively freezing them in time. While in the bubble, they may be touched, moved, posed, etc., but they will be aware of none of it. When the watch is turned off, the person returns to the normal time stream, usually none the wiser. Or so the salesperson told Max. He’s dubious, but he’s willing to give it a test run. When he sees how cute his cat sitter is, her tight, youthful body, curved in all the right places, he gets an idea of what to do. They start chatting innocently enough, but with a press of a button, Max smiles as Emma freezes mid-stride.For details and Purchase Options...   READ MORE

Wonder Tits

“Wonder Tits”

Starring Olive

Wonder Woman has been captured by the nefarious Plastic Man, and chained in his specially designed “plastic room”, which robs heroes of their powers. She is horrified when the villain begins to grope and paw at her, but she can’t even complain since a gag has been forced into her mouth, making it difficult to even breathe. He is fascinated by her tremendous tits, which, admittedly, are fucking amazing! He abuses those sweater puppies like they fucked his grandma, cruelly pinching her nipples, grabbing handfuls of their soft flesh and slapping them around like a pair of sexy beachballs. Normally, she would have beaten any man who dared to even look at her funny, but bound, and without her abilities, she is helpless to do more than whimper, as her amorous captor fondles the most private parts of her body.For details and Purchase Options...   READ MORE

Talk or Die

“Talk or Die”

Starring Norah Nova

Directed by JohnM 

As an Amazonian, Wonder Woman often thought of herself, indeed, all of her Amazonian sisters, as unbreakable, but never has she faced brutality, such raw violence, as today. We see her already beaten, being punched around like a whipping boy, not even having the strength to defend herself, let alone fight back. Hopes of survival evaporate as she looks up at the huge, masked man looming over her. He wants information, the location of Paradise Island, the birthplace of Wonder Woman and the Amazon race. As her torturer looks down on the defeated heroine, he feels his cock stir, the thought of this once proud woman now at his mercy making him rock hard and he smiled at the thought of breaking her.For details and Purchase Options...   READ MORE



Starring Stephanie Staar, Olive

Directing an adult film is hard work. Just ask Max; he has his hands full today, trying to direct two hot newcomers to the business, in a girl-on-girl scene. To make matters worse, he’s getting super horny. Who wouldn’t, watching this pair of young sluts getting it on just a few feet away. How can he concentrate on his shot when they’re grabbing each other’s firm breasts, sticking their fingers into their wet pussies and sucking on each other’s clits, all the while moaning with pure lust. Luckily, Max received a timestopping watch from a fan of his movies and now he gets to try it out.For details and Purchase Options...   READ MORE

Powerless Power Girl

“Powerless Power Girl”

Starring Marilyn Moore

Directed by JohnM

Power Girl sits, hands tied behind her back and a gag in her mouth, anxiously awaiting her fate. Having her abilities nullified by red sun radiation, she is bound and helpless and at the mercy of a very evil man. He slaps her around for a bit, feeling a rush of power from beating the once mighty heroine. Power Girl tries to stay brave, defiantly telling him that she will never give up her secrets, but when he reveals to her that he doesn’t want any information, that he just wants to fuck her, her resolve crumbles.For details and Purchase Options...   READ MORE

No Escape

“No Escape”

Starring Anna De Ville

When she first saw it, lumbering out of the ocean, she thought it was a man. What else would be walking upright, out of the surf, with no one else around, no boats in sight. She assumed that the odd way it walked, the heavy, plodding gait, was due to a wet suit and SCUBA gear. Still, there was something so alien, so wrong, about it that she kept staring, trying to figure out what it could be. Too late did she realize that it had seen her, that it was stalking right towards her. She ran into her house, seeking refuge, to escape the monstrous thing too impossible to exist, but onward it came. Fright turned to naked terror as she looked down at the huge phallus that hung between its legs and there was no doubt about what the thing wanted.For details and Purchase Options...   READ MORE