Unexpected Outcome

“Unexpected Outcome”

Starring Anna DeVille

Anna has decided to try a new massage therapist. Her old one just can’t seem to hit the right spot. She found Guda who has a bunch of tricks in his knuckles… and on his wrist.

Guda begins giving her a long oily massage, paying special attention to Anna’s back and shoulder’s and what seems to Anna a little too much attention to her perky little ass. She shoos him away from her bubbly butt a few times before Guda, the tricky sex craved deviant he is, uses his time freezing watch to freeze her and take what he really posted that ad on gregslist for.For details and Purchase Options...   READ MORE

Submit, Supergirl!

“Submit, Supergirl”

Starring Violet Monroe

Evil genius Dr. Evil has transported the unwitting Supergirl to his lair. Her perky tits point straight up in the air as she realizes her biggest weakness, cryptonite has been fastened around her neck, depriving her of all her slutty powers. Dr. plan truly has one desire, to make Supergirl, for once and for all submit wholly to him, and his cock.

This time the madman has created a powerful laser that will cut her in half, lips to lips if she does’t give in. Supergirl in her sexy desperation finally gives in as the laser draws too close to her pussy for comfort. Dr. Evil finally has her taught little bod where he wants her, on the tip of his cock.For details and Purchase Options...   READ MORE

Stranger Danger

“Stranger Danger”

 Starring Norah Novah

Norah, our budding college coed needs to raise money for her tuition. Her and her fellow students are canvasing the neighborhood selling catalog knicknaks, though MaX has other intentions. He uses his smart watch’s timestop app to stop her yammering on and begins to pose her. Smelling her, she smells sweet and fresh. He make’s her grab her own breasts and her pussy before undressing her. He gets a good look at her pussy and her star shaped hair before bending her over the table and fucking her, sliding in and out of that nubile peach of hers. He flips her over and begins pounding her on the table, then cums inside her. He dresses her and tries to unfreeze her but the watch seems to be broken. Oh well, I guess she’s stuck in a perma-freeze. So much for that college tuition.For details and Purchase Options...   READ MORE

Black Widow Goes Down

“Black Widow Goes Down”

Starring Pepper Hart

Double Ohhh Seven has Black Widow in a serious predicament. Saving the world has got her beat and she’s sought the help of a new age therapist, but she doesn’t know it’s Double Ohhh Seven waiting.

Black Widow notices nothing wrong and lays down where she begins to tell all about her tough work load. Double Ohhh Seven, ready to bust down his nemesis’ defenses opens up the idea of using his “massager,” and places it on her clit. Black Widow’s body begins churning in its seat as Double Ohhh unzips her vinyl top to reveal her gumdrop titties. She cums again and again. He pops out his cock and puts it in to her hot little mouth until her blows his load in her throat.For details and Purchase Options...   READ MORE

Come Back Soon

“Come Back Soon” 

Starring Penny Lay

Max is bored, but getting a hot stripper to come dance for you is always entertaining. Choosing an adorable red-head from a local service’s list of available hotties, he can’t wait for her to get there. When she arrives, however, she informs him that there is a strict no touching policy. She’s so irresistible in her seductively short, schoolgirl skirt and white halter top, exposing a pale and toned midriff, that he would normally be disappointed, but he has a way around her rules. He has a timestop app on his device, so that, with the touch of a button, she will be frozen in time, unable to move on her own and oblivious to everything around her. Once she is immobilized, Max wastes no time in undoing her flimsy top and fondling her pale, round boob flesh. Lifting her skirt, he pulls her panties to the side to ogle and caress her pretty, pink pussy.For details and Purchase Options...   READ MORE



Starring Melissa Moore


Max is at it again with those apps! Today he requested a beautiful petite girl to model lingerie for him to buy for his “girlfriend.” Aah, technology. She arrives in a sexy pink teddy, and begins to model it in a very flaunty and teasing manner, her  taught ass peaking out from under it’s fringe. No sooner than Max’s cock gets stiff, filling his jeans, he presses the button on his tablet, stopping time just for her.For details and Purchase Options...   READ MORE

No Escape for Batgirl

“No Escape for Batgirl” 

Starring Pepper Hart

Our superheroine is hot on the trail of her evil nemesis. She has found the entrance to his secret lair, and creeps through its corridors, her scantily clad deadly tush in the air as she crawls on all fours to the heart of the evil doctor’s lair. Batgirl finally makes it to the dark dungeon where Dr. Evil lays in wait with his new sleep ray gun. Dr. Evil catches our sexy heroine off guard. She raises her arms in defense but it’s too late. Dr. Evil zaps her bouncy breasts with his sleep ray and Batgirl falls into a deep adorable slumber.For details and Purchase Options...   READ MORE

Okay, So Bad News

“Okay, So Bad News” 

Starring Pepper Hart

Max is at it again. Today to his surprise he found a new app to order escorts. As he waits for his escort he finds an even more surprising timestop app. This time it’s a tight little redhead, that makes Max’s pants feel restrictive just looking at her. She goes over the prices, he wanted some pretty freaky stuff so the cost is prohibitive; he’s found the perfect loop hole. Time-loop hole, that is. With the touch of a button, the lovely escort is frozen in time, unaware of anything that happens to her or around her, giving Max plenty of time to play.For details and Purchase Options...   READ MORE

Not So Fast

“Not So Fast”

Starring Violet Monroe

The Evil Doctor finally finds a way to capture his natural enemy The Flash by disabling her speed function with his high tech watch. As soon as her energy field is near, The Evil Doctor catches her in his dastardly trap. Soon she finds herself completely unconscious and defenseless to the Doctor’s whims.

She wakes up, short circuited by the Doctors electro pussy wand. The vibrations make her cunt gush and her chest rise in complete ecstasy. Against her will she is slapped and her breasts are fondled, her nipples painfully tugged upon for the Doctors pleasure.For details and Purchase Options...   READ MORE

Terror From The Abyss

“Terror From The Abyss” 

Starring Ivy Jones

Screams echo through an empty house, as a young, blonde woman runs, terrified and mad with panic. She is pursued by an inhuman creature, a scaly troglodyte that has risen from the briny abyss. It is driven by a primal, biologic imperative. To mate. The unfortunate damsel who it has chosen as its target for its lustful desires is naked, her most private parts exposed, her clothes having been torn off by the beast’s webbed talons. When she finds herself trapped, the creature is on her in an instant and flings her to the ground. Kneeling over her, it pries her legs apart, her tender sex vulnerable and exposed, as the beast’s slimy erection nudges at her delicate folds. With a brutal thrust, the thick, hard phallus invades her cunt, stretching it wider to accommodate its fantastic girth, until she feels that she will certainly be torn open.For details and Purchase Options...   READ MORE