Self Destruct

“Self Destruct”

Staring Melissa Moore

Maxxx has bought a new bot, a Melissa3000. She has all the latest and greatest technologies, including a primary maid function. First day on the job, the Melissa-bot, begins cleaning Maxxx’s house in her sexy little french maid uniform. She dusts, sticking out her butt as her programming tells her to do.

Maxxx lifts her skirt to inspect her perfectly constructed and ergonomically designed sex holes through her crotchless panties. Aroused by his new bot, he activates her blowjob mode. She gets down on her knees and begins sucking his cock. Her drool dispensers engage and covers his cock in her spit as her mouth slides up and down his shaft.For details and Purchase Options...   READ MORE

Unspeakable Indiscretions

“Unspeakable Indiscretions”

Staring Nickey Huntsman

Little Nickey is just getting ready for school. Her da-d stops her on the way out the door to “check out” what she has chosen to wear. She stops to model the outfit for him, as he uses his timestop watch to freeze her in her tracks. Seeing the opportunity to play a little game with his davghter, he unbuttons her denim dress revealing her sexy little tits, held up in her bra. He unfreezes her and slightly chides her for being a little too revealing but tells her the outfit is fine.For details and Purchase Options...   READ MORE

Supergirl Wont Talk

“Supergirl Won’t Talk”

Starring Zoey Laine & Penny Lay

Directed by JohnM

Supergirl has been captured by an evil mistress and is being interrogated as to the whereabouts of Superman’s Fortress of Solitude. Her powers stolen by kryptonite, Supergirl is shackled down, defenseless and vulnerable. When she refuses to betray her cousin from Krypton, they torture the helpless superheroine mercilessly. Pulling the top of her costume up, exposing her super-tits, the evil temptress tickles Supergirl until she almost wets her panties. When this doesn’t break her, the wicked woman pulls her panties off and sits on Supergirl’s face, rubbing her wet cunt on the powerless heroine until she cums, covering Supergirl’s face in pussy juice. Humiliated by the degrading treatment, Supergirl remains silent.For details and Purchase Options...   READ MORE

The Girlfriend Experience

“The Girlfriend Experience”

Starring Pepper Hart

Max comes home to his less than receptive partner. He tries to make advances on his sexy little package of a woman, but Pepper just won’t give in, not even conceding a blowjob. Having enough rejection, Max uses his time stop watch to freeze her. This time, yes.

He maneuvers his now helpless, and unable to decline lover to remove her phone from her hands a device long standing between them and their sex life, and replaces it with his cock. He pushes it between her fingers and gets hard from the feeling of her frozen fingers rolling over his shaft. Picking her up and bending her over the chair he inspects her sexy little ass and spreads it open to taste her. His tongue works in and out of her pussy lips getting her nice and wet for his intruding cock.For details and Purchase Options...   READ MORE



Starring Angel Smalls


This video is to introduce the latest in erotic technology, the Angelbot 1000. Note the plain, brown box that this device is delivered in, disguising this realistic fuck toy from the prying eyes of neighbors and delivery people. As shown in this instructional movie, the Angelbot is delivered completely nude, so the owner can see every inch of the model’s flawless skin, its boobs and hairless cunt on display, all of its orifices and control panels easily accessible. A variety of outfits and accessories are available to dress and modify your toy, to maximize your pleasure.For details and Purchase Options...   READ MORE

The Trap

“The Trap”

Starring Melissa Moore


Wonder Woman has penetrated the inner sanctum of the Max the Mechanics hideout. She reaches a roof escape that she thinks connects to the lower levels bypassing security. But before she can get the hatch open, the mechanic uses an  EMP to disable her powers and quickly captures her tying her down to a chair.

She lays helpless stripped of all her powers in the chair as the mechanic preps her wonder pussy for the powerful vibrations of his power tool.For details and Purchase Options...   READ MORE

The Last Session

“The Last Session”

Starring Norah Nova


Norah has been having a terrible time trying to relax and has come in to see Dr. John for a little help. She lays on the couch in her tight athletic wear as she relays her daily struggles at work. Dr. John prods her for information about her sex life, but the little innocent Norah isn’t falling for it. Regardless, Dr. John has some only slightly unethical methods to get to that breakthrough.

Dr. John presses his timestop watch, freezing little Norah in mid sentence. He looms over her delicate frame as he poses her and takes in her scent. Dr. John unfreezes Norah. She’s confused but continues where she left off, but Dr. John Freezes her again just as she begins demonstrating a yoga pose. He pulls her pants down and sucks on her tiny toes before unfreezing her. Again confused but not deterred, Norah unmusses her clothes and pulls her pants up before demonstrating a dog pose. Dr. John, having alot of fun with this, freezes her again. Dr. John pulls her pants down again and tastes her ass and pussy before unfreezing her again.For details and Purchase Options...   READ MORE

Realtor Trap

“Realtor Trap”

Starring Stevie Lix


Guda has discovered a universal truth; That there is no shortage of hot lady realtors. Today he’s invited Stevie over to give him a little view of the market.. But he has more on his mind than just houses. Once he sees his guest is comfortable, Guda uses his timestop watch, freezing her mid sentence.

Immediately Guda begins stripping the helpless woman in a hurry to get a look at the her goodies. He starts with her blouse, unbuttoning each button, revealing her lacy bra beneath. He stands her up and poses her so that each of her nipples poke out between her two delicate hands before unzipping her sexy skirt and pulling it down to her feet. He strips her of her white panties, and lays her helpless body on the couch. He puts a smile on her face, and positions her lubed up hand around his cock.For details and Purchase Options...   READ MORE

Testing Emma Frost

“Testing Emma Frost”

Starring Emma Scarlett

The evil doctor has Emma Frost just where he wants her. She has been in his secret lab for 1024 days getting subjected to the evil doctor’s tests so that he can  find the source of and weaponize her powers. Her silky soft skin seems to be impermeable, however she may not stand up to his electric wand.

The evil doctor turns on the wand, demonstrating its shocking power. Emma Frost pulls against the X Frame struggling to evade its shocks. The evil doctor places it against her nipple delivering devastating volts to her mammaries. He probes up and down her trembling bod, searching for weaknesses in her body. He touches the wand to Emma’s clit, and ahah! Emma’s weakness has been revealed.For details and Purchase Options...   READ MORE