My Treat

“My Treat”

Starring Angel Smalls

Max hears a knock at the door. It’s the neighbor girl Angel and she’s selling some goodies for school. The treats surely do come to his door. Max feigns interest only for a few seconds before he gets up to his tricks, using the timestop app on his tablet to freeze the uniformed co-ed in her place.

He takes a moment to fondle her breasts as he strips off her academy blouse. Her skin is soft and she smells good enough to eat. He picks up the little petite, and sets her on the table, spreading her legs open revealing her white cotton panties. He slides them aside to take a look at her cute little pink hole before spinning her around and laying her down to harden and wet his cock on her tongue.For details and Purchase Options...   READ MORE

Space Monk Surprise

“Space Monk Surprise”

Starring Stevie Lix


Kitty Slotts, sexy field agent 0069 has been deployed by the S.P.Y. Bureau on a mission to penetrate xxxx mansion and meet with “Back of Throat” an undercover mole informant ready to expose sensitive secrets for the right price.  Little does she know, she’s been followed by the mystical molester, Space Monk – a sextuple agent working for super-criminal terrorist organization B.A.D.D.

Space Monk materializes, surprising the stunned Slotts with blows to her sleek, latex-sheathed, finely-honed body.  After dominating her with an organ-rupturing torrent of punches, a left hook to her open mouth knocks her to the floor, dazedly writhing on the floor in pain.  A burst of his mind powers disabling her resistance permanently, Space Monk unzips 0069’s skintight catsuit, stroking her exposed breasts before commanding her to kneel.  Powerless to resist, dazed and compliant, she obeys Space Monk’s monastic orders, sucking his wakening member into pulsing choking hazard with teasing strokes of her nimble tongue, enclosed in the hot wetness of her hungry mouth.For details and Purchase Options...   READ MORE

No More Powers

“No More Powers”

Starring Jasmine Mendez

Super Girl has been captured by the evil and sinister Master Cheese. The masked assailant admires her amazonian figure as he fondles her passed out body. When she awakens he thinks it’s time to have his way with her. Her rope tied around her, she is powerless to fend him off, as he ties down her feet and suspends her arms over head.

The amazon warrior stands proud and defiant as Master Cheese tries to intimidate her. He lets her know just what he wants to take from her and Wonder Girl says he will never have it…. But when he checks her pussy, the juices left on his fingers tell him otherwise.For details and Purchase Options...   READ MORE

Dangerous Interview

“Dangerous Interview”

Starring Melissa Moore

Max has been having so much fun with his timestop app he thought today he might try it again. Melissa, a sexy business shows up in her best interview attire. Max told her he might have a job for her and she is definitely dressed to impress.

To keep up his story, he asks her what experience she has marketing on apps. As she begins to explain her vast knowledge of apps and social media, he asks “have you seen this one?” Max, presses the activate button in the app and begins to have his fun with the frozen fox.For details and Purchase Options...   READ MORE

Robin’s Bad Idea

“Robin’s Bad Idea”

Starring Stella Cox and Penny Lay

The adorable robin, got all dressed up to finally capture the sexy Harley Quinn, but Harley isn’t even responding to her presence! It’s almost as if she’s not even intimidated. Robin throws a hissy fit, and cutely stomps her feet in contempt of Harley for not taking her seriously. As she pouts, a henchman steps from the shadows and grabs her, swiftly taking her down. The pleased Harley Quinn finally lets a smirk cross her lips as the two take Robin away.For details and Purchase Options...   READ MORE

Hard Lesson

“Hard Lesson”

Starring Moka Mora

Moka is a sexy Spanish exchange student trying to get her visa, but she needs to know at least a little English. Her teacher is having her over to review her vocabulary but she is not keeping up. Getting bored… and very sexually frustrated having such an alluring piece of ass sitting on his couch, he decides to make things a bit more interesting and uses his time stop watch to try a little more hands on teaching.

First he just toys with her, un-buttoning her blouse, and laying his solid cock in her tiny hands. Her surprise and adorable reactions every time he un-freezes her only eggs him on. He sees this as an opportunity to teach her some new words…can you say, “cunilingus?”For details and Purchase Options...   READ MORE

Black Canary Resists

“Black Canary Resists”

Starring Shavelle Love and Pepper Hart

Black Canary has been captured by some miscreants and is being subjected to ultimate sexual torture. The Devilish duo, a sexy villainess and her hooded master capture and prod her for information while she stands secure in an x-frame, receiving lashes straight to her nipples with a riding crop while the villainess presses a vibrator to her pussy. Orgasm after orgasm rolls over he as she begs them to stop.

The punishment doesn’t end there. The singing canary is suspended arms over head as the vibrator torture continues. Black Canary sags her body into the pulsating head of the wand as she becomes more and more drained by her orgasms and the hooded master shoves his wet fingers into her, prepping her for his cock.For details and Purchase Options...   READ MORE



Starring Casey Calvert

Eric’s air conditioning is broken on a sweltering day. Resolved to fix it, and maybe have a little fun, Eric calls his sexy landlord, Casey to his spot. She is clearly hot too when she arrives wearing barely there shorts and a tight tank top, her braless  breasts making nipple impressions behind the cotton.

As sexy as she may be, she is a bit of a cheap skate. She refuses to pay to fix his A/C unit, but Eric refuses to barter. He activates his timestop watch and begins to have his fun.For details and Purchase Options...   READ MORE

Harley Quinn Mind Control

“Harley Quinn Mind Control”

Starring Norah Nova

Harley Quinn has found Dr. Evil’s lair. She playfully pokes around his flat looking for useful gadgets to steal as her perky little tits bounce with her giggles. Dr. Evil on the other hand has just finished testing his mind control device, and he doesn’t have much time before Harley Quinn initiates the final test, unknown to her.

Knowing she will never listen to a “no,” he places a sign next to his devious device saying “Do NOT touch” and leaves it behind for her to stumble upon. As expected when Harley Quinn sees the device, she giggles at the sign an picks it up. As soon as the device vibrates to life she falls into a trance and places it against her clit, completely thoughtless to why she was there.For details and Purchase Options...   READ MORE

Roasting CK

“Roasting CK”

Starring CK and Olive

Directed by JohnM

As is always the case with girls, CK and Olive have quite the ordinary rivalry going over a boy. Except CK has extraordinary ways of dealing with her problems, or in this case, Olive. The bikini clad dungeon babe CK has the upper hand over bikini babe Olive and demands retribution for her transgressions.

Ck circles her prey who is suspended by her wrists, arms over head and her sexy little toes dance on the floor trying to keep her stable. CK taunts her Olive, feeling up her body and releasing her tits from their cover before pulling out a flogger to beat Olive around a bit with. The tails of the flogger lick Olives skin with each swing, prompting whimpers and begging from the terrified temptress. After CK thinks she has had enough, she leaves her there to hang for hours, possibly days, who could tell in the darkly lit dungeon.For details and Purchase Options...   READ MORE