Fan Service

“Fan Service”

Starring Emma Scarlett

Kevin is quite the Wonder Woman fan and he’s been chosen as the lucky winner of a day with his superheroine muse. She stands before him, her slender frame posed just like the covers of so many of the comic books he’s jerked it over. She finds his awkward and nervous excitement charming as he offers her his adoration and a drink.

The pair sit on the bed when Wonder Woman starts to feel a bit strange. He assures her she’s probably fine, taking her rope and binding her wrists together, filled with encouragement at the affirmation that the scopolamine he sourced from his friends in Columbia was working. He pushes her a bit further, to test the bounds, telling her that she wants to give him a sexy strip tease.For details and Purchase Options...   READ MORE

After School Special

“After School Special”

Starring Viva

Directed by JohnM

Viva had been so horny all day, that she would have slid her hand into her white, cotton panties and rubbed her stiff clit to a much needed release, if she weren’t stuck at school all day. At one point, she passed the boys’ locker room, just as someone was going in, and the combination of the sweaty, masculine scent and the brief flash of muscled, half-naked classmates nearly made her run to the bathroom to diddle herself in private.For details and Purchase Options...   READ MORE

Shows Over

“Shows Over”

Starring Stevie Lix

Maxxx ordered a private showing of some lingerie in his bedroom thinking he might get more than a few sexy poses. They sent him Stevie, one of their top lingerie models. Taking off her coat she slinks on to the bed next to him and begins to show off her silky look and her lacy panties. But Maxxx wants a little more. She dismisses him, letting him know this is not that kind of show… But isn’t it?

Maxxx uses his timestop app to freeze the slut in her place. He lifts up her top to see her perky tits and manipulates her face to see a variety of expressions. She makes him so horny. Pushing her on her face, he uses her feet to get his cock hard, pumping his rod in-between her arches. The velvety soft nylon clad feet glide over his cock, as he works her feet over it.For details and Purchase Options...   READ MORE

Just a Piece of Meat

“Just a Piece of Meat”

Starring Angel Smalls

Star Girl has found Dr. Evils secret lair. His work table is neatly organized with only a few items on it, laid out as if waiting for someone. As she examines the things on the table Dr. Evil sneaks up behind her wrapping his arm around her neck in a choke hold. She fights against him as he pulls up her top, revealing her tasty little tits. He cops a feel as his hold gets tighter around her neck. As she looses energy her body begins to weight down on his arm, until she finally stops moving.For details and Purchase Options...   READ MORE

Is That Jizz?!

“Is That Jizz?!”

Starring Norah Nova

It’s no secret that Maxxx’s roommate has a smoking hot girlfriend. Ever since he moved in he has had to continuously avert his eyes from her smoking hot body, and today is no different. The lingerie clad little sex pot bounces into the living room in a hot little bustier, black lace panties, nylon thigh highs and stripper boots. Maxxx immediately turns away as she tries to explain it’s ok. She wants to wear this outfit for her boyfriend but can’t figure out where the bow is supposed to go, she just wants a little help….and Maxxx knows how he can help with that.For details and Purchase Options...   READ MORE

Black Canary Won’t Sing

“Black Canary Won’t Sing”

Starring Melissa Moore

Black Canary stands in front of her mirror, posing her sexy bod, getting ready for her night of crime fighting. A cloaked man suddenly appears in the corner of her room and before she can react, casts a knock out spell, and her leather clad body falls limp to the bed.

Grabbing a wand from the drawer he places it on her clit, instantly waking her up. Evil hums ring fourth from the device spelling certain doom for Black Canary’s pussy. Space Monk unzips his preys leather panties and places it on her clit. The sudden expenditures of her powers jolt her awake. She fights against her bonds helplessly, realizing that its too late to resist.For details and Purchase Options...   READ MORE

One Last Performance

“One Last Performance” 

Starring Verronica Kirei

Directed by JohnM

Scarlett, young, sexy and wild, is at the height of her popularity. Part of her allure is her reputation as a total party girl and she lives that part to the limit. So when her photographer arrives at her house the next morning after a party, he’s not surprised to find her half-naked and completely out of it. She stands like a zombie, dressed only in a man’s white, collared shirt, with a rubber ball gag in her mouth. Besides the stale perfume and cigarette smoke, another scent drifts at the edge of his consciousness. Something about that smell tells him it’s important, but he loses the train of thought, as he realizes the reason for her mannikin-like state. “Damn it!” he thinks, “She must have tried that new drug that’s hitting the party scene. Do too much of it and it can make a K-hole seem like a muscle cramp.” The mind becomes locked in the body, and the muscles become stiff, almost like rigor mortise.For details and Purchase Options...   READ MORE

Good to Go

“Good to Go”

Starring Norah Nova

Maxxx is making his debut as a WiFi tech and Norah has called him to get a better signal. With his time stop app, he is sure to raise his antenna and probe around. She slinks her sexy business woman bod onto the bed to point out where she wants him to look as he presses his finger to the screen of his tablet, freezing her in her sexy little place.

He changes her face to more of an “open port” expression and begins to undress her business formal into something a little more business party, parting the buttons on her blouse to reveal her lingerie and plunging cleavage. He pulls them out of their overloaded cups and tastes her iron pierced nipples before reaching into into his jeans to to pull out his signal jammer.For details and Purchase Options...   READ MORE