Remote Controlled

“Remote Controlled”

Starring Shavelle Love

Hypno Girl stumbles into Supergirl’s lair looking for her nemesis. As she looks, Supergirl alerted by her super hearing of the intrusion watches as Hypnogirl probes for her. A battle ensues between the pair who seem to be under a spell exchange blows. Controlled by the insidious spell the two women begin to lust for one another, and Supergirl begins to fondle Hypo girl’s breasts before Hypno Girl does the same. Soon the pair are making lustful lesbian love to each other, 69ing, tasting each other’s sweet juices, and scissoring. Things really heat up when Hypno Girl pulls out a sexy strap on and begins fucking the hapless Super Girl. The two exchange fuckings as they moan through waves of pleasure, bending each other over to get in real deep. The final orgasm breaks the spell over Supergirl and she immediately overpowers Hypnogirl, taking her down by her necks and squeezing with all of her might. Hypnogirl struggles against her, as her tongue protrudes from her luscious lips. Her eyes roll in the back of her head and she soon succumbs to the death grasp of Supergirl.For details and Purchase Options...   READ MORE

Super Slut

“Super Slut”

Starring Angel Smalls

Supergirl has been captured and bound with red kryptonite, a compound that causes Kryptonians to lose all their inhibitions and turning Kara into a super slut. She gets fucked nine ways to Sunday and loves every minute of it. Her super hot body takes a heroic pounding and she does things that she never imagined doing with Mon-El, her screams turning ragged, as countless orgasms are dragged from her dripping cunt. Once her tight, little body has been ravaged, she is to be put to  death.For details and Purchase Options...   READ MORE

Useless to Resist

“Useless to Resist”

Starring Norah Nova

Wonder Woman is captured by Cheetah and her evil accomplice. Tied to the bed, the sexy Wonder Woman is defenseless against Cheetahs tongue. She is bit  gagged, her tits sucked, and her pussy rubbed and licked by Cheetah before her powers are sucked out of her with a powerful magic wand. When Cheetah’s accomplice joins in, Wonder Woman stands no chance against the evil duo as she is forsed to take the entire length of his cock, his tongue in her ass, and Cheetah’s clit in her mouth. During the encounter however Cheetah becomes fond of the whispy Wonder Woman and as she exacts revenge in the name of her new found friend on his cock, he is forced to lick the boot of his new enemy. Having enough of the betrayal, the masked marauder spears Wonder Woman suddenly with a throwing knife, and wraps the rope around Cheetahs neck. She struggles with all her might against the tension of the rope, but in the end it is no use. Her body goes limp, ligature marks permanently engraved in her delicate neck as she joins her Wonder Woman in death.For details and Purchase Options...   READ MORE

Captured Princess

“Captured Princess” 

Starring Shavelle Love

The chaste and beautiful Princess was born into royalty and raised in the lap of luxury, wanting for nothing and attended by a horde of nannies and servants. Then, an uprising threw the kingdom into disarray and the king’s forces were decimated in a bloody revolt, leaving the castle defenseless against the army of rabble. They went from room to room, raping, pillaging and slaughtering all whom they found. Only the princess escaped, crawling through dusty, unused passages and running for her life.For details and Purchase Options...   READ MORE

Tricked and Tied Up

“Tricked and Tied Up”

Starring Mary Jane and Pepper Hart

Batgirl and Robin have made their way into Spacemonks secret lair. The two superheroines slink around on all fours, their thong clad pussies exposed under their skirts as they look for their nemesis. The come across a table with a mysterious looking device. A note reads “Do Not Touch.” Not seeing it in time, it is too late when she picks it up and immediately finds herself in a trance from it’d mystic power. Out of nowhere, Spacemonk attacks the still lucid Robin, swiftly putting her in an arm bar and taking her down. The two women lay on the floor completely tied up. The two super heroines turned damsel in distress wiggle and squirm against their bonds as they slowly recognize the peril of their situation. After a heartfelt apology from Batgirl the two attempt one more time to escape their bonds before Spacemonk returns, but they are not quick enough.For details and Purchase Options...   READ MORE

Dead Maid Is a Good Maid

“Dead Maid is a Good Maid”

Starring Norah Nova

Norah is a spritely yung maid working all the dirty corners of Maxxx’s estate. She hops around, bending over showing her split crotch panties, tasty asshole and pretty little pussy as she cleans. She wiggles her little tush while dusting the blinds and does the sexiest job she can at getting the dust. Maxxx, always ready with his timestop app presses the button on his tablet and she freezes, bent over, so inviting. He spreads her ass to take a look before whipping out his cock. He slides it into her wet nubile pussy and begins to fuck her. What perfect access with the crotchless panties.For details and Purchase Options...   READ MORE

Android Assassin

“Android Assassin”

Starring Stella Cox

Terminatrix has been sent from her home planet to destroy. Her silky body lands in the home of her target, her android eyes flash as they scan his home for his presence. Finding his heat signature, she grabs a loose weapon and marches to deliver swift doom.

As he sleeps she lays the sights of the weapon on his face and alerts him to her presence. He lowers the sheets slowly showing her his massive cock and as her eyes set on the it, she begins to short circuit. She lowers her face to his twitching dick and begins to suck. Her lips glide over his shaft as he lays back to enjoy his prize. While she sucks, he snatches her microprocessor, temporarily disabling her destructive commands. She straddles his face in a dangerous 69, her bright pink pussy grinding against his tongue.For details and Purchase Options...   READ MORE

Roasting Norah

“Roasting Norah”

Starring Norah Nova & Venus

Directed by JohnM

Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned, to paraphrase the writer, William Congreve. He wrote that in 1697 and it still stands true today. Just ask Venus, she’ll tell you. Stripped down to just a flimsy bikini, her arms chained painfully over head, helpless as the furious Norah Nova screams at her, strips her and flogs the poor girl’s exposed flesh. All because she went skinny dipping with Norah’s boyfriend. Venus must suffer whips and chains, not to mention an agonizing torture session on the dreaded rack!For details and Purchase Options...   READ MORE

Massage Suspect

“Massage Suspect”

Starring Violet Monroe

The massage table has turned. Violet is a massage therapist, and Maxxx has come for a special massage. She begins to rub his back as he anticipates her touch elsewhere. Once she’s begun, he reaches over to his timestop watch and slaps the button. Instantly she stops in place.

Rolling onto his back, he pulls out his cock and brings her freshly oiled hand over, wrapping her skinny fingers around it. He draws them up and down his shaft, the oil cracking between her fingers. His cock hardens under the talented fingers of the masseuse. Opening her mouth, Maxxx lowers her face onto his waiting shaft. The warmth of her mouth is so relaxing as he works her skull up and down his aching bone. Drool collects in her mouth as he pumps into her, large ropes of it hanging from her lips every time he pulls out and it isn’t long before he releases his cum onto her tongue. Maxxx rearranges himself on the table after repositioning his masseuse and deactivates the times stop feature of his watch to continue his massage.For details and Purchase Options...   READ MORE

Super Sluts

“Super Sluts”

Starring Anna DeVille and Pepper Hart

Wonder Girl has found her way into Harley Quinn’s secret lair. As she crawls on hands and knees through the corridors, she hears tiny moans coming from a room at the end of the hall. She slowly opens the door a crack, still on all fours, her pussy bulging out the sides of her tiny thong. On the bed she sees the source of the arousing moans. Harley Quinn lays on her back, her legs spread open wide as she massages her throbbing clit with with the head of a large massage wand.For details and Purchase Options...   READ MORE