The Evil Timestopper

“The Evil Timestopper”

Starring Alice Whyte

Alice sits in a sexy and clingy white onsie on her reading chase flipping through the pages of her favorite tabloid, legs crossed, but an intruder has a completely different idea of what she should be doing.. As she sits unaware of his presence he uses his timestop app freezing her in time. He walks cooley into the room and looks over his prey before pulling her onsie down letting her perky breasts roll out. He uses his power over her to pose her and manipulate her face into cute expressions before opening her mouth and using it to polish his rod. Pushing her on her back he unclasps her onsie, raising her legs straight up and checks out her taught little pussy. He spreads her out posing her much like a french girl on the Titanic and uses her hand to stroke his cock. He sees how hot she looks spread open on the seat the way she is and decides to try out her juicy cunt, sliding inside her and fucking her. Better than he imagined he pumps her as she lay unwittingly on her back, not knowing what he’s doing to her. He contorts her so her ass sticks straight in the air and he continues until he cums. The sneak timestopper gathers his clothes making a hasty getaway, leaving her permafrost on her back.For details and Purchase Options...   READ MORE

Supergirl’s Lesbian Lover

“Supergirl’s Lesbian Lover”

Starring Shavelle Love and Mary Jane

Supergirl and Poison Ivy, rendevous for a sexy sapphic encounter in Supergirl’s bed. The pair makeup out, lustfully pushing aside each other’s clothes and falling to the bed. The two girls take turns going down on each other, taking in their viscous juices and suckling on each others perky nipples. They roll around, pleasing each others tasty pussies when Poison Ivy pulls out her favorite strap on and probes Supergirl’s cunt with it, pushing it deep into her and making her twist and her toes curl with unstoppable feverish pleasure. Supergirl grips the bars of her bed hard, using them to push herself back into the thrusting fuck rod attached around Ivy’s succulent hips, as Ivy’s cock splits and fills her dripping wet pussy.. When the two cum they collapse to the bed cooing and moaning, with sweet delight as they nurse on each others soft lips. Now that Ivy has Supergirl fully submitted she isn’t aware the soft caress she feel cross her neck isn’t a loving touch. The clasps of the kryptonite snap together and it’s too late. The powerful gamma rays of the kryptonite penetrate Supergirl. She writhes in pain and begins to suffocate from the pressure on her lungs. Her powers are useless as she slowly churns her body to demise.For details and Purchase Options...   READ MORE