Creature Rage

“Creature Rage”

Starring Mary Jane

Directed by JohnM

It must be spawning season again! A Lovecraftian creature of the briny depths has crept onto land and has its lust filled eyes locked on Mary Jane. It ambushes the naked girl in her home. The leathery, stinking leviathan pounces on her and slams her to the floor. Pinning Mary Jane’s arms to the ground, it roughly mounts her, its cold, slimy phallus hard and inhumanly large. Clawing at her ample breasts, one hand holding her down by her throat, it pounds away, stretching her insides, as it bumps her cervix with each thrust.For details and Purchase Options...   READ MORE

Demented Roommate

“Demented Roommate”

Starring Audrey Holiday

Max and his new roommate Audrey are sitting quietly in their parlor, making small talk. He notices a new app for his tablet that claims to be able to freeze whoever you want. Incredulous but curious, Max decided to risk the $200 and download it. Audrey rolls her eyes at his silly purchase and tries to get back to her work.

The app finally downloads and installs, Max points the camera at Audrey and taps “Freeze”. To his astonishment, Audrey freezes instantly in place. Her fingers that were dancing across the keyboard of her laptop a second before were now hanging strangely above the keys. Max briefly considers that Audrey is pranking him, but a few probing caresses show that she has no reaction to his touch.For details and Purchase Options...   READ MORE

Black Canary Under Control

“Black Canary Under Control”

Starring Audrey Holiday

Dr. Evil had planned everything perfectly. Luring Black Canary to a place of his choosing, he attacks her with technology beyond comprehension. She’s no shrinking violet, having faced villains such as Bane and the Royal Flush Gang, and proven herself worthy to hold a seat at the Justice League’s table. Still, she finds herself helpless against the psychic grip of Dr. Evil’s Neurotropic Orb. Before she can realize what is happening, her hands begin to do the zipper of her tight, short shorts, exposing herself to her vile foe.For details and Purchase Options...   READ MORE

Catwoman Goes Down

“Catwoman Goes Down”

Starring Audrey Holiday

Directed by JohnM

We find Catwoman stalking back and forth in her lair, relishing the thought of punishing her enemies with her cruel whip. As she paces, her soliloquy is suddenly broken by a flash of light. She’s shocked to see that the evil Monk has penetrated her secret lair with his dark magic. Before she can attack, Monk casts a searing lighting spell on Catwoman.

Catwoman moans in agony and struggles to resist, but soon succumbs to the wizard’s spell. She drops to her knees defeated and recoils in disgust as Monk lifts his robe to reveal his swollen cock. This Monk certainly hasn’t sworn a vow of celibacy! He uses his mind control powers to force Catwoman’s face closer to his heaving member. Finally, she can’t fight it off anymore and accepts the fat dick into her awaiting mouth.For details and Purchase Options...   READ MORE

Evil Trainer

“Evil Trainer”

Starring Jill Kassidy

Directed by JohnM

Jill’s already got a tight little body, but she wants to have a more balanced, healthy lifestyle. She saw an ad online for Aaron’s personalized yoga lessons and thought it would be just the thing! Aaron gets her warmed up with some light downward dog, before getting completely distracted by Jill’s delicious booty. He activates his timestop watch and freezes Jill in that vulnerable position.

Aaron wastes no time sliding off Jill’s tight yoga pants and starts fingering her already wet pussy. He strips off Jill’s top and sports bra then positions her on the couch so he can get the perfect angle. He fucks her doggystyle, while periodically unfreezing Jill so he can enjoy her surprised reaction to him giving her the longdick treatment.For details and Purchase Options...   READ MORE

Ending Black Widow

“Ending Black Widow”

Starring Valentina Nappi

Directed by JohnM

Black Widow awakens in an unfamiliar room. She is tied to a bed, arms and legs spread wide, stout rope binding each limb to a separate bed post. Her skin-tight, black bodysuit has been opened in the front, allowing her big boobs to spill out, and the crotch has been split open, exposing her cunt. A mechanical whirring commences from somewhere in the room and the Black Widow feels the blunt, rounded end of a large dildo nudge the opening of her pussy. It soon picks up speed, the thick phallus relentlessly pumping into her tight snatch, while all she can do is strain against her ropes and moan in uncontrollable pleasure.For details and Purchase Options...   READ MORE

Tortured by the Inquisitor

“Tortured by the Inquisitor”

Starring Mary Jane

Directed by JohnM

This is the tragic story of Mary, a woman accused of witchcraft and violently abducted to suffer at the hands of the inquisition. Threatened with the torture of her and her family, she must submit to their most vile and degrading sexual demands. Forced to dance for them, expose her sexy body, sexually service all the guards and fuck herself with a gnarled, wooden cane for their perverse amusement. She is beaten with fists and clubs, her tender breasts are whipped cruelly and her body slash with a wicked, curved knife. Her story is nightmare of pain, sexual slavery and humiliation. Her only escape is death.For details and Purchase Options...   READ MORE



Starring Adria Rae

Directed by JohnM

The Invisible Girl just got an anonymous tip regarding the whereabouts of the infamous Candy Man. She strips out of her sexy outfit to take advantage of her invisibility power and prepares to sneak up on the dastardly villain. Now completely invisible, she heads out to surprise the Candy Man at his hideout.

Unbeknownst to our superheroine, the Candy Man is expecting her. He surprises her by calling out to her and uses his evil device to reveal her naked body. Invisible Girl can’t believe what’s happening, but before she can react the Candy Man freezes her in place and brainwashes her into the perfect fuck-slave with his cruel invention.For details and Purchase Options...   READ MORE

Killer Workout

“Killer Workout”

Starring Audrey Holiday

Audrey has had a rough week and is dying to get a workout in, despite her busy schedule. Shortly after she starts stretching, Max comes downstairs to see where all the noise is coming from. After spying her tight little ass in her yoga pants, he knows it’s time to play. He quickly activates his timestop watch and freezes Audrey’s sexy little body in place. Now it’s time for him to get some exercise!

He forces her to stroke his already hard cock and wastes no time taking off her gym clothes. Since Audrey’s gag reflex has been frozen, he faces no resistance as he jams his bulging cock deeper and deeper down her defenseless throat. Max easily hoists Audrey off her feet and puts her into any position he desires. He moves her from the floor to the couch and back again, pausing only to briefly deactivate his timestop watch just to enjoy the sweet moment of surprise and confusion on Audrey’s face.For details and Purchase Options...   READ MORE

Blowjob Bomber

“Blowjob Bomber”

Starring Valentina Nappi

Directed by JohnM

A mad man is holding the city hostage, hiding several powerful bombs in some of the most populated places, rigged to detonate if he does not enter a secret code to deactivate them. Supergirl attempts to stop him, but she can’t risk the deaths of countless citizens, should he allow the bombs to explode. What can she do, but give into to his demands? Even if those demands include a humiliating blowjob.

A true hero to her city, Supergirl swallows her pride and dignity, dropping to her knees and giving the depraved villain the sloppiest blowjob she can. He misses no chance to degrade the sexy superheroine, demanding that she expose her tits and play with herself, while he fucks her pretty mouth. She tries to silently endure her shame, but he starts to snap lewd pictures of her, as he rough fucks her like a cheap whore. Just as he is about to cum, he orders her to her knees once more, so that he empty his balls right into her mouth. Despite her pleas, he continues to take pic after pic of her on her knees, boobs exposed and a sticky glaze of sperm dripping from her chin.For details and Purchase Options...   READ MORE