Life Insurance

“Life Insurance”

Starring Lea Lexus and Verronica Kirei

Lesbian bikini babes Verronica and Lea are in their living room dancing and posing with each other in their new sexy bikinis. They love how each other look in their sexy new beach wear. A door to door life insurance salesman stops by and immediately engages them. They sit on the couch to listen to their salesman’s pitch but he has something else he would like to pitch.

He passes them their flyers and gets into it… their bikinis that is. Using his timestop watch he uses the magnificent technology to freeze them, just playing with them at first, pulling their breasts out of their tops. When he unfreezes them they are confused and disoriented but they continue to take in his schpeal. And take it in they will..For details and Purchase Options...   READ MORE

Supergirl Sucks

“Supergirl Sucks”

Starring Aubrey Sinclair

Directed by JohnM

Supergirl on a hunch has found Penetrator’s lair. She calls for him to come out as she enters the long dimly lit corridor. At the end of the room, Penetrator lays in wait in a pentacle chain link bed. As she approaches him, he raises his head, a smug look on his face. As he speaks the words, she falls under his command.

He brings her in close and puts her on the bed, her gaze looking into the distance as he pulls his cock out. He plummets his cock into her throat and pulverizes her tonsils as she sucks him and polishes his knob willfully. He pushes her on her back and eats her pussy, her super juices filling his mouth and maintaining his power over her.For details and Purchase Options...   READ MORE

Power Rangers Go Down

“Power Rangers Go Down”

Starring Jill Kassidy & Mary Jane

Directed by JohnM

The Pink Power Ranger creeps into Lord Zedd’s lair, but he is ready for her. She is captured, stripped naked, chained up and beaten for the pure amusement of it. The Yellow Power Ranger attempts to rescue her, but is young and inexperienced, no match for Lord Zedd’s powers. Using a hypnosis device, he seizes control of the dark haired superheroine and forces her to destroy her fellow ranger. Once released from the mesmeric spell, the Yellow Ranger is devastated by the realization that she has killed her, but she doesn’t have long to mourn before she herself is in chains. Placed on the gallows, a noose around her neck, she is sentenced to be hung until dead. Looks like this round goes to Lord Zedd! What does Rita Repulsa have in store for the male rangers, I wonder?For details and Purchase Options...   READ MORE

I Did Something

“I Did Something”

Starring Valentina Nappi

Directed by JohnM

Valentina is meeting with Aaron to discuss a new real estate investment opportunity. As they mull over the neighborhood of the property, Aaron begins to find her sales pitch a bit dry, and he has just the thing to wetten things up. He presses the button on his timestop watch and decides to liven up the party a bit by unbuttoning her blouse and pulling out her voluptuous breasts. Her D cups spill out the top of her bra. He deactivates the watch and the confusion on her face is adorable as she tries to make sense of things and buttons up her blouse.For details and Purchase Options...   READ MORE

Taken Down and Taken Out

“Taken Down and Taken Out”
Starring Valentina Nappi
Directed by JohnM

Target has been confirmed by cartel as Wonder Woman and they have sent Agent A to stop her permanently from interfering with their business. She is surely as good as done. When she arrives she finds no-one, but a strange note lays on the couch. She picks it up, unsure what could be inside. As she reads the ominous message on the page, Agent A takes her down swiftly with a chloroform rag.

Her limp body on the floor, he ties her up and ties a piece of clothe around her head, gagging her. On the bed of the decoy hotel, he begins to strip her down, pulling her top off to suck on her succulent breasts. Rolling her over on her back, he pulls her wonder panties aside and fondles the lips of her pussy. Getting her pussy wet before sliding his hard cock between them. He parts her cheeks with his thumbs and pumps her pussy deep. The deeper he goes the unexpected pleasure begins to rouse her senses. But when she wakes, she is horrified to see this traitor agent on top of her.For details and Purchase Options...   READ MORE