How Do You Know?

“How Do You Know?”

Starring Audrey Holiday

Max has been so horny lately, he’s been spending all of his time jerking off in front of his iPad. He needs to get a real girl in his bedroom. He finds an ad for a local lingerie modeling service that is discrete and comes to you. After ordering a sexy brunette in red lingerie, he sees a notification for a new app on his tablet “Timestop App”. It claims to be able to freeze anyone you point the device’s camera at. Max agrees to the app purchase with a shrug. “If it doesn’t work, I’ll just refund it”, he thinks. He forgets about the app almost immediately, as he opens another browser tab of porn and waits for his girl to arrive.For details and Purchase Options...   READ MORE

Sex Slave Powergirl

“Sex Slave Powergirl”

Starring Shavelle Love

When a destructive orb of energy spreads havoc throughout the city, Powergirl quickly comes to the rescue. Batting away balls of energy, she doesn’t realize that she has been set up, until she is zapped into submission by a bolt of electricity. The villain suddenly appears in a flash of light, to stand, gloating, over the subdued Powergirl. The orb was his creation and its electrical discharge has given him complete control over the well endowed superheroine.For details and Purchase Options...   READ MORE

Cold Forever

“Cold Forever”

Starring Lexi Tawny

Directed by JohnM

Lexi sneaks into the evil Gunther’s hideout. She sees no sign of the villain, but spies his mysterious device on a nearby table. As she relays her find back to HQ, she tries to access the information stored on the strange device. Lexi taps a key and the device beeps shrilly. It leaps out her hands, as if possessed and shoots across the room. The device lands at the feet of its rightful owner, Gunther.

Lexi is shocked but attempts to spring into action. Before she can make a move, Gunther shows her what the device can REALLY do! With a flick of his finger, it beeps again… Lexi feels a surge of electricity through her entire body. She is thrown to the wall and frozen, paralyzed.For details and Purchase Options...   READ MORE

Left Frozen Stiff

“Left Frozen Stiff”

Starring Audrey Holiday

Audrey finally got an appointment with the hot, trendy masseuse. She heard he was a bit strange, but she chalked that up to him being foreign. He called her into the room and told her to disrobe, if she wished. She didn’t expect to get completely naked in front of the masseuse, but she dropped her robed right away and climbed on the table.

The masseuse begins oiling Audrey’s back and thighs. She starts to relax and melts into the table. Her serenity is soon interrupted by the masseuse’s hand creep way too close to her pussy. She reprimands him and he calmly nods. Had she misread the situation? He is European, right?For details and Purchase Options...   READ MORE

Stargirl Fucks Up

“Stargirl Fucks Up”

Starring Lexi Tawny

Directed by JohnM

Stargirl tracks a mysterious supervillian to his lair, not realizing that she is walking right into his trap. When she finds him encased in a powerful energy field, she tries to blast him with her Cosmic Staff, but the resulting explosion renders her unconscious and at the mercy of her enemy. She awakens to find herself bound and helpless. Exposing her young breasts and pink, juicy cunt, he begins a relentless sexual assault that leaves her weak, moaning and breathless. Pulling out his stiff cock, he roughly shoves it into her mouth and pussy, using her holes for his own selfish pleasure. Once he is done with her, having filled her full of his cum, she lays defeated and sobbing on the floor, but still it is not enough for the cruel villain. Using a length of rope, he strangles the broken superheroine, ending her interference once and for all.For details and Purchase Options...   READ MORE

Deadly Super Sluts

“Deadly Super Sluts”

Starring Shavelle Love & Mary Jane

Directed by JohnM

Ms. Marvel gets the drop on the evil Moonstone. They do battle and Ms. Marvel initially gets the upper hand, but then the violence and excitement awaken a powerful force between Moonstone’s legs. Ms. Marvel gasps in shock as she notices Moonstone has whipped out a massive throbbing dick.

Fully possessed by her animalistic urges, Moonstone grabs Ms. Marvel by the throat and forces her to gag on her raging cock. Moonstone nearly explodes down Ms. Marvel’s throat, but holds back. She throws Ms. Marvel to the bed and licks her tight pussy and perky tit. Moonstone proceeds to have her with Ms. Marvel in multiple positions. By the time they are through Ms. Marvel is completely enchanted by Moonstone’s cock.For details and Purchase Options...   READ MORE

Unsettling Massage

“Unsettling Massage”

Starring Shavelle Love

Shavelle got a massage deal on Groupon and is dying to try it out. She’s had a rough semester and needs to work out some stress. She strips out of her slutty summery bar attire and climbs onto the massage table. Max the masseuse enters and begins oiling up Shavelle’s back.

Shavelle is enjoying the deep tissue massage, but can’t help but notice the masseuse spending an awful lot of time working her feet and upper thighs. Finally, after feeling a bulge in his shorts brush agains her foot, she works up the nerve to scold him. Max is in no mood for this prude diva and quickly activates his timestop watch.For details and Purchase Options...   READ MORE