Space Monk Always Wins

“Space Monk Always Wins”

Starring Kate Kenzi


Supergirl stalks into Space Monk’s lair, determined to put an end to his evil deeds, but she doesn’t find him, at first. Using his teleportation ability, he surprises her and renders her unconscious. When she awakens, she finds herself bound and immobilized, her panties gone and her legs spread wide, leaving her bald pussy, vulnerable and exposed. She is subjected to a brutal, sexual punishment, her cunt roughly invaded with cock and fingers, a powerful vibrator held against her sensitive clit while stinging slaps target her inner thighs and swollen labia. Her defiant words soon becomes whimpers and yelps, and ultimately guttural groans, as wave after wave of orgasms shatter her mind, turning her into little more than a beast. To claim a final victory over the meddlesome Kryptonian, Space Monk tightens a rope around Supergirl’s neck, strangling her. She strains at the bonds holding her, but allow her to do little more than writhe and squirm, as the life is choked from her. When she is finally dead, Space Monk teleports away, leaving Supergirl’s corpse bound in a most undignified position.For details and Purchase Options...   READ MORE