Surprise Showdown

“Surprise Showdown”

Starring Penny Lay & Angel M

Directed by JohnM

Power Girl and Evil Supergirl are shocked to find themselves instantly teleported to a strange room. When they see each other, each believes the other responsible and they begin to fight. As they grapple with each other on the floor, another flash of light surprises them and they see the true villain. An evil scientist has brought them both to this place to be his sex slaves. With a small device, he takes control of them, plundering their tight, super-powered holes, using them as slaves to his desire. After he has exhausted his hot, sticky lust, he orders the two sluts to kill each other and then he teleports away, letting the two go at it. They die at each other’s hands, never even knowing who just fucked them.For details and Purchase Options...   READ MORE