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Power Rangers Go Down

“Power Rangers Go Down”

Starring Jill Kassidy & Mary Jane

Directed by JohnM

The Pink Power Ranger creeps into Lord Zedd’s lair, but he is ready for her. She is captured, stripped naked, chained up and beaten for the pure amusement of it. The Yellow Power Ranger attempts to rescue her, but is young and inexperienced, no match for Lord Zedd’s powers. Using a hypnosis device, he seizes control of the dark haired superheroine and forces her to destroy her fellow ranger. Once released from the mesmeric spell, the Yellow Ranger is devastated by the realization that she has killed her, but she doesn’t have long to mourn before she herself is in chains. Placed on the gallows, a noose around her neck, she is sentenced to be hung until dead. Looks like this round goes to Lord Zedd! What does Rita Repulsa have in store for the male rangers, I wonder?For details and Purchase Options...   READ MORE

Alien Body Snatcher

“Alien Body Snatcher”

Starring Olive

Directed by JohnM

Olive sleeps peacefully in her own bed, unaware that she will be the first victim of a cruel alien life form, one that wishes to rid the earth of all humans. Thinking herself safe in her own home, she rests without a stitch of clothes on, her body exposed and defenseless, under the leering eye of the creature. Creeping closer to the slumbering beauty, it affixes a collar of strange design around her slender neck. Slowly, the collar begins to constrict, cutting off the air from her lungs.For details and Purchase Options...   READ MORE

Sex Orb From Space

“Sex Orb From Space”

Starring Lily Lebeau

Directed by JohnM


This is a big day for Dr. Labeau, the day she becomes the spokesperson for the human race during first contact with an alien species. The alien seems oddly curious about our human bodies and how they work. In order to appease the being of pure energy, Dr. Labeau is forced to strip, revealing the most intimate parts of her sexy body to not only the alien, but to all the other staff that are in attendance. It’s not enough for the alien, who then demands to see our method of reproduction.For details and Purchase Options...   READ MORE

Dee Dee Gets Monster Fucked

Starring Dee Dee Lynn and Rock

Dee Dee is getting ready for bed, slipping out of her blue, silk robe, revealing her slender body and large, natural tits. She is frightened by a glowing orb that changes color and dances around the room. It explodes, revealing a monster! Frightened she tries to run, but his big throbbing cock causes her to go to sleep.

He picks her up and brings her to the bed where he fucks her hard in multiple positions. She wakes up and tries to resist but he is too strong, his cock too hard. He picks her up and fucks her cowgirl and doggystyle before putting her back on the bed and fucking her until he cums hard and is satisfied.For details and Purchase Options...   READ MORE

Alien Batman

Starring Ashlyn Molloy and Rock

Directed by Alex Dorian

Batman and Batgirl have been called in to look into something that has fallen from space into an apartment in Gotham. They get to the scene and investigate. A small object is on the floor, shooting small sparks of electricity.

Batman leans in to touch it and there is a massive static explosion which shoots him across the room. Batgirl rushes to him, but something is different. He stands and picks up the object and starts to leave. Sensing a change in her mentor, she tries to stop him, only to find he is aggressive, pushing her up against a wall and kneeing her in the stomach multiple times with a as strong as Superman. It is apparent to the young heroine that Batman has become possessed by a powerful alien entity, set on taking over Gotham, maybe the world.For details and Purchase Options...   READ MORE


Starring Kay

On her world, she is the victim and having sex is dangerous.  You see, on her world, once the woman is impregnated, she goes into instant labor, the baby developing in her, then bursting through her belly and slithering off to it’s new daddy.  Mommy, unfortunately, is dead–a blood mess.  She loved sex, but she was not going to take that risk just for please. So, she escaped, off her world and found Earth.  Here, she could fuck all the guys she wanted, give them pleasure, feel all the pleasure she wanted and most importantly, no one got hurt. The only problem was–leaving her home world was illegal, a crime punishable by death.  She could never go home again. Tonight, she met a great guy at a bar, took him home and gave him pleasure.  She sucked his cock, and then they fucked. Later, they went to her bedroom and fucked even more. It was the best sex she ever had.  She had no idea Earthman could fuck like that.  It reminded her of something…. Then, as they were cuddling, she felt the pain start.  Even as she clutched her belly, the man got up, stood–watching her.  The pain started to intensify.  She had heard of this type of pain before–where had she…, she knew.  It was the feeling of pregnancy.  He eye widened. This was impossible unless—unless. And that is when he spoke.  He was not a human after all, but an alien as well–from her planet, sent to execute her for her crime.  But, instead of just vaporizing her, he thought it would be ironic to kill her in the very way she was trying to avoid.  The words faded as the pain increased.  She started convulsing, screaming in pain and agonizing. Blood curtaling screams–over and over and over.  Her face and muscles were locked–veins popping out of her neck–her body shacking, spamsing. Suddenly, she arched up, then down, then up, clutching her belly.  It was growing inside her, she knew, she knew it was about…to. Then it happened.  Her belly expanded and exploded.  The blood went everywhere, her innards flew out and somewhere in the cover of blood and organs, was it, the alien baby–a green trail that shot to the ceiling, where it most likely crawled away.  He will have to take care of it–later. Now, he looked down at her, at the once beautiful girl, frozen in death, a scared, pained look.  He left.  His job, done.For details and Purchase Options...   READ MORE