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Alex dreams of being a Super Hero. He decides to make a super hero costume and go out and fight crime. The first villain he meets kicks his ass and he ends up in the hospital with a broken dick. He takes a little time and then tries again, this time he doesn’t get his ass kicked, but instead meets two other real super heros who save the day and his ass. He ends up taking advantage of what he thinks is his super powers and shows and fucks the neighbor who has been making fun of him since she moved in. They decide to team up and he ends up over at our real super heros house, which are a father and a daughter. When they show up they find both of them fucking each other and Alex and his new side kick join in, but, despite Alex’s odd ways, turns out he is a psycho necro freak! After shooting the father in the real super-hero duo, he orders his new sidekick to strangle the daughter, and that good old dead poontang fixes his dick right up!For details and Purchase Options...   READ MORE

Posing Nikki

The photography session went well.  She is thirsty and he gives her some water.   Next, she feels strange and as she approaches him she slows down–even her speech.  Then, she is still.  Dead. He lifts her up on a platform and rotates her all around to get a look at her.  She is beautiful. What follows is an expose’ of art.  He spends careful time with his subject, manipulating and posing her in every way until his is satisfied. At the end, he stands her up on her tip-toes–like a ballerina.  She balances perfectly. His works is done and he leaves her in that position as a testament to her beauty and power.For details and Purchase Options...   READ MORE