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Day Girl: Champion of the Night World


Starring Darcie Belle and Javier

Daygirl is in hot pursuit of a bandit with a raygun. She follows him into a neighboring home, but he hides in the closet before she can enter. She bursts in the home with her fists cocked and ready for action, but she unknowingly turns her back on the bandit in the closet. He only has one shot left so he has to use it carefully.

Taking his chance, the bandit shoots her square in the back. She convulses and falls to the floor, face first. He decides to have some fun with her before he gets what he really wants. First he pulls down to top of her uniform to expose her tits. They’re beautiful and perfectly round. He fondles them, playing with her nipples and caressing her body as she moans weakly on the floor. For details and Purchase Options...   READ MORE

Captured and Trained Western Slaves


Starring Nickey Huntsman, Jessi Summers, Miles, and Rock

Nickey and her sister Jessi were kidnapped and taken to a compound in the jungle where they were to be trained as sex slaves and sold. They managed to escape the first day and ran wildly though the jungle, falling frequently, trying to escape their captors. The slavers found them and clubbed them with rifle butts. After they were beat down in the jungle, they were taken back to the compound and raped and sodomized.

The captors punch the girls in the boobs repeatedly after beating them down with their rifle butts. They forced them to suck their dicks and cum inside their mouths. After they raped them, they made them stand on a bench while they auctioned them off. They ordered the girls to dance seductively to spur the bidding. The girls tried, but the men just booed them. Then they auctioned them for cattle prodding. The winners used cattle prods on their vaginas and breasts, shocking them. The captors laughed as their bodies shook uncontrollably and their breasts jiggled and bounced.For details and Purchase Options...   READ MORE

Calyopes Costume Destruction

Starring Calyope and Rock

Directed by Alex Dorian

Calyope is an up and coming heroine, ready to take down all matters of evil. She finds out where a gangster is hiding out after a crime and then stalks to capture him.

She sneaks up, hand cuffs at the ready, but he hears her and turns to attack. He’s bigger and stronger and eventually beats her, but she doesn’t give up. He hand cuffs her then puts her out, then attaches her hand cuffed hands to a winch and starts to lift her up to a standing position.For details and Purchase Options...   READ MORE

Supergirl VS Powergirl

Starring Miley May and Victoria Verve

Directed by Alex Dorian

Supergirl and Powergirl have been captured by a malevolent super entity. Trapped in a dark and scary dungeon, they awake demanding to be released. A voice sounds from above and tells them to do whatever he says to be released. They stand firm and tell him they will not, so he zaps them with a celestial electricity beam, they collapse, still Supergirl refuses to play his game, Powergirl however, doesn’t seem to care and punches her friend in the back of the head.For details and Purchase Options...   READ MORE

Wonder Woman Meets Violatrix

Starring Rose Black and Willow

Directed by Alex Dorian

The vile supervillainess Violatrix has stuck!

Wonder Woman rushes to where she believes the evil fem domme is hiding, to find her sitting casually in a chair, riding crop in hand, waiting for her.

She demands to know what atrocities Violatrix is up to now, and she tells Wonder Woman that she has discovered the location of the Amazonian Princess’s home, Paradise Island, and has hidden explosives throughout, and will detonate unless Wonder Woman follows her every command.For details and Purchase Options...   READ MORE

The Revenge Of White Face

Three super heroines heard a rumor that the A.S.S., Association of Sinister Supervillains, has set up a secret factory that is manufacturing and selling magic rope that sucks the power out of anyone who is super. After some searching, they find a secret room, when they meet the White Face. He is able to cast a gas spell which knocks them out…he then starts to break them in, a little bondage and fighting never hurt anyone…He then uses a magic Hitachi to suck their powers out one orgasm at a time, and then he shoots themFor details and Purchase Options...   READ MORE

End of Supergirl

Supergirl enters a remote warehouse looking for a kidnap victim. But when she finds him, he turns out to not be who he says. After shooting her several times–bullets bouncing off, she asks him why.
He tells her that he knows she has certain information and that he was paid to extract that info. Supergirl finds this all humorous, flicks the gun out of his hand and tosses him across the room. But, she is surprised by the glowing kryptonite sphere he pulls out.

She is weakened and he places her in a kryptonite powered status field. She is barely able to move as he tortures her for the information. Every time she won’t tell him, zaps her with and electric shock fused with kryptonite particles.For details and Purchase Options...   READ MORE

Killing Ultragirl

Starring Lexxi

Ultragirl explores a dark storage room. Suddenly, a crystal placed in the room weakens her and she is dragged away. She wakes up, arms suspended above her, cuffed, and unable to get away from the crystals draining power. Her enemy is a killer of superheros and today was her day to die. He tries to run her through with her own blade, but her skin will not break. He knows it is only a matter of time, so he waits for her to weaken. She will die eventually, they always do. The next day, he comes back. She is begging to be freed, but he taunts her, then thrusts her knife into her again–still, it will not break the skin. Frustrated, he takes out his gun and shoots at her several times. The bullets bounce off–tearing holes in her costume, then ricocheting around the room. He pulls out his Uzi, fired it directly into her stomach. Nothing but sparks. But he knows she is starting to feel the pain as she reacts wildly to each barrage of bullets. He shoot her point blank in the face. Still nothing. Next, the shotgun. He fires right into her gut and she is thrown back, smoke and sparks flying. Then he shoots her twice in the face. Finally, blood starts to appear. She will be on her way soon. He comes back later, then beats her for a while. He hits her so hard he knocks a tooth out. That just makes him all the more excited. He continues to beat her. Later, he rips open her costume, then removes her mask, revealing her to be a poor, sobbing, sad girl. She is nothing without her powers and masked identity. He plays with her body, fingering her tight pussy, squeezing her perfect breasts. He torments her with the crystal, which glows as if to taunt her. When she knocks it out of his hand, he is infuriated, and burns her body with it by placing it directly on her skin. Frustrated that she is taking so long to die, he leaves her. In a week, he returns. She is clearly very weak. Sweat dripping off her body, bruised and battered. In her weakness, she begs for her life. He takes her blade and pushes it into her breast like a knife through butter. It pierces her heart and she shutters and dies, blood oozing out of her mouth, dripping off her blade. He tosses the knife down at her feet and leaves her there, bleeding on the floor. Ultragirl is dead. For details and Purchase Options...   READ MORE

Death of a Hero

Starring Ryanne

Note: This has about 5-6 minutes of smoking fetish content while WW is in plain clothes and her WW outfit. Also, great fight sequence and wonderful machine-gunning…..full effects—great reactions!!! This is my favorite SH themed movie to date!!!

WW has discovered the location of V’s secret lair. As she sits, verifying all the data on her computer, she lights up a cigarette and leisurely smokes it. After she finishes, she stands up and morphs into her WW outfit. She lights up and quickly intakes one more cigarette before heading off to capture V. At V’s lair, she confronts him, offering to take him in peacefully. He refuses, of course, she she starts tossing him around the room. He tries to punch her, but she is too strong and keeps beating him up. But, she in unaware that V has place traps all over his lair in the form of blue circles. When she steps in one, he presses a button on his wrist and she is electrocuted to unconsciousness. She wakes up, standing upright–immobile except for her head. He explains that she is trapped in a special force field that is tuned to her belt and bracelets. She looks over nervously at the Uzi on the table nearby. She has to buy more time to try to figure a way out. But now he is behind her, pulling her top down and feeling her large breasts. She is disgusted, but can do nothing but let him touch her. She asks for a last cigarette to try to get more time. He obligees her. As she smokes, she tries her best to figure out a way to escape. But, she realizes it is futile and she would die. She asks him to make it quick. He unloads 4 rounds into her right breast. She yells in pain and realizes he means to make her suffer. Next he puts three rounds in her belly. She is in horrible pain and she tastes the blood filling her mouth. He shoots her 4 more times in the belly and this time, blood is dripping from her mouth and she feels her life fading. She asks him to finish her. He does and five more shots rip through her center chest and left breast. She jerks to the impacts, takes a few shallow breaths, the her head slumps forward. She is dead. WW is dead. Later, he has her cooling body on a table where he snaps a couple photos for his clients, then steps back to observe what once was.For details and Purchase Options...   READ MORE