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Poison Ivy’s Repairman

“Poison Ivy’s Repairman”

Starring Pepper Hart

Poison Ivy’s affinity for foliage is well known, but she is, after all, still a woman. Sometimes she craves some meat in her diet. A fat, hard, juicy cock is what she needs and any thuggish brute that it’s attached to will do. She calls a repair service and, after asking some bewildering questions as to the physique of the man they’ll send out, gives her address and waits. As the clueless laborer enters the abode, he is first struck by the ravishing redhead approaching him in high heels and a curve-hugging, green gown. The second thing that hits him is a dose of Ivy’s mind-control pheromones.For details and Purchase Options...   READ MORE

Surprise Showdown

“Surprise Showdown”

Starring Penny Lay & Angel M

Directed by JohnM

Power Girl and Evil Supergirl are shocked to find themselves instantly teleported to a strange room. When they see each other, each believes the other responsible and they begin to fight. As they grapple with each other on the floor, another flash of light surprises them and they see the true villain. An evil scientist has brought them both to this place to be his sex slaves. With a small device, he takes control of them, plundering their tight, super-powered holes, using them as slaves to his desire. After he has exhausted his hot, sticky lust, he orders the two sluts to kill each other and then he teleports away, letting the two go at it. They die at each other’s hands, never even knowing who just fucked them.For details and Purchase Options...   READ MORE

Heinous Fuckery

“Heinous Fuckery”

Starring Olive & Verronica Kirei

Wonder Woman is lured into a trap, rendered powerless, stripped of her bracelets and tied down. Lifting her skirt to reveal her perfect, Amazonian ass, the villainous pair delight smacking her bottom until it’s red and raw. Dragging her onto the bed, the masked woman pulls Wonder Woman’s face into her crotch, forcing her to lap at her cunt, while her brute of a partner fucks her heinously from behind. They use her like a bouncy house at a birthday party filled with rambunctious brats hopped up on sugar and entitlement. They only stop once the man’s fat cock pumps a gallon of gonad gravy into her fertile oven, leaving her weak and disgraced.For details and Purchase Options...   READ MORE

Supergirl Tricked

“Supergirl Tricked”

Starring Shavelle Love & Penny Lay

Directed by JohnM

Supergirl rushes in to save a damsel in distress, only to discover that she’s been tricked. It was all a trap! The helpless waif that she thought was in trouble pulls out a shard of Kryponite, taking away Supergirl’s powers, and her burly accomplice covers her face with a chloroform soaked rag. When she awakens, she finds herself powerless, tied down to a table, the red-headed villainess already naked and molesting her. The duplicitous wench works her Kryptonian captive over, with her tongue and fingers at first, then making her cum again and again with a powerful vibrator. By the time the strap-on comes out, Supergirl is a drooling, moaning mess ready to be used like a mindless fuck toy.For details and Purchase Options...   READ MORE

Dominating Supergirl

“Dominating Supergirl”

Starring Zoe Clark & Mary Jane

Directed by JohnM

Supergirl and Wonder Woman search for a super-powered criminal, one whom they have never confronted, so his powers remain unknown. Suddenly, he appears in their midst, but disappears just a quickly. The teleporter reappears behind Wonder Woman, taking her lasso and wrapping it around her, immobilizing her. He attempts to surprise Supergirl from behind, but is unprepared for her strength. Deciding it would be wiser to let others fight his battles, he orders Wonder Woman to take care of Supergirl, however she would like.For details and Purchase Options...   READ MORE

Stargirl Goes Down

“Stargirl Goes Down”

Starring Norah Nova

Directed by JohnM

Stargirl is young, sexy and in her prime. With all the power at her disposal, taking down Hypno Hippie should have been easy, but her over confidence was her downfall. Making the mistake of meeting his gaze, and watching the swinging pendulum he held out, allowed the longhaired Lothario to place her in a trance and take control of her innocent mind. Ordering her to get on her knees and suck his dick, he only meant to teach her a lesson, but the lewd command triggered something deep within her. An inner slut is unleashed that neither or them is prepared for.For details and Purchase Options...   READ MORE

Super Showdown

“Super Showdown”

Starring Olive, Kate Kenzi & Verronica Kirei

Super Vixen must prepare for a showdown with her arch-nemesis, The Mutilator, with potentially lethal consequences. Luckily, her faithful sidekick, Power Girl, is helping her prepare, stretching her limbs, sliding Super Vixen’s tight, shiny costume onto her curvy body and, most importantly, giving her pre-fight orgasms. Despite this assistance, the fight goes poorly, with The Mutilator shooting her, then beating, stabbing and skewering the weakened superheroine. As a final insult, she shoved a lethal dildo into the dying hero’s cunt.For details and Purchase Options...   READ MORE

Death by Cyber Cock

“Death by Cyborg Cock”

Starring Ember Stone

Directed by JohnM

What does a young, Kryptonian girl have to do to get laid? Super-strength, invulnerability, it’s tough to find a man who will even date her, let alone rough fuck her like a cheap whore. So when a rampaging cyborg starts to knock her around like a flimsy rag doll, she just kind of goes with it. Oh, she takes a little convincing, like being tied down and forced to come again and again, but she’s on her knees soon enough, sucking cyborg cock like her life depended on it. Gasping and moaning, as the fat, bio-mechanical womb stretcher thrusts into her, she reveals herself for the true slut she is. What began as a knock-down, drag-out fight quickly becomes a super-powered love fest that leaves Supergirl spent, sticky and satisfied.For details and Purchase Options...   READ MORE

Secret Weapon

“Secret Weapon”

Starring Olive & Verronica Kirei

Future Girl confronts Doctor Voodoo when she catches her skulking through her lair. The fight is brutal and looks to be over quickly when the evil Doctor V land several punishing cunt punches to F.G.’s tender coochie. That is when the ballsy blonde reveals her secret weapon.

Did someone say Future Girl? I think they meant Futa Girl! Which would be a much more appropriate name once we see the hard, thick cock raising up from under the hem of her skirt. Doctor Voodoo is stunned at the gender bending surprise, which is the opening that F.G. was looking for. Racing forward, she grabs the doctor’s head and skull fucks her into submission. Capitalizing on her advantage, she wields her massive crotch mallet to pound her opponent’s pussy until she moans in pleasurable submission. Victory feels good, so good that Future Girl cannot contain her excitement and shoots load after load onto Doctor Voodoo, coating her in thick, sticky love-goo.For details and Purchase Options...   READ MORE

Mystery of Space Monk

“The Mystery of Space Monk”

Starring Moka Mora

A self-styled Huntress is determined to learn the mystery of Space Monk, but is unprepared for his overwhelming power … and lust. Whilst skulking about his lair, he suddenly appears behind her in a flash of light. Before she can launch an attack, she is disarmed and subdued. Taking control of her with his psychic powers, he turns the sexy superheroine into his fuck puppet, ramming his cock down her throat and plundering her tight cunt. Pulling his cock from her ravaged hole, he anoints the defeated defender with his mighty space seed, leaving her sticky and humiliated. To assure the continuation of his mystery, Space Monk uses his powers to force her to kill herself. Even as her own hands begin to tighten around her own throat, Space Monk disappears, letting her die alone.For details and Purchase Options...   READ MORE