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Yellow Jacket Meets Draculoid & Frankenzombie

starring Rilynn, Rock and Brock

As Draculoid and Frankenzombie search for the codes to a large weapons cache they are interrupted by Yellow Jacket. She holds her own for awhile and kicks some ass. Draculoid pulls out his ray gun, shoots her, she avoids being hit and then the battle continues. While she is holding her own for a while Draculoid gets another chance with his ray gun and this time hits her and she is rendered helpless and then knocked out. Draculoid decides they should have a little playtime with our super heroine.  They strip her and then Draculoid fucks Yellow Jacket. Next Frankenzombie takes his revenge on her by fucking her like the monster he is. She wakes and tries to escape but still powerless from the ray gun, she is then strangled and killed by the two villains.For details and Purchase Options...   READ MORE

Pinstripes vs. Redline

starring Marylin and Rock

Professor Pinstripes has a plan to tap into a multinational banking company via an online program and steal money. However he has no clue how the as he calls it the “interwebs” really works. He calls his cable company to get a repair person over to help him, but the call is intercepted by “LOG” the League of Good. Redline is dispatched to stop his evil plan and make sure he doesn’t get away with stealing. She shows up, asks a few questions and makes sure of what he is doing and then turns into Redline. Pinstripes has trouble with the fact she’s a woman and at first just can’t bring himself to fight a woman. Redline tells him he must stop or else. He doesn’t stop and that’s when Redline is forced to make him stop. As she is just about to overpower Pinstripes, she makes a comment about his love for pinstripes and it enrages him. He kicks her ass and takes her back to his dungeon for a little torture. He shoots her with his Debilitator Ray and she becomes powerless.  He fondles, fucks her and she starts to see that maybe being evil has its points.  He strips her naked and has his way with her. Then finds he has grown tried of her and he strangles her to death.For details and Purchase Options...   READ MORE

Wonderbabe and Supertits

starring Marylin, LeAnn and Rock

Professor Pinstripes is hiding out in his secret lair: A fancy hotel room downtown. Wonderbabe and Supertits have been tracking him down for quite awhile now. They force their way into his lair to find him masturbating to ye olde literature, they just won’t have it. They command him to accompany them back to his jail cell but Professor Pinstripes is up in a second and ready to fight. Two super ladies is quite a challenge, but a seasoned villain like Pinstripes has no problem taking them out. He pulls out a laser and fries the two of them till they are incapacitated then goes for the kill! He strangles Supertits till the super-bitch dies, then turns his garrote on Wonderbabe. Pinstripes is one dapper libertine you don’t want to fuck with… . For details and Purchase Options...   READ MORE

Killing Ultragirl

Starring Lexxi

Ultragirl explores a dark storage room. Suddenly, a crystal placed in the room weakens her and she is dragged away. She wakes up, arms suspended above her, cuffed, and unable to get away from the crystals draining power. Her enemy is a killer of superheros and today was her day to die. He tries to run her through with her own blade, but her skin will not break. He knows it is only a matter of time, so he waits for her to weaken. She will die eventually, they always do. The next day, he comes back. She is begging to be freed, but he taunts her, then thrusts her knife into her again–still, it will not break the skin. Frustrated, he takes out his gun and shoots at her several times. The bullets bounce off–tearing holes in her costume, then ricocheting around the room. He pulls out his Uzi, fired it directly into her stomach. Nothing but sparks. But he knows she is starting to feel the pain as she reacts wildly to each barrage of bullets. He shoot her point blank in the face. Still nothing. Next, the shotgun. He fires right into her gut and she is thrown back, smoke and sparks flying. Then he shoots her twice in the face. Finally, blood starts to appear. She will be on her way soon. He comes back later, then beats her for a while. He hits her so hard he knocks a tooth out. That just makes him all the more excited. He continues to beat her. Later, he rips open her costume, then removes her mask, revealing her to be a poor, sobbing, sad girl. She is nothing without her powers and masked identity. He plays with her body, fingering her tight pussy, squeezing her perfect breasts. He torments her with the crystal, which glows as if to taunt her. When she knocks it out of his hand, he is infuriated, and burns her body with it by placing it directly on her skin. Frustrated that she is taking so long to die, he leaves her. In a week, he returns. She is clearly very weak. Sweat dripping off her body, bruised and battered. In her weakness, she begs for her life. He takes her blade and pushes it into her breast like a knife through butter. It pierces her heart and she shutters and dies, blood oozing out of her mouth, dripping off her blade. He tosses the knife down at her feet and leaves her there, bleeding on the floor. Ultragirl is dead. For details and Purchase Options...   READ MORE

Death of a Hero

Starring Ryanne

Note: This has about 5-6 minutes of smoking fetish content while WW is in plain clothes and her WW outfit. Also, great fight sequence and wonderful machine-gunning…..full effects—great reactions!!! This is my favorite SH themed movie to date!!!

WW has discovered the location of V’s secret lair. As she sits, verifying all the data on her computer, she lights up a cigarette and leisurely smokes it. After she finishes, she stands up and morphs into her WW outfit. She lights up and quickly intakes one more cigarette before heading off to capture V. At V’s lair, she confronts him, offering to take him in peacefully. He refuses, of course, she she starts tossing him around the room. He tries to punch her, but she is too strong and keeps beating him up. But, she in unaware that V has place traps all over his lair in the form of blue circles. When she steps in one, he presses a button on his wrist and she is electrocuted to unconsciousness. She wakes up, standing upright–immobile except for her head. He explains that she is trapped in a special force field that is tuned to her belt and bracelets. She looks over nervously at the Uzi on the table nearby. She has to buy more time to try to figure a way out. But now he is behind her, pulling her top down and feeling her large breasts. She is disgusted, but can do nothing but let him touch her. She asks for a last cigarette to try to get more time. He obligees her. As she smokes, she tries her best to figure out a way to escape. But, she realizes it is futile and she would die. She asks him to make it quick. He unloads 4 rounds into her right breast. She yells in pain and realizes he means to make her suffer. Next he puts three rounds in her belly. She is in horrible pain and she tastes the blood filling her mouth. He shoots her 4 more times in the belly and this time, blood is dripping from her mouth and she feels her life fading. She asks him to finish her. He does and five more shots rip through her center chest and left breast. She jerks to the impacts, takes a few shallow breaths, the her head slumps forward. She is dead. WW is dead. Later, he has her cooling body on a table where he snaps a couple photos for his clients, then steps back to observe what once was.For details and Purchase Options...   READ MORE

Wondergirl Meets The Supervixens

Starring Olive, Jizzabelle, Ashlee, Kyle and Rock

Wondergirl is attacked at an office where she stopped by to make sure everything was safe. She was asked to keep an eye on things while the owner was away. The Supervixens have been following her for days and now was their chance. After a long hard struggle the finally get the best of Wondergirl and she then finds her self back at their lair. They both decide she needs a good ass kicking and they give it to her. After a while they chain her up and take their special vibrator to her, then remove her clothing using a special sonic weapon they purchased for just such an occasion and force her into pleasure. The Supervixens decide maybe a little slap and tickle might be fun for a while. As our villain Dr. Wayne Brennen enters to pay the Supervixens for kidnapping her, she escapes and starts to kick the Supervixens ass. When Dr. Wayne Brennen pulls out his ray gun, she is stunned and he grabs her and strangles her while the Supervixens masturbate while watching and enjoying Wondergirl die. The 3 leave her and are off to cause more mayhem.

Fetish Elements:   Nudity, Kidnapping, Sexual Content, Killing, Strangled, Forced Masturbation, Death, Body Views, Bondage, Superheroine

Note: Actresses are over 18 at the time of filming and the word “teen”, “teenage”, “young girl” is only meant to imply legal age characters regardless of audience interpretation.
PKF Studios adheres to USC 2257 record keeping requirements.

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Supergurl vs. Dark Stalker

Starring Brandy Alexander


Supergirl enters the warehouse/artists workshop of her close friend and informant Nathanial.  He had some information for her on the Dark Stalker, her newest and most secretive enemy.  But, when she arrived, he was no where to be found.

She searched the warehouse all over and found no sign of her friend.  Suddenly, the Dark Stalker appeared in a doorway.  She was ready to fight, but so was he.  He tossed a special crystal at her feet.  Suddenly she felt all her powers being drained.  She was now mortal.  Before she had a chance to truly understand what happened, he came at her.For details and Purchase Options...   READ MORE

Allie James is Wondergirl

Starring Allie James and Trixie Gunn Allie is smoking hot as Wondergirl. She is having lunch with Catgirl as Mr. Wrong surprises them. He turns them into his slaves with his special weapon. They are taken back to his lair where he makes Catgirl molest Wondergirl then he instructs her to kill the bitch. Fetish Elements:   Nudity, Kidnapping, Sexual Content, Rape, Killing, Strangled, Forced Masturbation, Death, Body Views.

Note: Actresses are over 18 at the time of filming and the word “teen”, “teenage”, “young girl” is only meant to imply legal age characters regardless of audience interpretation. For details and Purchase Options...   READ MORE

Suprgirl Vs. Spidagirl

Suprgirl finds Spidagirls secret lair.  But, when she tries to take her the tables are turned and she finds herself in Spida’s control.Will Suprgirl make it out alive? Will Spidagirl get her just desserts? Find out–watch this great movie!

Fetish Elements:   Nudity, Graphic Sexual Content, Dildo, Pussy Rubbing, Hand Strangling, Body Views.