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Where Is Mr. Sleaze?

“Where Is Mr. Sleaze?”

Starring Shavelle Love

Flash is on the lookout for wanted criminal Mr. Sleaze. Little does she know, he’s been hunting her too. The hulking creep gets the drop on her and stealthily injects her with a sleeping serum before the quick superheroine can user her super-speed. Flash wakes up gagged and in hand cuffs An ominous, powerful-looking vibrator sits menacingly nearby.

Mr. Sleaze starts torturing Flash with some cruel tickling. Flash squirms and laughs against her will. Her ankles are cuffed and she can’t run away when the vibrator clicks on with a potent buzz. Mr. Sleaze holds Flash down and brings her to the brink of an orgasm several times before ordering her to suck his cock. The effects of the serum and the vibrator have weakened Flash’s willpower. She has no choice but to obediently orally service her new master. As a reward, she gets to ride his cock reverse cowgirl until she cums; her massive tits bouncing all the while.For details and Purchase Options...   READ MORE

Hush, Little Robin

“Hush, Little Robin”

Starring Lilly LaVey

Poor little Robin has been captured by a dangerous commando. She plays dumb when he asks her for Batman’s whereabouts. He’s no mood for her coy little games. With a slap, he sends her flying to the bed. Robin’s hands are cuffed and she’s unable to defend herself, as the mad brute cruelly spanks and tickles her. She screams and struggles but she can’t escape the merciless thug’s torturous tickles. Next, he flogs her naughty little ass with his whip.For details and Purchase Options...   READ MORE

Breaking Batgirl

“Breaking Batgirl”

Starring Pepper Kester and Lexi Tawny

Directed by JohnM

We join Batgirl in the middle of knockdown, drag-out battle with the Ice Queen. She successfully neutralizes the villainess’s frosty powers with an ingenious device from her trusty utility belt. The playing field doesn’t stay level for long, however, when Ice Queen summons her brutish henchman, Butch. He quickly manhandles our superheroine, and the villainous duo binds Batgirl to an X frame apparatus.

Batgirl is now helpless to defend herself as Ice Queen tickles her, strips of her clothes, and orders Butch to administer cruel shocks with his taser. Batgirl’s titties jiggle with every jolt! Next, Ice Queen has Batgirl placed in a tiny cage, and prods her until she submits to giving Butch a blow job through the holes of her enclosure.For details and Purchase Options...   READ MORE

Useless to Resist

“Useless to Resist”

Starring Norah Nova

Wonder Woman is captured by Cheetah and her evil accomplice. Tied to the bed, the sexy Wonder Woman is defenseless against Cheetahs tongue. She is bit  gagged, her tits sucked, and her pussy rubbed and licked by Cheetah before her powers are sucked out of her with a powerful magic wand. When Cheetah’s accomplice joins in, Wonder Woman stands no chance against the evil duo as she is forsed to take the entire length of his cock, his tongue in her ass, and Cheetah’s clit in her mouth. During the encounter however Cheetah becomes fond of the whispy Wonder Woman and as she exacts revenge in the name of her new found friend on his cock, he is forced to lick the boot of his new enemy. Having enough of the betrayal, the masked marauder spears Wonder Woman suddenly with a throwing knife, and wraps the rope around Cheetahs neck. She struggles with all her might against the tension of the rope, but in the end it is no use. Her body goes limp, ligature marks permanently engraved in her delicate neck as she joins her Wonder Woman in death.For details and Purchase Options...   READ MORE

Robin’s Bad Idea

“Robin’s Bad Idea”

Starring Stella Cox and Penny Lay

The adorable robin, got all dressed up to finally capture the sexy Harley Quinn, but Harley isn’t even responding to her presence! It’s almost as if she’s not even intimidated. Robin throws a hissy fit, and cutely stomps her feet in contempt of Harley for not taking her seriously. As she pouts, a henchman steps from the shadows and grabs her, swiftly taking her down. The pleased Harley Quinn finally lets a smirk cross her lips as the two take Robin away.For details and Purchase Options...   READ MORE

Kryptonite Surprise

“Kryptonite Surprise”

Starring Norah Nova

Directed by JohnM


Supergirl confronts the evil MaX CoXXX, but he is ready for her. As she nears, ready to bring him to justice, he surprises her with the largest piece of Kryptonite that she has ever seen. Weakened by the power-stealing crystal, she is helpless against the might of MaX. Pushing her down into a chair, he threatens her with the phallic shaped shard, poking her in belly, exposing her pert boobs and nearly bare pussy, shoving it between her virginal butt cheeks and threatening to fuck her with it. Never in such a vulnerable position before, her reserve crumbles and she becomes a pliant and terror-stricken submissive. MaX laughs as he sees how wet her pussy is becoming as he roughly grinds his hand against her most private parts, her body betraying the superheroine’s once brave demeanor.For details and Purchase Options...   READ MORE

Making Robin Talk

“Making Robin Talk”

Starring Norah Nova

Directed by MaX CoXXX


Things look bad for the Girl Wonder in this episode, fellow bat-fans! The Joker has arranged for a trap and now Robin is bound, spread eagle, and at the mercy of one of Joker’s minions. He has been tasked with making Robin talk and give up the location of the Bat Cave. Exposing Robin’s hot body, as she is helpless to prevent the villain from doing whatever he wants to her, the man gropes her pert breasts, sucks on her pretty, pink nipples and probes her juicy twat with his impossibly long tongue. Switching on a powerful vibrator, he targets our heroine’s defenseless pussy and vulnerable clit, causing her to shake and strain against her bonds, unable to fight the relentless waves of orgasms. He leaves her there, for hours, the sex toy sending unending currents of pleasure, her panties soaked through, while she can do little more than moan. How long can her torture last?For details and Purchase Options...   READ MORE

Electra Goes Down

“Electra Goes Down”
Starring Norah Nova
Directed by MaX CoXXX


An enterprising art thief has broken into a house and is perusing the valuable works displayed on the wall. This isn’t just any house, however, it’s the lair of infamous assassin, Electra. Luckily, the thief has had ninja training, as well, and a mighty battle ensues. Swords slash and fists fly, as each tries to gain the upper hand. Then, the thief discovers Electra’s one weakness; her vulnerability to being tickled. The thief is merciless, tickling ribs, boobs and sensitive inner thighs, until she is reduced to a helpless pile of giggles.For details and Purchase Options...   READ MORE

Star of Stargirl

 “Star of Stargirl” 

Starring Norah Nova


What villain doesn’t like to hear a superheroine beg, especially when they’re begging to suck the villain’s dick? This is the goal of Doctor Evil and he has planned well, studying the weaknesses of his chosen target, Stargirl. Catching her by surprise, he renders her unconscious and ties her, spread eagle, to a table. He has learned that the secret of her power is in her pussy and if he can make her cum enough times, he will get her power. She struggles against her bonds, but the doctor knows his enemy well and used restraints that even she can’t break.For details and Purchase Options...   READ MORE



STARRING: Zoey Laine, Rock, and Miles

Jump girl is taking on two villains as she struggles against their punches and kicks. Slowly she is overtaken and carried off to their lair.

She awakes finding herself tied up by the wrists and ankles only able to move at a minimum. She is unable to use her powers and the gang members are ready to get their revenge.

They start by exposing her breasts and feeling her legs and thighs. They slowing start touching her pussy and making her wiggle in pleasure. they continue with light choking and tickling.For details and Purchase Options...   READ MORE