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Flash Fails


STARRING: Jenny Jett and Sgt. Miles

Bane is pacing in his lair, waiting. He hears a noise and the Flash is whipping through the room. Turns out this was just a trap to lure the Flash to his hideout and his laser weapon zaps her and knocks her out.

She wakes up, shackled with her hands above her head, her super speed is still active but she can’t get out. Bane proceeds to tickle her mercilessly all over her body. He removes one of her leather boots and the sock underneath to tickle her dainty feet.For details and Purchase Options...   READ MORE

Who Are You?

Starring Karma Leone and Alex Dorian

Alex arrive home with his new, posable woman, Karma, after time-stopping her and carting her home. He poses her in provocative positions while fondling her body. He unfreezes her and she, naturally, freaks out, wondering where she is. He tries to console her but she is too hysterical and he freezes her again, taking off her clothes and stripping her down.

He tries to unfreeze her, but she is still hysterical. He freezes her once more and plays with her ass and strips off her shoes and panties as he continues to pose her. He unfreezes her and she tries to run, but he stops her before she can reach the door. He turns her around and unfreezes her again as she continues running, only to find the wall. She retreats and he grabs her, trying to tickle her. He freezes her and poses her, taking some sexy photos before unfreezing her. She is so confused as to where she is and he freezes her one last time, letting her think about her situation.For details and Purchase Options...   READ MORE

Beating Batgirl

Starring April May and Javier Lovetongue

Batgirl has been handcuffed and blindfolded by Bane and taken to his private play area. He has big plans for her and removes the handcuffs, replacing them with leather strap. He fastens her to a chain above her head and begins to punch her while he teases her. After he works her over he removes her blindfold and proceeds to tickle her stomach and her legs. She pleads for him to stop as she laughs from his fingers dancing off her skin.

Taking her skirt off first, he then removes her panties and shoves them in her mouth.For details and Purchase Options...   READ MORE

Stop, Thief!

Starring April May and Javier Lovetongue

Javier, a crafty thief, has broken into an apartment and begins to rummage around, taking what he wants for himself. Before he can finish he is confronted by Wonder Woman who knocks him to the ground.

But her victory is short-lived as Javier get the better of her and begins to smack her ass. He handcuffs her and tickles her feet relentlessly. He rips her pantyhose and pulls down her underwear and uses a monster vibrator on her clit while he squeeze her nipples.For details and Purchase Options...   READ MORE

Stargirl and Hellfire


Starring Odette Delacroix and Rock

Stargirl and Hellfire are in the midst of a very heated battle. He tosses a fireball at her chest! She staggers backward but keeps her balance. Then she charges up her cosmic rod and zaps him! But he grabs the rod and uses his powers to instantly make it smolderingly hot. The hellfire courses through the rod and Powergirl has to let go!

She falls backward, cradling the burning flesh of her hands. Hellfire uses this opportunity to snap the cosmic rod into several pieces! She screams in protest, but it’s too late. He punches Stargirl repeatedly until she is too weak to fight. Then he pulls her up on his lap and starts to punish her with tickles. He tickles her armpits and her thighs. She laughs and moans and squirms all over him. For details and Purchase Options...   READ MORE

Rise Of The Tachyon Gang

Starring Odette Delacroix, Peper Kester, Willow Hayes, Athena, Miles, Alexander and Rock

Directed by Alex Dorian

The Tachyon Gang is a group of thugs who use their special ability of speed and technology to “freeze” whole cities, practically stopping time, and steal everything they can. A group of government spies find where they are set to strike next and go to stop them. The fearless Odette, with her partners Willow and Pepper, armed with lasers go to where they are supposed to be hiding out. A laser battle ensues, but the bomb goes off before they can get it, freezing the whole city.For details and Purchase Options...   READ MORE

Supergirl vs Dr. Kill

Starring Allie James, Willow, Alexander, Rock and Lucky

Directed by Alex Dorian

Supergirl has been captured by two thugs with kryptonite, she is dragged to the secret lair of Dr. K, mad scientist

He orders the thugs to strap her to the table, but she knocks the deadly green rock from their hand and starts to fight for her life

She kicks the thugs asses, but knocks one down next to the kryptonite, and he tosses it to his buddy and he beats the heroine down into submission.

They take her top off and cuff her to the slab, Dr. K tapes the kryptonite to her chest, then orders his thugs to punch her in the belly.For details and Purchase Options...   READ MORE

Creature From The Lazarus Pit

Starring Lumin, Victoria Verve, Willow, Viva and Torro Bravo

Directed by Alex Dorian

Deep inside of Ra’s al Ghul’s hideout, Talia is practicing combat with a League member when her father comes up and tells her that he is leaving, but to be cautious, as he has heard that Batgirl and Robin are snooping around in the area.

As he exits his sanctuary, Batgirl and Robin find the entrance and sneak through the building, they here Ra’s’s footsteps and hide, Ra’s suspects something is wrong, so sets the alarm. After he leaves, Batgirl and Robin continue sneaking, but one of them accidentally trips the silent alarm. Talia and her henchwoman rush to see what is happening.For details and Purchase Options...   READ MORE

Batgirl Captured By Wayne Brenen

Batgirl has been captured by some of Wayne Brenen’s thugs, they drag her into her lair and lock her in a cell. The thugs sit down and play a game of cards. She distracts them by throwing something from her utility belt, and they go to check the noise, she then pulls a lock pick from the heel of her shoe and starts to pick the lock, she finally gets it when her captors come back and continue playing their card game, one of the thugs fold and goes to check on Batgirl, he notices the lock is unlocked and she kicks the cell door open knocking him down, the other thugs rush in and attack, she makes short work of them, when Wayne Brenen comes in and pulls out a raygun and fires, she collapses to the ground, weak and convulsing. Dr. Brenen orders his thugs to tie her up, they put her on a table leaning against the cell, with her arms over her head and her legs frog tied as she hangs there helpless. Dr. Brenen starts to punish this poor heroine by having his men tickle her, then he gives them the Hitachi magic wand and has them hold her down while they rub it on her pussy, making her scream in pleasure and humiliation as she cums again and again. Wayne Brenen decides it’s time to reward his thugs, so as he leaves, he tells them they can have their way with her, they argue over who gets to fuck her first, but Torro wins and fucks her till he cums all over her, she tries to escape so Torro grabs the rope and strangles her and leaves her dead body in the cell for future use.For details and Purchase Options...   READ MORE

Spiderman vs The Jewel Thieves

Directed by Alex Dorian

Olive and Kyle are jewel thieves, and they hit the motherload, when Spiderman comes to put a stop to it, Olive karate chops his web shooters then tells Kyle to get him, Spiderman quickly defeats Kyle and Olive is not ready to go down without a fight, so she fights Spiderman with all her strength while he teases her, jumping around, dodging her hits. He finally finishes her, and drags her to the center of the room and unmasks the sleeping villainess and realizes how beautiful she is, he leans down to kiss her, then overwhelmed by his horniness, he strips her and starts to fuck her until she wakes up and struggles against him, but he keeps pounding her until he cums all over her chest, then he suits up and as he is about to leave, she threatens to tell on him, so he strangles the evil bitchFor details and Purchase Options...   READ MORE