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Dead Doll Diva

Starring Kirsten

A pop idol visits a waxworks studio to get her likeness made.  She is such a bitch, that instead, the technician uses a special pulse on his cell phone to kill her.  Instantly dead, she is frozen and posable like a doll.  He spends plenty of time posing her.  Eventually, he takes her into another room, strips her and continues to pose and explore her.  At one point, he bends her over and does her doggie style.  When he is done, he give her a final pose, takes some photos and leave himself a note on her forehead before leaving to prep for waxing.For details and Purchase Options...   READ MORE

Stolen Time

Starring Alisha Adams & Joshua When a stranger steals the time stop machine he pays a visit to Alisha and takes full advantage of her while she is frozen in time He fondles her and removes her clothes and has his way with her. As she wakes up he re-freezes her over and over again. Alisha is super hot in this video.  

Fetish Elements:   Nudity, Sexual Content, Rape, Forced Blow Job, Killing, Strangled, Death, Body Views