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Roasting Melissa

“Roasting Melissa”

Starring Penny Lay & Melissa Moore

Directed by JohnM

The green-eyed devil rears its ugly head when Melissa catches a slut like Penny trying to steal her man. But she knows just what to do, and has an oddly well outfitted dungeon to teach the whore some manners. Once she has her chained and at her mercy, Melissa tugs on Penny’s tender, pierced nipples, flogs her and then ties her to the rack to be stretched and tormented. All it takes, however is an instant of letting her guard down and Penny goes on the attack, strangling the cruel Melissa to unconsciousness.For details and Purchase Options...   READ MORE

Roasting Olivia

“Roasting Olivia”

Starring Casey Calvert & Olivia

Directed by JohnM

Jealously rears its ugly head, as these two vengeful cuties torment each other cruelly in a fight over their men. Olivia, driven insane by the wanton ways of her chief rival and local slut, Casey Calvert, has abducted the dark haired jezebel and chained her in an underground dungeon. After taunting and flogging her, she ties poor Casey to the infamous rack, stretching her painfully.

Believing her victim helpless, Olivia makes a fatal error and is soon made into Casey’s captive. She is chained, stripped and flogged, but remains defiant, until she, too, feels the agony of being pulled relentlessly on the rack. Her screams are barely muffled by a make shift gag, but the worst is still yet to come. Seeking the ultimate revenge, Casey ties Olivia to a large, metal plate, suspended above a blazing fire pit. Olivia squirms and writhes, as the heat roasts her alive, while Casey laughs sadistically at the blonde’s dreadful demise. I wonder if this has anything to do with Casey’s new food cart, The Long Pig?For details and Purchase Options...   READ MORE

Roasting Norah

“Roasting Norah”

Starring Norah Nova & Venus

Directed by JohnM

Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned, to paraphrase the writer, William Congreve. He wrote that in 1697 and it still stands true today. Just ask Venus, she’ll tell you. Stripped down to just a flimsy bikini, her arms chained painfully over head, helpless as the furious Norah Nova screams at her, strips her and flogs the poor girl’s exposed flesh. All because she went skinny dipping with Norah’s boyfriend. Venus must suffer whips and chains, not to mention an agonizing torture session on the dreaded rack!For details and Purchase Options...   READ MORE

Gourmet Pepper

Starring Pepper and Alex Dorian

Alex’s latest shipment has arrived and he is very excited! The Girl Delivery Service has brought over a very large box for him. He knocks on his, hearing the frightened noises inside. He opens it to find Pepper, bound and ball-gagged, waiting for him. He removes her ball gag and picks her up taking her to the kitchen.

He removes her rope restraints and begins stripping her down. Using a brush he drapes her with olive oil all over her body, sprinkling salt and pepper over her delectable skin. She pleads for him to stop, as he reveals that he is going to cook her and eat her.For details and Purchase Options...   READ MORE

Date Night

Starring Casey Calvert and Miles

Directed by Todds McBrewer

Casey and Miles are two singe young people looking for fun, they met on the internet, and after a nice date, Casey invites him home with her.

She pours him a drink and they toast, Miles is sure he’s going to get some, but turns out Casey isn’t interested in big strong men with hard cocks, she likes little tiny guys, so she put some shrinking potion into his drink, and watches in pleasure as he shrinks down to about 2in height. For details and Purchase Options...   READ MORE

Bane Dominates Power Girl

Starring Mona Wales and Miles

Directed by Alex Dorian

Power Girl is on the hunt for Bane, she sneaks through his secret hideout and finds him, she rushes at him throwing punches but he is too powerful even for her. In a rush of rage, he takes her down and then straps her onto the X till she wakes.

Once she wakes up, he takes her tits out and fondles them, and decides to torment her by tickling her, he tickles her sides and her feet and all over, which weakens her up a bit.

He pulls out a power stealing vibrator and rubs it on her pussy, it quickly brings her to orgasm, and with every mind boggling orgasm, she gets weaker and weaker, until she is powerless.For details and Purchase Options...   READ MORE

Time-Out With Teacher

Starring Odette Delacroix and Miles

Directed by Alex Dorian

Odette has asked her teacher, Miles, if he can help her study, he agreed and they went back to his house.

Miles tells her that he will give her A’s if she “takes care of him”, Odette is not that kind of girl and says no, so Miles timestops her.

He messes with her a bit, stripping her a little bit and then restarting time to watch her freak out. He slowly takes off all of her clothes while freezing and unfreezing her, and Odette continues to freak out, not knowing what is happening.For details and Purchase Options...   READ MORE

The Doctor And His Doll

Starring Alexandria and David

Directed by Alex Dorian

Dr. Judith Summers is working late doing some paperwork at her job at the morgue when her assistant David comes in to tell her that he is off for the night.

David is very good at his job, but tomorrow is his last day, he is off to work at his uncles wax museum. Dr. Summers has always liked David, and tells him that she is going to miss him.

Later that evening, a masked man enters her office and sneaks up behind her and injects a freeze serum into her neck, freezing her stiff, dead.For details and Purchase Options...   READ MORE

The Supergirl Collector

Starring Alexandria and David

Directed by Alex Dorian

Superman has been captured by the Collector, and Supergirl is hot on the trail to rescue him.

She wanders through a warehouse where she believes he is, but only finds David, the Collector’s henchman.

Supergirl rushes into action and starts beating on him, but he has a secret weapon, a kryptonite rope, which he pulls out of his pocket, exposed to the meteor rock, Supergirl collapses, weakened. David takes the rope and wraps it around his knuckle and starts to rub it on her face, then beat her until she is out.For details and Purchase Options...   READ MORE

The Silencing Of Black Canary

Starring Roxy Rox, Rock and Alexander

Directed by Alex Dorian

Rock and Alexander are two common thugs who broke into a house and start grabbing everything of value into their bags.

Black Canary is nearby and see’s them in the house burglarizing, so she runs in to save the day. Seeing the heroine, they rush her and start hitting her with their bags of loot, but she takes the hits and then uses her super sonic scream to incapacitate them, she knocks them down, but they still persist.

They pull out a ball gag and beat her down the best they can then gag her. Without her super scream to help her, they are able to tie her up and get their revenge.For details and Purchase Options...   READ MORE