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Crystal Ball Beheading

“Crystal Ball Beheadings”

Starring Casey Calvert

Directed by JohnM 

Mistress Casey gazed into her crystal ball, the swirling mists of time resisting her magical talent for seeing the many possible futures. Normally an adept and powerful seer, the shifting visions her mystical orb revealed to her made the patterns of fate more confusing. She saw herself wandering about her spacious abode, looking for something. Her skin tight rubber gown hugged her many curves, but also made it difficult to breath at times and compressed her gut terribly. It was her gut that troubled her, as it roiled, gassy pains disturbing the seductive sorceress. Bending over to find some relief, a fart trumpeted from her round posterior.For details and Purchase Options...   READ MORE

Dirty Little Witch

“Dirty Little Witch”
Starring Maizee Mazoku and Miles

The witch Maizee is up to no good when she is interrupted by the famous witch hunter Sgt. Miles.

They fight but miles has come prepared by knowing all Maizee’s witch tricks. Miles takes control and cuffs her as well as gags her with her own stockings.

Moving her to his dungeon he hangs her naked by her hands on top of a stump where he prepares her to burn once and for all.

Maizee struggles for a moment as she is ingulfed in flames.For details and Purchase Options...   READ MORE