Vampire Ex-Girlfriend

“Vampire Ex-Girlfriend”

Starring Melissa Moore

Directed by JohnM

There’s only one thing to do when your girlfriend becomes an evil vampire; drive a wooden stake through her undead heart. This is no light task, so you better be prepared. Which is why Aaron has brought everything he could think of to destroy the beautiful bloodsucker. Garlic, a wooden cross and stake, a hammer to drive it deep into her chest and whatever other items he could find. Brandishing the sharpened length of wood, he raises the hammer to pound it through her chest, but, just before he could deal the killing blow, she awakens and paralyzes him with her supernatural powers.

She is one slutty vampire, though, interested in draining his balls first, before draining him of his life’s blood. It looks grim for the Van Helsing wanna-be, but a silver hunting knife saves his bacon. It also assures a violent and bloody death for the seductive succubus. I guess that’s one way to break up with her.

 Fetish Elements:  Explicit Sexual Content, Vampire Sex, Supernatural, Peril, Fishnet Stockings, Panties, Blowjob, Sex, Knife, Wooden Stake, Stabbing, Blood, Body Play, Body Views, Stocking-Clad Foot Views.

Note: Actresses are over 18 at the time of filming and the word “teen”, “teenage”, “young girl” is only meant to imply legal age characters regardless of audience interpretation.

Bitch Slap Studios adheres to USC 2257 record keeping requirements.

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