Devon Dauntless vs Leech

The superpowered power sucker Leech is back, and this time he is making good his promise to Rebecca Rush that he will take down her good friend Devon Dauntless, a heroine with super strength. Devon, seeking revenge for what this monster did to her good friend, is on the hunt and has finally tracked him down.
With Rebecca Rush’s speed, he easily dodges the blows Devon throws at him, and uses his absorption powers to slowly suck the strength from her. Leech gets her down and starts licking her pussy sucking all of her powers from her till she is too weak to resist. Leech keeps draining Devon of her power until he absorbs her soul and life force, leaving her dead.For details and Purchase Options...   READ MORE

Seamonster Attacks Allie James

While in her bedroom resting, a seamonster breaks into Allie’s room and attacks her. She tries to run, but the beast quickly overcomes her and she feints at the sight of his massive erect monster cock. The monster mounts her and fucks her till she wakes, then pounds the hell out of her in several positions. After he has finished with her, he finds a rope and strangles her.





Couple Timestops Maid For Fun

Tegan and Rock have hired a new maid, Rilynn, to do some cleaning, and other stuff…Rock and Tegan have reconstructed a remote control to timestop whoever it is pointed at, so the timestop Rilynn. They set her up on her knees and Rock puts his cock in her mouth, then restarts time. Tegan quickly yells at Rilynn telling her not to suck her husbands cock and Rilynn, not knowing what happened apologized and begged them not to fire her. Rock and Tegan sit down and watch her work, then Rock surprises Tegan by timestopping her and asks Rilynn to help him bring her back, telling her she needs to strip her and find her button. While Rilynn is on her knees searching Tegans pussy, Rock timestops her, then strips her and fucks both of them till he cums deep inside of Rilynn, he sets them up on the bed expecting to bring them back and fuck them again, but the remote doesn’t work and he runs off leaving them frozen foreverFor details and Purchase Options...   READ MORE

Taboo Timestop

Rock and Brock are bored. Brock brings up that he has a new watch that can stop time and suggests that they fuck with Rock’s sister, Allie and her friend, Leilani. Rock agrees and they sneak to Allie’s room, they stop time and switch their skirts, then restart time to watch them wake up confused. They then stop time again and switch their panties, then restart time again. The girls convince themselves that it must be a ghost who’s messing with them, and that it must be a boy ghost, so they decide to give him a show and strip. Rock and Brock stop time again and Brock convinces Rock that they should fuck them, Rock agrees and he starts fucking Leilani, then Brock tries to get Rock to fuck his sister, and Rock gladly does. Rock and Brock fuck the girls till they cum inside of them, then they try to restart time, but the watch is broken, so they run out leaving the girls timestopped.For details and Purchase Options...   READ MORE

The Madd Bomber

Bat-Man is training his new Robyn, they got a report that The Madd Bomber has broken into a building and is setting up explosives throughout. Bat-Man takes his young sidekick and tells her to handle it while he watches. While Robyn is searching, Madd sneaks up and hits her in the head with a fire extinguisher knocking her out, he then ties her up and shoves a small explosive down her throat. He fondles her till she wakes up, then he tells her that the bombs are going off any minute, as he turns his back, Robyn quickly gets out of her binds and runs up to him and attacks, the fight is even, as he is old and she is untrained. Madd eventually pins her to the wall and starts to choke her when Bat-Man appears and knocks him down, Bat-Man tells Madd that he has disabled all the bombs in the building…Laughing, Madd tells them that he forgot one, the one in her stomach! And since he holds the kill-switch, he is in control. He tells Bat-Man to fuck Robyn, Bat-Man doesn’t want to, he has trained Robyn for a long time, she is like his daughter, but he has to. So, after a blow job, the dysfunctional duo fuck, Robyn hides her enjoyment as Bat-Man fucks her on the floor and against the wall till he has had enough and demands that Madd diffuse the explosive, Madd laughs as he leaves, telling them that he will once he is miles away, but as soon as he leaves, Bat-Man and Robyn hear a ticking from inside of her stomach. Robyn doesn’t want to die by the hands of a mad villain and begs Bat-Man to strangle her. Bat Garrote in hand, Bat-Man starts to strangle her, Robyn fights it, realizing that she doesn’t want to be strangled, but it’s too late. Bat-Man strangles Robyn until dead.For details and Purchase Options...   READ MORE

Supergirl vs The Evil Sorceress

Supergirl has been invited to give a speech to some students, she arrives at a home where Alisha meets her, Supergirl is confused. Alisha reveals herself to be The Evil Sorceress and Supergirl and her quickly begin to fight, they exchange throws and belly punches until the Sorceress overtakes her and and casts a spell knocking her out. The Sorceress brings out a camera and sets it up on a tripod. She announces to the camera that Supergirl is her first guest on “My First Lesbian Sextape”. The Sorceress asks Supergirl for a kiss, which quickly escalates to her performing oral on Supergirl, then Supergirl returning the favor. Then the Sorceress brings out a strap-on and has Supergirl suck her fake cock, then she fucks Supergirl. They end their lesbian sex tape fun with some tribbing. With her tape in hand. she leaves and orders her minion to finish her off. He strangles her and leaves her body.For details and Purchase Options...   READ MORE

The Power Twins

Two villains have captured the Power Twin Leilani, a super heroine in training. The villains have tied her up and start tickling her feet with a feather, interrogating her to where the Power Twins base is. Just then, Allie, the senior of the Twins, jumps in to save her sidekick.

A fight pursues between her and the villains, she may be outnumbered, but she fights with a ferocity and vengeance unexpected by the thugs. Eventually they overcome her and strip her, then tie her wrists and ankles.

Once she awakes, they start tickling Allies feet with a feather until she can’t take it any longer. One thug goes to Leilani and starts to play with her, exposing his cock to her. Allie fights against her bonds to try to protect her sidekick, but the other thug quickly shuts her up. The thug strips Leilani and has her suck his cock, then he goes to fuck her and she moans in pleasure, knowing its not right. Allie wakes up and is appalled by what she see’s, so she offers her mouth to the villain if they would let Leilani go. The thugs agree and Allie gives him a blow job he is unlikely to forget. And as they promised they let Leilani go, by strangling her. Allie screams and pleads as the life of her partner is taken before her eyes. They then drag Allie off keeping her for round 2, 3,4 and 5For details and Purchase Options...   READ MORE

Seamonster Twins Fuck Tegan

Tegan has been captured by two Seamonster twins. She is chained up in their dungeon when the first brother comes in and fucks her while she is chained up until he cums deep inside of her tight pussy. The next brother is ready for his turn. He grabs her and throws her onto a mattress and fucks her deep and hard in several different positions until he cums. After he has finished raping her tight pussy she tries to escape and the monster wraps a rope around her throat and strangles her



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Postman Timestops Lesbians

Zoey and Alisha are your average american lesbian couple, sexy and not interested in cock. That is, until Postman Rock comes over with a surprise package. The two eagerly jump to see what is in their mystery package, but are surprised to find it’s just a dick in a box, Rock’s dick. The couple is appalled and starts pushing Rock out the door when he stops time, freezing them both. Rock then strips his new lesbian dolls and fucks them one at a time. After he finishes fucking them he leaves the frigid lesbians frozen.For details and Purchase Options...   READ MORE

Batgirl vs Catwoman

Catwoman and a couple of her thugs have broken into a house and are stealing everything of value, but Batgirl comes in to save the day, she atarts by kicking the thugs asses, but when Catwoman walks up and gives her the quivering palm attack, Batgirl finds herself paralyzed on the floor. The thugs pick her up and place her on the bed while Catwoman puts on a strap-on and fucks Batgirl like the slut she is. After a good fucking, Rock her henchman comes up and slides his dick in Batgirls mouth until him and Catwoman switch, Catwoman riding Batgirls face and Rock fucking her until he cums all over her face! Then they strangle her, ridding the world of one more heroineFor details and Purchase Options...   READ MORE

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