Spiderman vs The Jewel Thieves

Directed by Alex Dorian

Olive and Kyle are jewel thieves, and they hit the motherload, when Spiderman comes to put a stop to it, Olive karate chops his web shooters then tells Kyle to get him, Spiderman quickly defeats Kyle and Olive is not ready to go down without a fight, so she fights Spiderman with all her strength while he teases her, jumping around, dodging her hits. He finally finishes her, and drags her to the center of the room and unmasks the sleeping villainess and realizes how beautiful she is, he leans down to kiss her, then overwhelmed by his horniness, he strips her and starts to fuck her until she wakes up and struggles against him, but he keeps pounding her until he cums all over her chest, then he suits up and as he is about to leave, she threatens to tell on him, so he strangles the evil bitchFor details and Purchase Options...   READ MORE

Sex Toy Salesman

Allie, Veronica, Alisha and Rex all work together, they like Rex, he’s a nice guy, so they naturally accepted when he invited them over to his place for a surprise. A knock comes at the door, the girls are filled with excitement, and Brad comes in carrying a large case, he sits down and starts to try to sell them sex toys. The girls are stunned and become uncomfortable as he shows them his goodies. They protest eventually, telling them they want no part of his perversion, so Brad stops time, and tells Rex that it’s the only way to have fun with girls like that. So they start to strip them and play with their bodies, changing their faces and posing them, then Brad decides he wants to fuck them, so he pounds Allie and Alisha while Rex plays with Veronica, then they set them up and leave them there to dieFor details and Purchase Options...   READ MORE

Death Of The Black Canary

Black Canary has been captured, tied up, gagged andcaged. She struggles against her binds and tries to get out, but her captor comes and starts to tell her how much he hates superheroines, and how he is going to teach her a lesson. He drags her out of the cage and pulls her gag off of her, not realizing she is Black Canary, and she lets out a scream that knocks him back. He rushes forward and grabs her by the throat, crushing her larynx, making her unable to scream. They fight for a little bit, but he overpowers her and ties her hands above her to the cell and starts to tickle her. He then climbs up the cell wall and starts fucking her face, then he jumps down and strips her and starts to fuck her on the cell in several different positions, then he unties her and throws her onto the bed and starts to fuck her again, and pounds her pussy till he cums all over her. He then gets up and unties her and strangles the stupid heroine till she’s deadFor details and Purchase Options...   READ MORE

Foreign Prison Timestop

Rock and Jack were arrested in a foreign country and guards Tegan and Olive escort them to their cell, Rock and Jack start complaining and demanding they be released or to get their phones back, The guards just laugh and leave them there. Rock and Jack are trying to figure out what they are going to do when they realize that they have a timestop watch and decide they are going to escape, they call for the guards and start telling them how women act in their country ands it angers Olive and Tegan and they enter the cell with batons raised, then Rock timestops them and start to leave, when they decide they want to mess with them and use their bodies. So they strip and fondle their frozen bodies and Rock starts to fuck Olive while Jack plays with Tegan, then they switch until Rock cums and they both leave, locking the cell behind them and leaving them thereFor details and Purchase Options...   READ MORE

YellowJacket Captured

Danny is bored at home when he hears fighting outside his window, he looks out and sees the Superheroine YellowJacket fighting a villain down on the streets, Danny gets excited and cheers her on. But the villain picks her up and throws her at the building and lucky for Danny, through his window. She lays unconscious on the floor. Danny tries to wake her up, but she is knocked out. He looks around and starts playing with her body. When she starts to wake up, he ties her hands together and continues through her struggling. He tells her that she has saved the city many times and that he is there to thank her and give her her reward, but she continues struggling, so he builds up all his might and punches her in the face. Knocked out again, he strips her and wakes her with a Hitachi, rubbing it on her super pussy until she cums multiple times. then he feels that it’s time he gets rewarded for his…hospitality, so he takes out his dick and makes her suck it till he cums in her mouth. But she just isn’t grateful for all he did for her, so he strangles the bitch.For details and Purchase Options...   READ MORE

Friend Timestop

Alana Rains and Rock – 18 year old Alana is at home when her friend Rock comes over to hang out, Alana tells him that she bought a timestop watch and wants to try it out and asks Rock to timestop her, but not to do anything dirty. So he timestops her and starts to pose her, but his horniness gets the better of him and he starts to play with her body. He restarts time and Alana is excited that it worked, so she stops Rock and quickly throws him to the bed and starts sucking his cock, then she strips and fucks him. After cumming all over his cock, she redresses and restarts time, telling Rock to stop her again, he does and starts to play with her body and realizes that his cock is wet, so he strips her and fucks her timestopped body. After he finishes with her, he tries to restart time but the watch is broken. He leans in but can’t hear her heart beat, so he runs off leaving his friend lifeless on the bedFor details and Purchase Options...   READ MORE

The Return Of Professor Pinstripes

Wonder Woman and Supergirl have been captured by Professor Pinstripes, they lay on the ground bound and gagged struggling against their binds. Supergirl is bound by Kryptonite rope and Wonder Woman, her own lasso. Professor Pinstripes enters and offers a challenge, he will fight Supergirl and if he wins he gets Wonder Womans virtue, and if he loses, they are free to go. He starts by beating on Supergirl while she is still tied, then he unties her and beats her down with the Kryptonite rope wrapped around his fist. After defeating her, he has her suck his cock, then he moves on to Wonder Woman, fucking her sweet amazonian virtue away until he cums all over her. Then he strangles Supergirl with the Kryptonite rope.For details and Purchase Options...   READ MORE

Nurses Get Timestopped And Fucked

Alex snuck into the hospital to steal some meds, when Nurse Viva and Nurse Rose catch him the act, they threaten to call security, but Alex isn’t going down without a fight, so he timestops them with a special timestop app on his phone. But who would leave two hot timestopped girls without playing with them first? Not Alex, so he strips them and sucks on their nipples and fondles them, then he lays Viva down and starts to fuck her, when the janitor, MaX, comes in. Alex runs away. MaX realizes quickly that the sexy nurses are frozen, so he starts to play with them too, then he lays Rose down and fucks her timestopped pussy until he cums all over her stomach, then leaves them frozen for later fun while he continues his janitorial dutiesFor details and Purchase Options...   READ MORE

Lexxxi Luthor Cuckolds Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman is at home, waiting for her secret date, who shows up in a trench coat and hat, taking it off revealing himself as Batman, they madly kiss and she makes her way down to his cock, as she is sucking his cock Lexxxi Luthor and her thug have snuck in and are watching as the two heroes do their business. Once they realize that the intruders are there they try to fight them off, the thug takes Wonder Woman and beats her down and ties her up with her lasso, Lexxxi beats Batman down enough to fire her mind control ray at him, turning him into her mindless slave. She orders Batman to fuck Wonder Woman, and he does, pounding his cock deep inside of her while she tries to reason with him and bring him back to reality, but he keeps raping her tight hole. Lexxxi enjoys the show tremendously, rubbing her laser against her pussy, then she orders her thug to hold onto Wonder Woman while she has her fun with Batman. She rips her shirt open and lunges at his cock, sucking Wonder Womans amazonian juices off and taking it deep in her mouth, then she has him fuck her in a few different positions, all the while berating Wonder Woman as she fucks her Batman. After Batman cums inside of Lexxxi, she orders Batman to strangle Wonder Woman with her own lasso, he strangles her then just as the last bit of life escapes her, Batman regains control of his mind and see’s what he has done and fleesFor details and Purchase Options...   READ MORE

The Rasta Printer Timestop

Zoey and Alisha are busy at work, when their printer stops working, frustrated, they call the nearest printer repair man, Rock from “Don’t Rock My Boat Printers”, he says that he will be over soon. The girls are surprised to find that Rock is a guy in blackface with a lousy fake accent. He starts to work on the printer, and Zoey starts to get suspicious, He timestops them and begins to strip them one at a time then fuck them. Once he has finished, he takes their money and sets them up for the monday coworkers to findFor details and Purchase Options...   READ MORE

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