Stolen Time

Starring Alisha Adams & Joshua When a stranger steals the time stop machine he pays a visit to Alisha and takes full advantage of her while she is frozen in time He fondles her and removes her clothes and has his way with her. As she wakes up he re-freezes her over and over again. Alisha is super hot in this video.  

Fetish Elements:   Nudity, Sexual Content, Rape, Forced Blow Job, Killing, Strangled, Death, Body Views


Posing Nikki

The photography session went well.  She is thirsty and he gives her some water.   Next, she feels strange and as she approaches him she slows down–even her speech.  Then, she is still.  Dead. He lifts her up on a platform and rotates her all around to get a look at her.  She is beautiful. What follows is an expose’ of art.  He spends careful time with his subject, manipulating and posing her in every way until his is satisfied. At the end, he stands her up on her tip-toes–like a ballerina.  She balances perfectly. His works is done and he leaves her in that position as a testament to her beauty and power.For details and Purchase Options...   READ MORE


Starring Kay

On her world, she is the victim and having sex is dangerous.  You see, on her world, once the woman is impregnated, she goes into instant labor, the baby developing in her, then bursting through her belly and slithering off to it’s new daddy.  Mommy, unfortunately, is dead–a blood mess.  She loved sex, but she was not going to take that risk just for please. So, she escaped, off her world and found Earth.  Here, she could fuck all the guys she wanted, give them pleasure, feel all the pleasure she wanted and most importantly, no one got hurt. The only problem was–leaving her home world was illegal, a crime punishable by death.  She could never go home again. Tonight, she met a great guy at a bar, took him home and gave him pleasure.  She sucked his cock, and then they fucked. Later, they went to her bedroom and fucked even more. It was the best sex she ever had.  She had no idea Earthman could fuck like that.  It reminded her of something…. Then, as they were cuddling, she felt the pain start.  Even as she clutched her belly, the man got up, stood–watching her.  The pain started to intensify.  She had heard of this type of pain before–where had she…, she knew.  It was the feeling of pregnancy.  He eye widened. This was impossible unless—unless. And that is when he spoke.  He was not a human after all, but an alien as well–from her planet, sent to execute her for her crime.  But, instead of just vaporizing her, he thought it would be ironic to kill her in the very way she was trying to avoid.  The words faded as the pain increased.  She started convulsing, screaming in pain and agonizing. Blood curtaling screams–over and over and over.  Her face and muscles were locked–veins popping out of her neck–her body shacking, spamsing. Suddenly, she arched up, then down, then up, clutching her belly.  It was growing inside her, she knew, she knew it was about…to. Then it happened.  Her belly expanded and exploded.  The blood went everywhere, her innards flew out and somewhere in the cover of blood and organs, was it, the alien baby–a green trail that shot to the ceiling, where it most likely crawled away.  He will have to take care of it–later. Now, he looked down at her, at the once beautiful girl, frozen in death, a scared, pained look.  He left.  His job, done.For details and Purchase Options...   READ MORE

Suprgirl Vs. Spidagirl

Suprgirl finds Spidagirls secret lair.  But, when she tries to take her the tables are turned and she finds herself in Spida’s control.Will Suprgirl make it out alive? Will Spidagirl get her just desserts? Find out–watch this great movie!

Fetish Elements:   Nudity, Graphic Sexual Content, Dildo, Pussy Rubbing, Hand Strangling, Body Views.


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