Babysitter Gets Timestopped

Zoey is a college student, babysitting to pay the bills, she watches Rocks kids pretty often, and tonight, with the kids and wife tucked away and asleep he wants to have a little chat with her. He asks her how her life is going, slowly inching toward her and caressing her leg making her uncomfortable, he then leans in to kiss her and she gets up to go and he timestops her before she reaches the door. He brings her back to the center of the room and poses her a bit while stripping her. He then sets her on the couch and plays with her pussy and nipples, then lays her down on the bed for a good fucking. After cumming inside her tight freshman pussy, he gets up and goes to shove his cock between her timestopped lips for a frozen blowjob. Then he gets up and goes to bed, planning on using her again and again





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